Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 941

The jade bottle contains the poison of Lin Yuan’s curse.

Everything is counted as defeat before it is counted.

So Lin Yuan had already conceived before he arrived in Zhangyue City. For example, the Southern Cultivation World arranged a powerhouse to kill himself. What he saw during this trip was not Mota from the endless sea, but from How to deal with unexpected situations such as Southern Desolate’s land self.

Although preparing a plan ahead of time will not be a safe bet, at least you will not be at a loss when an accident occurs.

Diji’s thoughts are very clear. It appears here that Lin Yuan is completely unprepared, but after preparing for it in advance, it will not be directly defeated. It is just that the preparation is not so sufficient, which may not be That’s all the means to deal with the self.

A venomous insect’s poison has always been feared by people, and its very ruthless damage is even worse than some evil methods.

Once there is a venomous insect’s poison, there is hardly any probability of unraveling except for the pity of the seeker.

But everything in the world can’t escape each other, that is, the incomprehensible venomous insect’s poison also has a fatal weakness, that is-fight poison with poison!

If you want to refine a powerful Poisonous Insect, you need a Gu master to select suitable seeds from countless Zergs, and then place them in the urn and throw them into various poisonous water and poisonous powder day and night. Zerg’s food, when the sacrifice reaches a certain level, the surviving Zergs will have a certain toxin and resistance to toxicity. At this time, the Zerg has become a Poisonous Insect.

At this time, the Gu Master will gradually reduce the amount of poison, and the food of these Poisonous Insects will change from surplus to insufficient. After a long time, they will start to kill each other and eat other insects. The corpse came to survive.

This step is to further strengthen the toxin and resistance of the Poisonous Insect, and also to cultivate the aggressiveness and combativeness of the Poisonous Insect.

accumulated over a long period of time, the number of Poisonous Insects will become less and less, and the fight will become more and more fierce. In the end, the only Poisonous Insect that can survive is the one that Gu Master wants The refined treasure is cultivated with various poisons, spiritual objects, and flesh and blood, and gradually establishes the relationship between Gu Master and Poisonous Insect, so that Poisonous Insect can really be used for its own use.

In Southern Desolate, what determines a person’s strength and status is never a cultivation base.

If you have a special Poisonous Insect refining method in your hands, even a mortal body can be revered by cultivator and demonic beast.

Because the Poisonous Insect this thing is that there is no solution, even if it is a powerful cultivator and demonic beast, I dare not say that I can resist all the strange and terrifying Poisonous Insect.

So, what is the special Poisonous Insect refining method?

It’s actually very simple.

The refining of Poisonous Insect and the refining of medicine pill are essentially the same, but the difference between the living and the dead is that’s all. With the continuous supplement and improvement of generations of Gu Masters, the Poisonous Insect refining Various formulas have gradually appeared in the way, such as choosing those zergs, what toxins to cooperate with, how long it needs to be cultivated, and how to cultivate feelings and tacit understanding after refining.

Why failed to refine medicine pill?

Because the heat is wrong!

Because medicine is wrong!

Even in refining medicine pill according to ancient recipes, all aspects are well done, and it is possible that due to the difference in the age of the medicine ingredient, it will lead to discordance of the medicine.

Poisonous Insect is the same.

The zergs and poisons used in the refining, the time to be kept, etc., are actually strictly regulated, instead of catching hundreds of zergs and throwing them in a jar. Then you can practice it by feeding poisonous water and poison every day. If you do that, 80% of the probability will directly poison to death these zergs!

But on the other hand, to make a Poisonous Insect, it must be perfect in all aspects. From the selection of Zerg to the subsequent steps, there can be no problems in every link, as long as this link is disrupted, or If something goes wrong, the Poisonous Insect will be impossible, or it will be out of the Gu Master’s control.

The dark tide in front of us at the moment can only be regarded as a poisonous insect, not a poisonous Gu. No matter how powerful Gu Masters are, it is impossible to raise so many Poisonous Insects. After all, with the exception of a few Poisonous Insects, almost 90% Poisonous Insect requires Gu masters to use their own blood to feed. Even a demonic beast like Lin Yuan is probably not enough to eat Poisonous Insect at one meal, let alone feed every day all, but if you don’t feed it, I can’t establish contact with Poisonous Insect, and I can’t control Poisonous Insect. The steps that I have done so hard to complete before are also useless.

Pull out the cork and sprinkle the poison of the clear curse seal inside.

The poisonous insects that were hitting Lin Yuan’s knife ring were pouring a puddle of unplanned toxins on their heads. They were immediately stunned, and then began to roll on the ground and convulsed. Many of the poisonous insects exploded directly. The poisonous insects who survived by chance struggled to pounce on the poisonous insects that continued to surge towards the knife ring. Then, the two began a brutal fight.

The poisonous insects that can survive after being infected with the poison of the curse seal are undoubtedly the more powerful ones, but the number is really too small. In the face of almost endless dark tides, these poisonous insects are the most ruthless One of them just shredded four of the same kind and was completely shredded and eaten.

However, the mutation has just begun at this moment.

Those poisonous insects that swallowed the mutation poisonous insects were like the seniors who were sprayed with the poison of the curse seal by Lin Yuan before, crazily convulsing, but this time the poison of the curse seal was obviously neutralized a lot. So none of the poisonous insects died, so the mutation Poisonous Insect, which was larger than their senior, suddenly turned around and moved towards the poisonous insects that came in from behind to bite away.

As the poisonous insects continue to fight, there are more and more Poisonous Insects of the mutation, and even the Kuroshio is completely suppressed, and it is even slowly moving towards the underground cave where the Kuroshio gushes out. go with.


The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, and the bird’s beak was trembling unconsciously.

Guan Zhaoxin is also a Gu Master?

Using poison to destroy Gu is the most common but also the most basic a method for fighting Gu masters.

Poisonous Insect this thing is unpredictable to use, but it is the same thing in the eyes of the existence of the principle. Southern Desolate now has hundreds of mainstream Poisonous Insects, and other miscellaneous things add up to four or five. Thousands of Poisonous Insects can recognize more than a hundred kinds, and those who can destroy 70 kinds of poisons can be regarded as great Gu Masters.

But Guan Zhaoxin is not from Southern Desolate!

Why did she see through her insect technique?

Moreover, what kind of poison is that, and how is it unheard-of! ?

There are many Poisonous Insects, but the poisons used come and go that many. Although there are certain formulas, many of the materials refined by Poisonous Insects are actually a combination of many, not casually spilled. Some kind of poison can destroy the original formula!

When Guan Zhaoxin shot, it also secretly poisoned to restore balance, but without exception, he did not save a poisonous insect!

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