Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 946

“You should know that this is impossible.”

Motta hooked the head and said very realistically: “Since you are related to the black flood dragon, You should know the pattern of the endless sea. Now our all influence pattern in the outer seas has always been in war. Any force we can use will not be missed. Therefore, you want us to sever the relationship with Southern Desolate for the sake of getting along with the North. Basically impossible.”

After considering it for a moment, it continued: “However, in the southern cultivation world of the god Martial Dynasty, we do not need to participate. Now everyone knows that the North will replace the god Martial Dynasty. Things, in other words, sooner or later, here is the territory of the North. We are very realistic. It is impossible to stand on the side that is doomed to fail, but if you don’t plunder…”

See Mota with awkward on his face. Look, Lin Yuan also smiled knowingly.

He is very clear about the demonic beast’s thinking mode. For demonic beasts who are not good at farming and research and development, if you want to obtain various treasures and opportunities, you must go through plunder. The kind of try one’s luck hits some The efficiency and the probability of the maturity of the spiritual creatures are too low.

Especially Outer-Sea Demon Beast. Nowadays, there are wars on all sides. It takes a lot of resources to cultivate subordinates and subsidize subordinates. It is undoubtedly the best way to plunder various human gathering points along the coast.

“I know what your worries are.”

Lin Yuan said with a smile: “But since I put forward the conditions, there must be a solution, endless sea and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is different. You don’t need to worry about human butcher knives, because humans are not suitable for living on the sea. Once they leave the earth, the battle strength of human cultivator will be greatly restricted. Loot, you will also lose a lot of demonic beasts, right? Change to other demon veins, this is the best way to reduce the population, but what about you? Don’t tell me, the number of Outer-Sea Demon Beasts also exceeds the number of Sea Territory The limit that can be supported has to be reduced by means of war.”

“This…this, indeed, we do lack battle strength.”

Motta hesitated, but still said To tell the truth, after all, Lin Yuan has already shown his’sincerity’, and now he does not doubt Lin Yuan’s plans for Outer-Sea Demon Beast.

“Have you ever thought that the reason why the Northern Territory is able to develop so rapidly is precisely because I established the Northern Chamber of Commerce before sweeping the north, the god Martial Dynasty, and the trade comes from the other six The various resources in the Great Dynasty and the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, so all influence has benefited, and the northern border has also gained a lot of benefits? Think about it, if you are the demonic beast of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, would you? Refuse the existence of the Chamber of Commerce in the North?”

Lin Yuan’s voice became a little deep, with the skill effect of Tianxiaba singing, becoming alluring.

“Of course not.”

Motta responded without thinking, and said: “The appearance of the Chamber of Commerce in the north has greatly reduced The frequency of wars between the Six Dynasties and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, although there are still small-scale frictions, but it is only because the population of the two sides has expanded to the limit, and it is necessary to reduce the population in this way, but it is like the previous one. The war for resources is almost invisible now, because they can buy everything they need from the Northern Chamber of Commerce, and there is no need to take their lives for such a thing.”

Speaking of which, Mota suddenly brightened his eyes and happily said, “You mean, the Northern Chamber of Commerce will be built into the endless sea?”

“Yes, I have this idea.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Mota’s eyes turned spinning, and he smiled and said: “There is such an idea in the north, and we definitely approve of it. I can even go back and persuade the various forces in the Outer-Sea Demon Beast. Let them jointly divide some Sea Territory for the Northern Chamber of Commerce to establish a branch. Even if we continue to war, we will never destroy the Northern Chamber of Commerce trade!”

Northern Chamber The sweetness of Commerce made the demonic beasts of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range satiated. Lin Yuan relied on the potential influence of Chamber of Commerce in the north, with the strength of the mountain host at that time and no powerhouse support. The Northern Territory has become a strong contender for the position of the Beastmaster of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range.

If the Northern Chamber of Commerce opens to the endless sea…

The black flood dragon will not compete for the overlord of the endless sea!

A fool would refuse this thing!

“I have selected the place, and the preliminary preparations have been almost completed. Unfortunately, we have already planned to withdraw.”

Lin Yuan shook the head, with a look Very sorry look.

“It has been adjusted, and even the preparations…”

Motta looked like hesitating and stopped, and after a while, he stammered and said: “You It means, in the north, do you plan to directly build the Chamber of Commerce in the deep sea area?”

If the Chamber of Commerce in the north is established in the open sea area, then it will never fail to receive the slightest news. After all, the strongest force in Outer-Sea Demon Beast is the power of foreigners overseas. As the General among them, it has great authority. However, if you want to know anything, there is no way to hide its eyes.

Unless, that thing happened in the deep sea area!

“I originally wanted to build a city of trade in the deep sea area, collecting all kinds of spiritual objects from the endless sea, and at the same time opening the trade channel for the endless sea to establish trade with the six dynasties and the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. But unfortunately, the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds obviously don’t want a Northern Chamber of Commerce under their noses, so they joined forces to give me a set, intending to swallow the city of trade, I will expel or kill.”

Lin Yuan shrugged, continued: “So we plan to withdraw. There is nothing to talk about with such short-sighted people.”

“That ……”

Motta opened his mouth again, looking like he was eager to have a try.

Since the dragon blood demonic beast does not welcome Chamber of Commerce in the North, does it mean that Outer-Sea Demon Beast has this opportunity?

“Impossible, you should know the willow stone, a specialty of Willow Rock Sea Territory, right? As far as I know, it is the best building material in the entire endless sea, although I am willing to believe in the promises made by all parties , But once the Trade City opens, it will inevitably collect all influence goods for centralized sale. When the time comes, if there is a Sea Demon Race that gathers evil intentions, I am afraid that there will be blood light disasters immediately, so build A safe trading city is what we must do, otherwise we will be too late to regret, after all, we can’t afford that many goods.

Liu Shi is a specialty of Liu Shi Sea Territory, before that It has always been Liushi Sea Territory’s tribute to the Four Sea Dragon Races. I think those Outer-Sea Demon Beasts who tried to challenge the authority of the Four Sea Dragon Races have suffered the loss of the fortifications of Liushi Building more than once, right? “

Lin Yuan’s face is full of regret, as if he really intends to give up the idea of ​​building a trading city in the endless sea.

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