Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 943

As the Poisonous Insect gets closer and closer to the ground, it seems that it cannot withstand the toxicity, and it falls to the ground with a thud.

The jealousy in Diji’s eyes dissipated, and one mouthful of impure air was slowly spit out.

Although when refining Poisonous Insect, a small foreign toxin will have a great impact, but the refined Poisonous Insect has a terrible resistance to toxins. It is poisoning At that time, I also considered how much dose to give. If you are not cautious, one or two pots of alcohol poisoning may really not be able to take this Poisonous Insect!

“refusing a toast, taking punishment…”

Di Ji turned his head and looked at Lin Yuan, the beak opened and closed, it seemed that it had gained the upper hand again, but the words had not been said yet After that, its eyes suddenly showed a bit of horror, and then its wings fluttered directly to the ground.

At the moment when Diji flew up, a thick snake tail suddenly broke out, entangled a bird claw of Diji, and the sharp tail thorn moved fiercely. Towards the flesh and blood of the earth.


Di Ji’s complexion changed. He kept flapping his wings but couldn’t get rid of the shackles of the snake’s tail. Seeing the tail thorn getting closer and closer to him, his eyes suddenly A cold glow flashed, the black wings swept away, and he forcibly cut off the bird’s claws entangled by the snake’s tail, and then he was able to continue to lift off.

What the hell is this Poisonous Insect!

Five pots of undiluted alcohol are smashed down, even if the average Southern Desolate Monster King has to lie down, can’t you turn over this Poisonous Insect?

What’s more terrifying is that the spiritual wisdom of this Poisonous Insect is obviously not low. It actually realized that even if it can overcome alcohol poisoning, the land itself can also release other toxins or Poisonous Insect to deal with it. Pretending to be dead on the ground, while piercing his tail into the ground, he continued to expand his body, approaching him in a more secretive way. If he hadn’t been ruthless to himself, I am afraid that he had already learned the way!

Lin Yuan touched the tip of his nose and murmured: “It seems to have made something incredible…”

Diji’s poison is useless to Poisonous Insect, this It was something he expected. After all, the grade of the poison of the curse is not low. Once it is stained with life and death, it will be held in Lin Yuan’s hands. The system has not mentioned any restrictions on the poison of the curse, unless the poisoned person You can drain all your blood in an instant without dying, otherwise you will never be able to solve the poison, which shows the horror of the poison of the curse seal.

Ancient Chinese physicians have the theory of fight poison with poison. Gu masters refining Poisonous Insect also need to carefully reconcile toxins. This also proves that most toxins are actually incompatible. When these incompatible toxins collide together, they are often powerful to get rid of the weak.

Obviously, the strange poison that exudes the fragrance of wine is not the opponent of the poison of the curse.


This Poisonous Insect actually knows how to play dead and sneak attack!

This level of cunning, even the average Spirit Realm demonic beast can’t do it!

“Okay, very good! Guan Zhaoxin, I have written down the hurt and humiliation you gave me today!”

The ground has flapped its wings and flew in the air with a face Anxious, forcibly controlling muscle contraction to stop the spread of venomous insect’s poison, growled: “Your life is here for the time being, wait for this seat…”

“You can’t go.”


Lin Yuan lifts the head looking at Jiji, there is no sorrow and joy in his beautiful face, and his tone is very indifferent, as if he is stating a certain fact.

When the voice fell, the Poisonous Insect had already retracted its tail, and the butterfly wings on its back fluttered, and it rose to the ground in the same way, and its speed skyrocketed again, compared to the previous one. The speed is also terrifying.

Diji’s face changed again, gritted his teeth, and a large number of black Poisonous Insects came out of its nostrils, ear holes, and mouth, even under the dark feathers, I don’t know how many Poisonous Insects were drilled. , Like dumplings, a large number of Poisonous Insect from top to bottom, drenched in Lin Yuan’s Poisonous Insect face.

“Take me this monster!”

The earth is roaring in the sky.

It has lived for so long and has never felt as embarrassed as it is today. The fierce person ranked third in Southern Desolate’s demon column, was destroyed before even taking a shot. The insect technique was broken. To Lin Under the fear of the kind of poison in Yuan’s hands, it didn’t even dare to release its own treasure Poisonous Insect to defend against the enemy.

I wanted to retreat for the time being, and I would find a chance to retaliate later, anyway, Gu Master is not a just and honorable profession. It is normal to play Gu in the dark, especially on Southern Desolate. I don’t know how many people there are. After drinking a sip of water, he was killed by dozens of gu objects.

But it didn’t remember one thing until this moment…

Although Guan Zhaoxin didn’t know where she learned Gu Master, the problem is, they are not Gu Masters!

It is advisable for the remaining brave to chase the poor, and not to be famous and learn the king!

This is what the great men of the past have said.

Lin Yuan agrees 100%.

Just like the enemy of the previous life was not prepared to kill everyone in his family, if he returns now, it will bring him a disaster!

As long as there is a chance, Lin Yuan will not allow any enemy to leave, unless the subsequent layout requires this piece.

But the problem is, he doesn’t need a place!

The Southern Desolate Desolate and the Northern Black Flood Dragon have torn their skin, even Breaking Horizon Mountain Range and Endless Sea don’t even want to get involved in the Northern Territory. Now Lin Yuan has already become How could the weather of the fourth demon vein make Southern Desolate’s Golden Cave and land of warmth and tenderness come to the northern border of Cholera?


Yuanlong was pushed out of the scabbard inch by inch, Lin Yuan’s gaze fell from the various Poisonous Insects fighting in the sky to the one that appeared in Zhang Yuecheng On the tall silhouette of the tower, the hairs on his body are standing upside down.


Great demon!

The Demon Beast looks a bit like a manta ray, staring at Lin Yuan quietly in the air. It should have been reduced in size, but it still seems to have a body length of about eight meters. Thin and dense, it seems to be able to grind up everything that it bites, and there is a sharp object a bit similar to a bone spur on the long black tail behind it.

If it is really a manta ray…this kind of species with tail spines behind it is mostly poisonous!

Something outside of the plan has emerged.

Outer-Sea Demon Beast and the territory of Southern Desolate Demon Beast are also bordered. The relationship between the two parties cannot be said to be non-existent, but it will definitely not be good.

Motta and Diji shouldn’t be in the same place, and when they deal with Diji, Motta shouldn’t show up. Although it is not for sale, it can only be present by being present. Brings extremely terrifying pressure to Lin Yuan.

How effective is this demonic beast, which lived in a world similar to the Warring States Period?

Let’s put it this way, there are fierce generals in any dynasty, but most of the evaluations of 10,000 enemies are just bragging, but in history there are always a few who can truly become an army by one person, able to move unhindered in The existence of the whole world, such as Xiang Yu and Lu Bu first-class.

And this type of fierce person does not appear in Chengping Shidao. Their reputation is killed by one blade after another, and no one needs to brag about them, and Mota This is the kind of existence under the command of the foreigner in that sea!

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