Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 936

“Ha, you also said that you are outsiders, Zhao Fuhai can ask me, because we have extinguish sect hatred, but if the three of you didn’t find Guanmou trouble The reason for this is that you were wrong. In my eyes, there are many ways to admit your mistakes. It is nothing more than an apologize and an apology.”

Lin Yuan tilted his head and smiled on his face. restrained, paused, icily said: “Kneel down and admit my mistakes, then let go.”

“If I kneel down and admit my mistakes, will you really let me go?”

Don’t wait for Xu Huchan When he spoke, Liu Jingsheng’s voice already rang.

Although the corners of the onlookers’ mouths twitched, no one was surprised.

Liu Jingsheng’s reputation in the southern cultivation world is really unpleasant. No matter what major event happens, he has to get his hands together, but he always just waved the flag and shouted to the side to make him desperately earn a future. Then he is absolutely not going to do it. In short, this person only takes advantage. When it comes to desperation, he is definitely the first to sell his teammates.

However, Liu Jingsheng’s ability to cultivate into the Netherworld Realm is not without merit. For example, his vision is rather old-fashioned. After all, when Lei’s army conspired to rebel, it was almost a bad news. The imperial family of the imperial family is also considered talented.

On the cultivation base profound, the Sword King of the Jiao family can form an army to block Lei Qiusheng’s army, and one sword can swing one hundred thousand armies. On the Wutao military strategy, no one will forget the Wanjian Dynasty There is also a military god who is as famous as Lei Qiusheng.

Even more how, over the years of the Wanjian Dynasty inheritance, how can the background be comparable to that of a small Lei Shi?

However, in the southern cultivation world, only the double Blade Sect and Liu Jingsheng’s family came forward to cheer for Lei Qiusheng’s move. Although he did nothing in the end, he missed the merits of Conglong for nothing. The source of his ridicule.

But every time they talk about it afterwards, ordinary people explain it as a joke, but the wise men think carefully, and no one dares to underestimate Liu Jingsheng!

Everyone knows that Liu Jingsheng missed the merits of Conglong. The double Blade Sect not only did not rise in the south, but was dragged down by him. His reputation is worse than every day. Now, even if he recruits sect members and disciple, With swindle, almost all of the items that are collected in the door and wall are left over by other sects.

But a few people know that since Emperor Shenwu came to power, he has always spared no effort in combating sect. Southern sect can be rated as super, first-class, second-rate sect. Lei Qiu is not vivid, or the price is too high. It’s big, I can’t move it temporarily.

But the sect below the second-rate, the corpse mountain and blood sea killed by Lei Qiusheng early, changed one crop after another!

Only the double Blade Sect where Liu Jingsheng sits, staying obediently and honestly in the south, remains half-dead.

The co-workers who came to laugh at him for courage, but almost died.

No one would think that Liu Jingsheng was playing the pig to eat the tiger, but no one would deny that Liu Jingsheng’s great intelligence may appear to be stupidity. He had seen the corrupt Wanjian Dynasty Association a long time ago. Being replaced by Lei Qiusheng, he also saw early that Lei Qiusheng would bloodbath the sect forces in the future to consolidate the imperial power.

The only thing that has been ridiculed for most of his life in the powerhouse of the powerhouse in the sky and the underworld is that it may be the wrong estimate of Guan Zhaoxin’s strength.

But after Guan Zhaoxin drew down the Tao, he was also the first person to let go of the so-called face and baggage, even though he had never owned those things.

“Nowadays, we don’t talk about gathering the heroes of the world in the city, but those who are here today, regardless of their previous goals, are all well-known characters in the southern cultivation world. Guan always wants to establish a foothold in the south. , Since he said it in front of everyone, he wouldn’t make two cuts.”

Lin Yuan said with a straight face, and repeated: “Kneel down and admit your mistakes, and let this matter go!”

“Liu Jingsheng, the old lady is ashamed to be with you!”

Li Ran’s eyes flickered and secret voice transmission said.

Liu Jingsheng’s complexion remained unchanged, and the same sound transmission replied: “This Liu is ashamed to walk with someone who has no brains like you! To this day, I still can’t see what the empress is asking for. Then you deserve to die here!”

Li Ran:? ? ?

Li Ran looked confused and blank.

If you put yourself in the position and think about it, soon after Guan Zhaoxin appeared, she was targeted by the ghostly southern cultivation forces. At this time, she is bound to become famous, lest any cat, any dog ​​will come to her door. To find her bad luck, although it is not troublesome, but Guan Zhaoxin is not too idle to such a degree, and spends a lot of time every day to deal with the miscellaneous fish.

Slaying Zhao Fuhai with a single knife may be Guan Zhaoxin’s full power attack. No one is sure that Guan Zhaoxin will be able to kill another Kong Ming in seconds, but in the game, none of the three people are. Unwilling to gamble on Zhaoxin’s ability to do so.

It would be better to accept Guan Zhaoxin’s thoughts and kneel down to admit her mistakes and help her raise her prestige!

Once, today’s game is not easy to understand. If there is a real fight, their three people will be killed or injured, and no one will get any benefits. The newcomers will be cheaper. If you just quit, you can wait. A truly powerful cultivator appeared in the city to fight with Guan Zhaoxin. When the time comes, one of the two tigers must be killed or injured when the time comes. Only then can you make plans to maximize the benefits!

Secondly, today’s matter, the majesty of the empress will be unstoppable. If she can really survive this disaster, the Southern cultivation world will have the title of empress in the future. With the foundation of the Hongchen Society and the Ether Society, she may really be able to segregate one side and confront the black flood dragon in the northern border. Now she is selling her face, and after she has formed a good relationship, she will definitely benefit in the future.

Three times, their three people are frustrated. Although they are embarrassed, the cultivators who follow will not give up. Waiting for Guan Zhaoxin to kill or defeat more and more powerhouses, they kneel down and admit their mistakes. They will also be continuously watered down, and even the development of the situation has reached that point… The first concern they faced was able to save their lives, and on the contrary, it contributed to the promotion of fame.

Inform Li Ran and Xu Huchan of his thoughts by means of secret voice transmission. Liu Jingsheng was coldly smiled and said, “If you two are unwilling to fold your faces, please do it.”

In the eyes of Heavenly God, everything can be seen.

There is no strange power here to intercept Lin Yuan’s perception. Since Liu Jingsheng is secret voice transmission, he can’t hide from Lin Yuan.

After all, the secret voice transmission of Tianwu world is different from Great Desolate. The secret voice transmission of Great Desolate is a divine ability, which is the same as all things have spirits. Both parties can communicate directly with consciousness, unless it is a great ability. Generation, otherwise it will inevitably not sneak into the other’s consciousness secretly to eavesdrop on the conversation.

But the secret voice transmission of Tianwu world, heh, is just a superficial voice technique that’s all.

Open and close your lips with a very small margin, and then use astral qi to expand your voice and communication channels to ensure that only your target can hear your own words.

Comparing the two, the latter is superficial, like the comparison between the martial arts of mortals and the divine ability of Xianjia.

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