Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 938

Maybe it was only then that someone remembered that Guan Zhaoxin’s previous nickname was-Kill Devil!

As the old saying goes, father and mother may have given you the wrong name, but the rivers and lakes will definitely not give you the wrong nickname.

Guan Zhaoxin once single-handedly defeated the city of Chase, and killed the Loose Cultivator that came together with the green forest. It also brought out the power of the Ether Club, and gradually implemented the term'killing the devil'.

With the remnants of the southern regime's unwillingness, coupled with Guan Zhaoxin's posture to dominate the southern green forest, the title of'female emperor' was born.

Who could have imagined that this little-known girl who was forced by the Southern regime to join forces with Flying Star Sect to have no way to the sky and no way to the ground would suddenly show a peerless formidable shortly after staying at the Hongchen Inn. Is the posture of person called "Emperor"?

Under the order of the Empress, the Southern Loose Cultivator gathered, and this alone made the entire Southern cultivation world frightened.

Southern Loose Cultivator, why not cherish the Great Sect and Aristocratic Family cast aside all considerations for face?

Because of profit!

These Southern Loose Cultivators used to be difficult to mention on equal terms with the children of sect and Aristocratic Family, but most of them have no identity or chance that's all, and they can rise from the end of the rivers and lakes to become a southern cultivation. World-famous existence, if these Loose Cultivators have enough resources and cultivation techniques, I am afraid that they are better than most of the children from sect and Aristocratic family.

And the appearance of Guan Zhaoxin gave them this'profit'!

Need resources?

Want to cultivation technique?

Trade heads for people!

Bad female emperor rules, you can kill!

If you are enemies of the Empress, you can kill!

Holding these heads and rushing to Deer City in exchange for points, and then using the points to redeem the resources and cultivation techniques you need. To put it simply, most guilds operate in a similar way, through various tasks. I don't know how many cultivators and Martial Artists have been supported to get the corresponding remuneration.

But the handwriting of the empress is really too big.

The number of martial arts and cultivation techniques stored in the female emperor’s arsenal is as numerous as stars. As long as the threshold of cultivation is knocked open, the cultivation technique from the mortal to the emptiness can be selected from the female emperor’s arsenal. If If the exchange is a whole set, the members of the Hongchen Society will also point out some cultivation tricks, such as when and where cultivation this cultivation technique is the best, and how to match the spiritual thing better.

This blade is cut down, no less inferior to the black flood dragon's strategy of reforming the northern border.

Because this blade is also cut on the foundation of the Aristocratic Family and sect.

Lost the advantages of cultivation technique and resources, maybe two years a year, it’s still not visible, but five or ten years later, the Southern cultivator may not be the same as it is now!

But what makes Sect and Aristocratic Family feel the most fearful is that the Empress seems to be spreading benefits from beginning to end. She uses countless cultivation techniques, martial arts, and spiritual things to exchange one after another useless head. Unconsciously, he became the greatest gainer, and now no one even doubts that as long as the Empress gives an order, all Southern Loose Cultivators will be like hungry wolves to tear and devour all the enemies that stand in front of her!

Moreover, mastering the cultivation technique of Loose Cultivator cultivation in the South is equivalent to mastering the weaknesses of these people. Once hostile, the female emperor can see the weak spots and weaknesses of the Loose Cultivator in the South at a glance. Take corresponding measures, and even worse, even through a series of cultivation techniques, you can firmly control the Loose Cultivator, who is hopeful to enter the realm of the empty and underworld, in your own hands. After all, there are many cultivation techniques that can be cultivated to the empty underworld. You can see the traces of artificial deletion. In other words, the follow-up cultivation methods of those cultivation techniques are actually in the hands of the emperor. If you want to get a complete cultivation technique, hey, let's say half your life in the hands of the emperor.

The handwriting is too big to learn.

This is the most distressing part of the Southern Sect and Aristocratic Family.

The existence of the female emperor's arsenal has broken their control over the superior cultivation cultivation technique, so they will join forces to condemn the female emperor, not simply to suppress the female emperor to wipe out the south and establish a new regime.

More importantly, who doesn't care about the power of the Empress?

But the enthusiasm returns to the enthusiasm, and it is impossible for them to open the Book Collection Pavilion to attract the Southern Loose Cultivator.

After all, the cultivation techniques cultivated by sect and Aristocratic Family dísciple come and go are all family traditions. Once they are made public, it is tantamount to revealing their own weaknesses, and the destruction can only happen overnight.

But what if it’s not public?


To put it harder, even if the southern sect and the Aristocratic Family join forces, if there is no Tianmen Guardian in the game, how about they build an arsenal together?

That may not necessarily have a female emperor's arsenal to collect more!

This is all about publicity, let alone non-publicity?


At the same time.

Lin Yuan, who was sitting in the red dust Inn, yawned boredly.

This is the tenth day he returned to the south, and the situation is still unclear, so he still can't leave.

The four Kong Mingjing died at the hands of Guan Zhaoxin. Although they have a deterrent effect, they are not enough to stop all challengers. The reason why they dare not enter the city of the deer is the previous Lin Yuan threatened. Let the Southern Loose Cultivator chase and kill those participants. The method of letting those participants fight against each other is too vicious. It is equivalent to announcing one thing-it is okay to come to the city and make trouble for me, but remember one thing, once it comes. , Then the dual convenience can only be irreconcilable, there is no such thing as nonsense.

The south is actually one of the few places in the Martial Dynasty that was not severely affected by war and cholera. After all, it is close to the Qingjiang Dynasty, which is not good at land warfare. After the god Martial Dynasty was officially destroyed, heavenly demon was born. Instead of taking the opportunity to attack, the Yum Son Marines took the initiative to take up part of the defense line, which relieved a lot of pressure on the South.

Although Shuangjian Manqi planned to go south before, after all, he didn’t have enough time. He was stabbed by the back from the North, and then hit the most elite Shenlin Army in the entire Martial Dynasty army system. Later, after heavenly demon was born, he had to go to the frosty grassland in a desperate manner, and he still hasn't been relieved.

So the cholera in the south is actually just the rebels at the beginning and the overseas Demon Sect that's all. Even the demonic beast of the endless sea was battered by the old dominators, and simply didn’t have the time to deal with them. .

So the power of all parties in the south is still well preserved. There are a lot of truly powerful powerhouses in the sky and underworld. Even if there is no Tianmen Guardian to intervene in this matter, they have enough power to deal with Lin Yuan.

It's just one thing to have the strength to deal with Lin Yuan. It's another thing to have the courage to enter the city of competition.

Lin Yuan now puts on an attitude of irreconcilable as long as he hits it, making southerners who are used to the point very uncomfortable, coveting the female emperor’s arsenal, and dare not either the fish dies or the net with the female emperor. Splits, even many big cultivators that have already set off silently returned to the Cave Mansion retreat, putting on an appearance of disregarding common things, as if they hadn't been tempted at all before.

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