Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 939

“Long Lord Wang, there is good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”

have endured the hardships of a long journey Taoist Hongchen strode into the Hongchen Inn, took the tea on the counter and drank it in one sip, and asked with a smile.

Lin Yuan turned his gaze slightly, without words, but with an invisible oppression force.

The Taoist Hongchen pondered for a moment before slowly said: “The good news is that the four powerhouses in the air and underworld have been broken here. Now most of the challengers have already gone home and are unwilling to mix it up. Inside, those Aristocratic families and sects can’t do anything even if they jump in a hurry. They can only remove the blockade on you. That is to say, unless someone is determined to fight with us, they have to release you obediently and honestly. In and out of the city, they only made a condition…”

paused, the green forest Loose Cultivator who were eating and drinking were looking over, and the Hong Chen Dao talents continued: “They invited endless A powerful demonic beast in the sea said that as long as you can defeat the Demon Beast, even if you really claim the emperor in the south, they will not say a word, but if you can’t win, you have to expose the female emperor’s arsenal and let each sect A copy of both Aristocratic Family and Aristocratic Family.”

“Fuck! Give them a face?”

A grumpy green forest Loose Cultivator broke the glass in his hand, angrily roared “I don’t want to be an enemy in Lucheng City. I just strangled the demonic beast and Demon Sect in the south for disaster. It was they who were afraid of Sir Empress. They joined forces to organize a network of encirclement against us. Now I feel that the idea is not obedient to come over to apologize and confess. Stepping on the horse and worrying about Sir Empress’s arsenal?”

“The wine glasses in Wujing’s official kiln are a complete set. If you smash one of them, it is equivalent to a set of waste. The discount is six hundred tael of gold, or one It’s 80 years old, let’s talk about it, how do you want to pay, if you really can’t get it out, it’s okay to use your points to offset the account.”

The shopkeeper’s voice faintly sounded.

The Green Forest Loose Cultivator who threw the glass slightly startled, looked at the broken porcelain on the ground, and then at his empty right hand, his face looked ugly as if he had swallowed a fly alive.

Lin Yuan started slowly from the posture of lying on the counter, little by little straightened his waist, said with a smile: “Although the words are dirty, they are really reasonable. They want My things come to trouble me. Although this kind of rules are in line with the cheeks of Aristocratic Family and sect, games… are never played like this. In this way, if you speak out, you can find demonic beasts to play against me, but that family can participate. If I lose, I will give it to them. If I win, I will…”

paused, Yuanlong whispered in the scabbard until Lin Yuan Murderous aura’s full voice sounded again: “Kill their whole family!”


The Hongchen Taoist slightly startled, and immediately cupped the hands, said solemnly: “Yes! Let’s do it now!”

The Daoist of Hongchen is also a quick-minded person, not to mention the future, but the basic logical thinking is still there, combined with the operation of the Dragon King’s fortune in the northern border, this The female emperor under the banner of’Guan Zhaoxin’ was really moved by the prosperous south.

Sect and Aristocratic Family are existences that must be cleaned up and weakened. If the Dragon King does not want the foundation of the South, it would be laughable at such unreasonable demands. On the contrary, the sentence of murderous aura is full of expressions. Dragon King’s absolute ambition at this moment!

“It’s rare to have a bit of fun, and the consumption of the audience today is on my head.”

Lin Yuan lightly waved his hand, his beautiful face was full of smiles, and his body grew long afterwards. Start, move towards upstairs.

The Daoist of Hongchen stood there thinking for a moment, and followed along. The array on the second floor was opened to isolate the snooping and eavesdropping of the Loose Cultivator downstairs, and he said worriedly: “Long Lord Wang’s subordinates already understand what Wang means. However, the two Demon Beasts they invited to fight with you this time are not easy to follow. One is called Diji, and the body is a white-headed crow. The cultivation base and ability are temporarily different. Too sure, but it is the third of the twelve demon pillars under Yao Zun, the Chief-In-Charge of land of warmth and tenderness. It is the right arm of the Yao Zun.”

The meaning of is very simple. I don’t need to say more about the strength of the white-headed crow called Diji for the time being. With the demon lord standing behind it, he is also responsible for land of warmth and tenderness. The background and energy alone are worth Lin. Yuan was jealous.

“What else?”

Lin Yuan asked coldly as he walked to his room.

“Most of the cultivation world’s face in the south is not because of the great demon like Diji, and the other is Mota. His origin is also extraordinary. It is the foreigner who is extremely close and reliant on overseas. My subordinates, who have been in the south for more than ten years, the strength of Desolate Demon Realm Peak is said to have touched the threshold of the next level. I don’t know how much they have spent this time to actually move these big monsters.”

The Taoist Hongchen pursed his mouth, his face a little gloomy.

“I know, tell them that I will fight, let them arrange the time and place, and I will be there on time.”

Lin Yuan nodded expressionlessly, and immediately Stepping into his room, he closed the door with his hand.

It’s hard to say why Mota helped the southern cultivation world, but it’s certain that his identity is probably no longer a secret. The demon master of the Southern Desolate demon country sent a large demon to his own front. The purpose of coming to the South is to beat and beat yourself. Otherwise, land of warmth and tenderness wanted to open a branch in the north. After being rejected by Li Zhong, the two parties have been having a lot of trouble. land of warmth and tenderness Chief-In-Charge?

This trip was originally unclear, and now there are more Southern Desolate and other existences entering the game, and there are so many changes that have happened.

Rao is Lin Yuan can’t help feeling a bit tricky at the moment.

But the good news is not without it. After all, the big demon called Mota is a demonic beast that the other person relies on. If the relationship is handled properly, it can save a lot of things.

This period of time cannot be completely wasted.


Not long afterwards, news of the Empress’s challenge came quickly from the city of Chase.

Under the pressure brought by Lin Yuan, the Aristocratic Family and sect of the southern cultivation world are almost speechless.

They really don’t take care of this matter, but watching the Empress’s arsenal, they don’t have a share, and they are obviously not reconciled.

The problem is that if you participate in this game, you won’t be bad, but the consequences of losing are simply disastrous!

Either the empress or the killer, the two titles do not conflict. At this moment, no one doubts anymore. Guan Zhaoxin said that killing the whole family is just as simple as a threat.

Because in the past, many people have proved with facts that they do what they say!

The fifteenth day.

Lin Yuan went to the coastal city of Zhangyue, an empty alley with thousands of people, and countless people of good deeds flocked to see the female emperor.

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