Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 940

The fifteenth day.

Lin Yuan went to the coastal city of Zhangyue, an empty alley with thousands of people, and countless people of good deeds flocked to see the female emperor.

The Daoist of Hongchen stood beside Lin Yuan, and said blankly: “Although I don’t know what the Dragon King has prepared, but during this period of time, I asked people to inquire about it. Only then did I know that the methods here are extremely insidious. , It has a peculiar Innate Ability that can make people lose their heads overnight. It seems to be able to control the time. The methods are extremely strange. Please be careful of the Dragon King.”

“It’s OK.”

Lin Yuan walked along and whispered: “Although Southern Desolate Monster Race is one of the three major monsters in the world, the means of action and the entire cultivation system are different from those of Endless Sea and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Compared to self-cultivation The demonic beast of the body, whether it’s a human or a demon on the Southern Desolate side, like to refine all kinds of gu, in order to fight against the enemy and heal the wounds, you should investigate the gu that you carry on your body as soon as possible, and what’s your response? The strategy, prepare to talk about other things.”


The Taoist Hongchen once again bowed his hands and withdrew.


The sky-splitting sound suddenly sounded.

Lin Yuan complexion slightly changed, retreat three steps to the right, Yuanlong’s sound of’chicken’ out of its sheath, astral qi’s sword turned into a stream of light and swept out with the black streamer that came Bumped together.

The black streamer made a strange sound of’zhi zhi zhi’ after hitting the Yuanlong. The two collided again for a few times without any achievements, so they decisively gave up and fought with the Yuanlong again. Go to the city gate of Zhangyue City.

“The empress knows a lot about my Southern Desolate lineage, but unfortunately, what opportunity do you guys prepare to restrain this Poisonous Insect.”

Above the tower, a whole body is pitch black But the white-headed crow flapped its wings and flew, swallowing the black streamer into its abdomen, and its stature suddenly began to expand. When it gradually reached the size of an adult, it stopped its ordinary wings and maintained its stature, said with a smile: “I heard that the Empress fought alone in the four air-nether realms in the City of Chase that day. After the first battle, almost half of the City of Chase was collapsed. Today, I fought with me. Although I dare not win, I will not easily lose. In the hands of the female emperor, you might as well try to compete outside this city, how about?”

“Follow you.”

Yuanlong flew around Lin Yuan twice, in astral qi Flew into the sheath under the control of him, and made a crisp sound of knives.

After that, Lin Yuan’s right hand gently wiped his waist, threw the four heads to the ground, and said: “When we first met, I didn’t bring anything good to the ground-ji Demon Pillar, these four heads Just take it and feed your baby.”

Diji’s eyes were gloomy, and he didn’t pick it up, letting the four heads roll to the ground, the face that had been cleansed was stained again Dust, but everyone is vaguely identifiable, they are Li Ran, Liu Jingsheng, Zhao Fuhai, Xu Huchan…


Someone sucked in a cold breath, murmured “This empress… is really fun!”

The four cultivators of the empty and underworld are not a big deal to the entire southern cultivation world, but they are usually great characters, so this empress really didn’t stay. Hands, put the four Kong Mingjing cultivator one by one, and then concocted them with lime and other materials, carrying them all the way to Zhang Yuecheng.

As soon as the show started, everyone was given a slap in the face!

Among them, the most shocked one should be the land self from Southern Desolate, because next, it will be the opponent of the Empress!

In case of defeat in the hands of the Empress, I am afraid that the head of this place will not be guaranteed!

The ground’s wings shook, and there was a sudden hehe sound. Numerous poisonous insects drilled from the ground, like a tide moved towards Lin Yuan, surrounded, like the sun is setting, and the night is gradually covering the earth. general!

Many female cultivators who deliberately rushed to watch the battle near Zhangyue City were all pale. After all, although most of these poisonous insects are mortal beasts, after all, they are all ruthless characters chosen as raw materials for cultivating Gu. The temperament is naturally fierce and violent, so the appearance is not much better. Among them, the overwhelming majority are the type with lack of arms and legs. Even in the process of moving towards Lin Yuan, there are some poisonous insects fighting and swallowing each other.

In terms of shock, the four heads are nothing compared to the poisonous insects on the ground!

“This is what you can do?”

Lin Yuan raised his eyelids, Yuanlong went out of her sheath again, circled Lin Yuan, and the tyrannical astral qi fell , A three-foot ring was formed in an instant, endless astral qi and blade glow gushing out from the cracks, and any poisonous insects that came into contact were torn to pieces in an instant.

Although these shredded poisonous insects are only a very small part of the Kuroshio Current, the blade glow and astral qi have not been weakened by half, always maintaining the output frequency, and constantly strangling the seemingly endless Kuroshio.

“Is this Southern Desolate insect technique also just this, it’s just looking scary?”

A Southern Loose Cultivator who came with him slapped his lips and looked at it with dismay The white-headed crow on the tower sneered said with a smile.

“Shut up!”

The Hongchen Taoist’s face is not optimistic at all.

With Lin Yuan, there are not many Loose Cultivators in the South. In order to prevent people with ulterior motives, they are almost all members of the Red Dust Society who know their roots, and their cultivation base is in line with the horizon, so naturally you can’t see this Southern Desolate. The subtlety of the insect technique.

But he is different…

He can see clearly, the endless dark tide is dying out at the speed visible by naked eye, but the remaining poisonous insects, breath But it is getting stronger and stronger, and the time it takes for blade glow and astral qi to strangle them is getting longer and longer. The original three-foot-sized ring is being forced by the Kuroshio to shrink continuously, and it seems that it may collapse at any time.

The Daoist of Hongchen asked himself to stand in Lin Yuan’s position, fearing that at first could easily kill poisonous insects, but within five breaths, he would be gnawed by this black tide. Eat the bones!


Lin Yuan curl one’s lip, looking at the increasingly strong Kuroshio, whispered: “This is using me to refine Gu, but this This kind of poisonous insects is the existence that can be refined by swallowing all kinds of poisons. Under the neutralization of all kinds of toxins, the internal circulation will not cause problems, and the circulation is extremely fragile. A little bit of toxins that are not within the range of mutual growth and mutual restraint will die on the spot. “

“Not bad.”

The land has been laughed and nodded, and immediately said with a sneer: “Didn’t expect the female emperor not only has amazing strength, but also has such a unique vision, but everything is In our expectation, before you come to Zhangyue City, you don’t know if you are going to deal with this seat or Mota. In addition, this seat also rarely takes shots. If you can be prepared, then It’s weird!”

Speaking of this, it was paused and teased: “Is it possible that, the empress still carries it with me, not the strange poison recorded on my Southern Desolate poison spectrum. “

“Naturally there is.”

Lin Yuan took the conversation, nodded with a smile, and then took out a white jade porcelain bottle from his arms.

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