Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 945

“What to trade for…”

Motta’s brain is down.

The four Sea Dragon Race and the sea monster guild have always been very afraid of Outer-Sea Demon Beast, so they have made a blockade gesture in various reports, and the endless sea is originally a dragon blood demonic. The battle between beast and other bloodline demonic beasts, if there is no Dragon Clan Bloodlines, it will be impossible to enter the endless sea, and if you have Dragon Clan Bloodlines, you will not be involved in this kind of infighting situation.

Since ancient times, there are actually many dragon blood demonic beasts that can do this, especially those evil dragons who fled to the open sea.

But there are not many who are determined to do this.

After all, these dragon blood demonic beasts have been supported by the Four Sea Dragon Races since they were young. Outer-Sea Demon Beast is introduced into the deep sea area. After all, inside the four Sea Dragon Races, there are not only their enemies, but also their relatives.

But Lin Yuan, obviously has no such scruples.

Four Sea Dragon Race and the sea monster guild teamed up to set up, want to swallow the trading city, want to destroy the grayscale flood dragon, and even… want to kill him!

In addition to all the unhappiness before, Lin Yuan used his strength to fight Outer-Sea Demon Beast with the dragon blood demonic beast, which was in his interest.

Weak are prey to the strong.

No matter what era such rules are placed in, they will not change, but in some eras, they are implicit.

But in the world of demonic beasts, in order to eat their stomachs, fight for a spiritual creature, death, disability, and serious illness are all hesitating.

Who would tell the demonic beast about etiquette and morality?

Even if there is such an existence, it will probably end up in the end!

“What do you want?”

Motta looked around and decisively kicked the ball back to Lin Yuan.

“First, I am now at war with the southern cultivation world of the god Martial Dynasty. I don’t know how your relationship is, but I don’t expect you to stand up and help me directly. It’s just afterwards. In the matter, I don’t want to hear the endless Sea Demon Beast helping the southern cultivation world happen again. You should know that in the north now, there is already a tendency to swallow a martial art. These cultivators cannot be changed, even if the endless sea is added. No, those who try to stop the general trend will inevitably be annihilated by the waves of time.

Secondly, after all, the Northern Territory is newly established. Although there is an emperor’s atmosphere, it is inevitable that there will be some ghosts and snakes. So, wait for the north. After solving the trouble of heavenly demon, these cultivators in the south, whether it is a sect or an Aristocratic Family, we will destroy and use a batch. In a short time, there will be power and emptiness. I don’t want the endless Sea Demon Beast to land. Loot this place, otherwise, I will regard it as an act of war.

Thirdly, the relationship between the Northern Territory and Southern Desolate is not harmonious now. You only know who I am after I take the initiative to identify myself. Yes, but the land itself should have known it a long time ago. It just didn’t break it face to face. It just attacked their behavior. The Northern Territory and Southern Desolate must be absolutely irreconcilable, so you have to make a statement as to whether you are good at the Northern Territory or if you are good at it. Southern Desolate must decide as soon as possible. I will not accept any betrayal or clumsy.”

Lin Yuan calmly put forward his request one after another.

As an existence in the era of information explosion, Lin Yuan’s understanding of intelligent creatures far exceeds that of intelligent creatures in this era.

The most feared by emperors is the emergence of extraordinary talents. In a short period of time, such a person’s contribution to the whole dynasty is of great benefit, but as time goes by, a Extremely realistic problems will arise, for example-no reward is rewarded!

There are many examples of this, and there are also many people who, regardless of whether they like it or not, show a gesture of liking wealth and beauty.

There is nothing wrong with Zhong Wuyan, nothing to do with Xia Yingchun, this is the story of King Qi Xuan, but it is also the same for Zhao State General Lian Po during the Warring States Period. Throughout Lian Po’s life, we can see that this Not only do people have outstanding military abilities, but they also have excellent moral character. They belong to the kind of direct ministers who are capable and not greedy.

Interrupted the battle of Changping on the backbone of Zhao State. Qin Country fought South Korea’s Shangdang and mobilized people, but it was not easy to win. South Korea changed hands and threw the Shangdang mess to Zhao State. brought trouble to others, but Zhao State just picked it up, not because the Zhao State monarch was a fool, but because Zhao State was extremely good at defensive warfare at that time. That is to say, in the eyes of the Zhao State monarch, there is a good reputation. , Wu Anjun, who was later called the’killing god’, was nothing in vain.

Then Zhao State took over the war against Qin Country. Lian Po was indeed very capable, and he lasted for three full years in Bai Qi’s hands.

In the end, Zhao State changed his generals. Zhao Kuo, son of Zhao She, replaced Lian Po. Zhao State’s army changed from defensive to offensive, and was defeated by Bai Qi’s design. Four hundred and fifty thousand Zhao Jun Yu Changping was defeated by Bai Qi. The pit killing created the name of a “killing god” and also created a joke of “talking on paper”.

Although in that war, Zhao Kuo was not the main reason for the defeat. After all, according to historical records, Zhao Kuo took the initiative to attack and was surrounded by Bai Qi’s design, and his troops were divided into four ways to break through, indicating that under the circumstances, Zhao Kuo did not panic, and even effectively organized a breakout route. Moreover, it was established when the Zhao Jun had been out of food for forty-six days, and it was able to make the subordinates obey orders, which has already demonstrated Zhao Kuo’s talents.

The reason for the real failure is that Zhao State has no food, and wealthy countries such as Qi State are unwilling to borrow food. If Lian Po is allowed to defend, there is no need for a white starter, and Zhao Jun himself will collapse. So I replaced Zhao Kuo, who is good at offense, to a glimmer of survival.

Just this point also shows Lian Po’s position in Zhao State at that time. Everyone knows that his military talents are very good, but the Zhao State monarch would rather call Wild Goose Sect that he was shut down for ten years. Li Mu was Zhao Zhiwu Anjun, and he was unwilling to reuse Lianpo. Later, regardless of who had certain abilities, he could directly replace Lianpo’s position.

This is the common problem of intelligent creatures.

Don’t the Zhao State monarch know that Lian is very powerful?

Of course I do!

The question is, how to use Lianpo?

Such people are not greedy for money, bad for sex, and have excellent military and political skills. Once they use a lot, they will surely be able to overpower them. They can strengthen Qin Hushi, and Zhao State cannot lose such talents as Lianpo. Can suppress through various means, and finally forcibly forced Lian Po to Wei Country.

So when you are negotiating with people, you must show your desires, and the more greedy the better, this will make people feel that you are credible, and only then will there be bargaining and deal conclusion.

If you have no desires or desires, there are only two situations. One is when people turn around and ignore you, and the other is that people think you have no desires because you have great desires. , Even if I cooperate with you, I will be wary of you everywhere!

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