Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 937

Everyone in the world underestimated Liu Jingsheng. If this person does not hide his edge, he would not be inferior to Li Zhong’s and his like.

The style of being safe and sound may be criticized, but it is definitely the best strategy.

Lin Yuan can cite two examples at hand. After the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms, Sima Yi forcibly killed Cao Wei and became the world. The Neon Warring States also had Tokugawa Ieyasu, who successively died of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the others won the world.

It’s just…

When Liu Jingsheng landed from in midair and squatted slightly, Lin Yuan smiled again on his beautiful face and lost the beginning. With a gentle feeling, those onlookers just glanced at Lin Yuan at this moment, and couldn’t help turning their heads away, and were afraid to look directly at him. The smile of just the right size gave people a cold, solemn expression inexplicably. It felt as if everyone present was guilty with this smile.

Liu Jingsheng half-kneeled on the ground, his drooping head suddenly lifted, and his toes suddenly exerted force, one black one white two double knives jumped in his hands, in an instant, the whole person was transformed Made a stream of light and crashed into Lin Yuan.

Li Ran and Xu Huchan both have their eyes brightened.

Judging from Liu Jingsheng’s past style, even if he kneels here today will not surprise people, but, on the contrary, while talking soft words in his mouth, he swung his knife towards Lin Yuan. This is the most unexpected!

Liu Jingsheng’s double knives should also be cast from special materials. The thick astral qi around Lin Yuan could not even be blocked for an instant, and the two snow-white blade glows have been wiped towards Lin Yuan. Throat.


The sound of metal clashing sounded.

The joy on Liu Jingsheng’s face flashed away, looking at Yuanlong standing in front of the two’X’-shaped double knives, a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes.

“It’s too slow.”

At this moment, Lin Yuan, who has not moved, is still smiling, but there are bursts of red glow in the depths of his eyes.

Special physique plus the attribute doubled Bloodboil Art, Lin Yuan’s basic attribute has swelled to a terrifying number, even if Peak in the Sky and Underworld is attacked and killed by him, he will be 80% sure to block it, not to mention Liu Jingsheng is just a cultivation base around the third level of the Netherworld Realm?

The Yuanlong twisted, like the Qianlong turning over, the blade glow flashed, and the one black one white two short blades broke off.

“This…how…is it possible?”

Liu Jingsheng lowered his head in a daze, looking at the arm that had pierced his chest, the corners of his mouth kept overflowing with red blood.

Sneak attack was unsuccessful, the sword broke, and even the heart was held in the hands…

But how could this happen?

Why did this woman react so quickly?

Where is her strength?

“Is this your last words? Just answer you.”

The expression on Lin Yuan’s face remains unchanged, but his eyes are full of coldness that is incompatible with a smile. , Said: “Because you are really too weak, sneak attack, or strong attack, in fact, the ending is already doomed.”

The voice fell, Lin Yuan gripped Liu Jingsheng’s heart, astral qi a The beating heart suddenly burst into pieces, and immediately, astral qi exploded and completely shredded Liu Jingsheng’s entire upper body, which was simply neat and frightening!

“So, is it to you?”

Lin Yuan’s hand, Yuanlong pointed diagonally to the ground, astral qi circulated, evaporating the blood that was contaminated on his body, laughed and said: “Today The people who gather here are each one, but they are all directed at me. You think you can kill me. There are famous people, and there are people who covet the female emperor’s arsenal, so I won’t keep my hands. Let’s run from now on. , Whoever I catch up with will die.”

Mad, lunatic!

all around The faces of the onlookers can’t help but change slightly.

Lin Yuan is right. They did come with their own goals, but after seeing Lin Yuan’s strength, some of them might want to wait for Lin Yuan and the four empty worlds. Powerhouse both sides suffer from people who will miss out in the future, but most people have no extravagant expectations.

But even so, this woman still doesn’t want to let them go?

“Southern Loose Cultivator orders, Imperial Sky Realm’s head starts from 100 points, and the cultivation base adds 100 points for each small realm, and Heavenly Dipper Realm’s head starts from 1,500 points. Starting, the cultivation base will add three hundred points to each small realm in the first high!”

Lin Yuan grinned, dragged Yuanlong towards Li Ran and Xu Huchan, and at the same time lightly waved his hand and added: “As for You waited for those who were hunted to take off the heads of three companions. Regardless of the cultivation base, as long as you can bring it to the Hongchen Inn alive, you will forget it!”


Xu Huchan’s complexion changed, subconsciously blasted out his anger.

Although he is called the “Blood Buddha”, he has always killed people in the south, but he never thought that there would be people as bad as Lin Yuan. There was no concealment at all. As far as the heads of the participants are listed, the most excessive is the last sentence, which splits the participants that could have been united almost instantly. After all, no one can guarantee that the comrades around him will suddenly violent. I took off my head in exchange for safety, or the temptation of the female emperor’s arsenal is here. There is every one in the southern cultivation world. I dare not say that I don’t want it. It’s just that I didn’t have a reason to enter the Hongchen Inn before. Opportunity, they still can’t grasp it?

The most exciting ones are those Loose Cultivator who originally planned to help Lin Yuan.

The rule of two kills and two deaths is on the surface. The local cultivator in Lucheng City has experienced the era when Guan Zhaoxin squeezed to death and refused to obey the orders, so naturally he dare not to offend the foreign cultivator and Martial. Among the artists, like the two fools who were killed by Guan Zhaoxin three days ago, most of them are human spirits. The first thing that you pay attention to is a hometown and follow the customs. What are the rules and taboos in various places, and what characters need to be visited. I’ve found it out early, so if you want to earn points, the big guy still has to kill those demonic beasts and the remnants of Demon Sect, but they are not easy to deal with and not enough to go around, simply not enough points.

This time the female emperor is so generosity, an Imperial Sky Realm Level 1 head has 100 points. Doesn’t it make them red eyes?

Anyway, they came here today, originally to deal with these people, and after rewards, they have adjusted from trying their best to desperately!

On this day, the cultivator of later generations is called-the female emperor raises her prestige!

Four air and underworld realms, thousands of Heavenly Dipper Realm, and tens of thousands of Imperial Sky Realm. Anyone who participated in this matter was hunted down by the Southern Green Forest for more than a month. Afterwards, they counted again and were surprised to find out. None of these people actually left the boundary of Chalu City alive!

The title of Empress has changed from a contemptuous and disdainful joking title to the honorific title of the southern cultivator.

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