Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 944

The battle above the sky is still continuing.

Almost 80% of Diji’s methods are above the Poisonous Insect, but for Lin Yuan’s Poisonous Insect, its methods are not very useful, and even some are afraid of the other side’s suspected existence. The poisonous insects that have not been refined into Gu are made like this. If the powerful Poisonous Insect is also controlled by that kind of strange poison, how can it save its life?

Lin Yuan gradually withdrew his gaze, Yuanlong trembled in his hand, the blade pointed at Mota, said solemnly: “War?”

Mota body moved, appeared in a flash In front of Lin Yuan, the speed of the explosion was even more terrifying than the previous Poisonous Insect!

It’s just that Motta didn’t immediately make a move, but lowered his head to stare at Lin Yuan, lowered his voice and said, “I can perceive the breath of demonic beast from your body, or dragon blood demonic beast. You… from the endless sea?”

Lin Yuan slightly startled.

He has a breath of demonic beast?

‘Guan Zhaoxin’ is an independent entity, not derived from Lin Yuan. When the system ability is not used, it has nothing to do with Lin Yuan, even the astral qi in the body. And so on, all energy comes from its own’cultivation’. If you have to get connected, only the cultivation base of advanced by leaps and bounds now comes from the transformation of the strength of faith.

The strength of Faith is not a demon power after all, especially after the transformation, it is Jingchun’s attribute point, or the cultivation base in the eyes of the aboriginals of is Heavenly Martial world, without any aura.

Why does Motta raise such a question?

After a moment of silence, Lin Yuan took a deep breath, stood up with the knife, and said: “I do have a relationship with the demonic beast, but I am not from the endless sea.”

” Oh.”

Mota was hearing this, the only hint of interest in his eyes also reduced, and said: “If this is the case, then fight.”

Like Lin Yuan no I am willing to treat Motta in this situation, and Motta is also unwilling to face the Guan Zhaoxin at the peak period. Southern Desolate is also an area close to the endless sea. How they, Outer-Sea Demon Beast, don’t know how difficult Poisonous Insect is. Wrap around?

Now there is a place that has dragged the strange Poisonous Insect. It will undoubtedly be much easier to fight Guan Zhaoxin again.

Lin Yuan thought for a moment, and suddenly said with a smile: “It seems that Outer-Sea Demon Beast is very interested in the deep sea area. I sensed the demonic beast breath from me, so I wanted to I got news from the deep sea area. Oh, although I am not born in the endless sea, I still understand the situation there. If you want to know anything, I can tell you.”


Mota dumbfounded again, looking at Lin Yuan with a puzzled face, the urn said: “Are you lying to me?”

Lin Yuan lightly shook the head and said, “I’m not dead The demonic beast of the endless sea, don’t you know the news of the endless sea? So before the news of the black liquid dragon king entering the endless sea in the north, do you really know nothing?”

Outer-Sea Although Demon Beast is excluded because of the bloodline of the four Sea Dragon Races, this does not mean that they are incapable. On the contrary, those old aristocrats who are decayed will eventually be replaced by the power of New Generation. Today, the endless sea is facing Such a problem, if it weren’t for the secrecy work, Outer-Sea Demon Beast would have entered the deep sea area long ago.

The news that Lin Yuan entered the endless sea before, although not well known, can’t be called, is secret.

Otherwise, there will not be that many ghosts and snakes who choose to make trouble at this point in time.

Do the Outer-Sea Demon Beasts of Endless Sea know this?

That must be known.

But when Lin Yuan entered the endless sea, he did not encounter the powerful forces in Outer-Sea Demon Beast.

This does not mean that Outer-Sea Demon Beast is a fool.

Everyone knows that the black flood dragon in the north also has Dragon Clan Bloodlines, and the degree of purity is not low. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences of allowing such an existence to enter the endless sea. Once the black flood dragon and The Four Sea Dragon Races have reached a consensus. Then the forces of the Four Sea Dragon Races will once again be raised to a higher level. They will include the north that once belonged to the god Martial Dynasty, and then connect the northern border with the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range through the Weishui River, which will continue to be buried for many years. The Anzi who entered the Qingjiang Dynasty can even create a new dynasty occupying the territory of Two Great Dynasties, and with the support of the endless sea and the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, even if the remaining five dynasties join forces, they may not be able to obtain benefits.

From the perspective of Outer-Sea Demon Beast, putting Lin Yuan into the endless sea can be said to have pros and cons.

There must be benefits. After all, once this pattern is formed, the demonic beast will almost occupy half of the country. From then on, you can just and honorable walk in the world, and will no longer be besieged and raised as a human being. The dishes on the table become the material for pill concocting and refining.

As for the disadvantages?

The combination of the black flood dragon with the four Sea Dragon Races is bound to allow the four Sea Dragon Races to completely dominate the deep sea area, and even destroy the sea monster guild and the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range to become the most powerful force in the Monster Beast Race.

But what does that matter?

Although the dragon blood demonic beast in the deep sea area gradually disobeys the command of the four Sea Dragon Races, it is after all the dragon blood demonic beast fighting internally. The hegemony is far from the point where they can compete. Once They enter the game, and what is ushered in is the full blow of the dragon blood demonic beast.

So, what can be done if the existing existence that cannot be beaten becomes stronger?

Just like they are afraid of the demonic beast of dragon blood, how can the four Sea Dragon Race have the courage to fight the Outer-Sea Demon Beast?

even more how ……

The four Sea Dragon Races have always been domineering in the endless sea. If the black flood dragon is unwilling to cooperate, they will definitely use tough methods.

When the time comes, the black flood dragon, even if it is dead, can still bite a piece of meat from four Sea Dragon Races, not to mention the black flood dragon and the background of Demon Court, it really provokes Demon Court to take action. If so, the overlord of the endless sea might really fall on them.

“Are you related to that black flood dragon?”

Motta’s wisdom is not low, and Lin Yuan is almost clear, and naturally soon Reacted.

“The catastrophe of the endless sea has almost been solved, and now only some remnants are still in trouble, but it’s all sooner or later to deal with them, so for the time being, the endless sea It’s safe. No matter it’s the dragon blood demonic beast or you, you don’t need to fight for a chance to log in.

As for the information that Outer-Sea Demon Beast is interested in, I can also give you some information. For example, in this catastrophe, which demonic beast tribe’s Old Ancestor has fallen, and which demonic beast tribe is on the verge of extinction, what is the general pattern of the deep-sea area today.”

Lin Yuan will Yuanlong In the scabbard, he smiled and said: “I can tell you what you are interested in, but you should also know that I have no good heart, let alone give people free delicacies, so… what do you take? Change?”

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