Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 947

This is almost an endless loop with no solution.

Four Sea Dragon Race impossible Allow Liu Shi this thing to fall into the hands of their enemies.

And the north must need a trade city built of willow stone.

Benefits move people’s hearts. This is also a common problem of intelligent creatures. For Mota, who is accustomed to war, it is equally clear that no matter what promises other people make in words, they are not worth trusting.

So if you want the Northern Chamber of Commerce to be opened in the endless sea, it means helping the black flood dragon build a willow stone fortress…

The color of hesitation in the eyes of Mota Flickering, he asked tentatively: “If this is the case, you may wish to elaborate, maybe we can help the North to build this trading city? You may not believe me for other things, but this is right. You can trust me for the benefits of the entire endless sea, especially the various Outer-Sea Demon Beast forces that are still in war. No one wants a Chamber of Commerce in the north that can easily obtain various resources more than us. “

Lin Yuan was silent for a moment, and talked about the business philosophy, trade prospects, and current difficulties encountered by the Trade City, even the traps set up by the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds. Come, I heard Mota nodded from time to time, and from time to time he showed doubts.

After Lin Yuan finished all he wanted to say, Mota said solemnly: “So, the biggest trouble for the Northern Chamber of Commerce now is that the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds are invited’ “Shen Jiao” encircles the trade city and intends to annex the trade city in this way?”

“Not bad.”

Lin Yuan slightly nodded, continued: “I also said just now. Now, this is the trouble we are facing now. What’s more troublesome is that even if we can solve the’sinking reef’, it will be useless. They will definitely find more difficult opponents and force us to submit in this way, so we stay. It doesn’t make sense in the endless sea. We have already planned to evacuate.”


“If it’s just like this, I can solve this tribulation by Outer-Sea Demon Beast. !”

Motta was suddenly a little excited, because of the pattern and vision, what he saw from this incident was not only the difficulties in the northern border, but also belonged to Outer-Sea Demon Beast. Chance!

Just like the dragon blood demonic beast, although there are internal disputes, when facing Outer-Sea Demon Beast, they are still willing to join forces against the enemy. Although Outer-Sea Demon Beast also has disputes, it is facing Faced with the opportunity to occupy the deep-sea territory, all influence is also willing to work together!

Lin Yuan was overjoyed, but there was a look of doubt on his face, and he asked: “What do you mean?”

Mota forcibly suppressed the excitement in his heart and said: “Didn’t you say that the biggest problem in the Northern Territory is the’sinking of the reef’? But you can’t solve it by yourself, otherwise you will usher in a more difficult enemy! Then, let us solve it for you? Without revealing the identity of Outer-Sea Demon Beast, coupled with all influence pressure, even those pirates will not dare to rebel and will not attack you again, unless the dragon blood demonic beast cast aside all considerations for face directly attack the trade. City, otherwise they must have no available soldiers!”

Speaking of this, Motta’s tone couldn’t help being a little bit passionate: “If the dragon’s blood demonic beast does this, it’s equal to the Northern Territory and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Even the six dynasties cast aside all considerations for face. At that time, we will directly send troops to attack the dragon blood demonic beast. With the Transmission Array in the north, we will cross the four Sea Dragon Races in order to resist the willow and stone defense line we have established. The momentum of the ear destroys some Sea Demon Race groups and takes over the next turf. When the time comes, they can only find ways to make peace with us, especially now, the dragon blood demonic beast strength great injury, the four Sea Dragon Race absolutely dare not Fight with us!”

“This is a way!”

Lin Yuan’s face also showed joy, but his eyes still has several points of hesitation, and said in doubt: “But In this way, isn’t the North Territory going to be hated by the Four Sea Dragon Race? I don’t have a problem, but the Dragon King…”

“Now the Four Sea Dragon Race and the sea monster guild are hand in hand, Isn’t the attitude already shown? Even if they don’t hate the North, they will no longer allow the Chamber of Commerce in the North to stand on the endless sea, but even if they hate it, they don’t have the courage and ability to board the Heavenly Martial Continent and attack the North. Instead, If the Northern Territory cooperates with our Outer-Sea Demon Beast, it will not only succeed in establishing a foothold in the deep sea area, but also open up the deep sea to Heavenly Ma. Rtial Continent’s trade routes and even harvests are not limited to the deep-sea area. Is the production of spiritual creatures off the coast of ours poor? “

Mota stretched out his pectoral fin-derived hands and patted Lin Yuan’s shoulder heavily, said solemnly: “Black flood dragon…No, you can just persuade the Dragon King. I believe Its structure will definitely agree to cooperate with us, when the time comes as long as you give a signal, we will immediately take action to solve this trouble for you! “

“I will definitely bring General Motta’s words. “

Lin Yuan bowed his head at Motta gave a salute and made a full posture.

“In that case, I will leave and I will try my best to convince other offshore forces. , But there is absolutely no problem with our branch. Unless there are short-sighted people, all the difficulties of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in the endless sea will be solved when the coalition forces come out! ”

Mota said with a smile, her figure flickered again, still appearing a kilometer away, moving towards Bukit Sea and swept away.

Looking at Mota After going away, Lin Yuan’s face also burst into a smile.

It’s done!

Thanks to the existence of the southern cultivation world, otherwise he personally possesses the endless sea. , Not only is it troublesome, but it is also possible to fold the body that was finally obtained.

In order to express my gratitude, let you…hurry up!

The cold glow in his eyes flashed and passed away.

Lin Yuan casts his gaze on the sky again.

The battle between Jiji and Poisonous Insect has almost been divided, whether it is close to Monster in the end With the existence of King Realm, even though Mota didn’t do anything just now, Lin Yuan’s attention was also restrained, so he did his best without hesitation, but it really suppressed the Poisonous Insect and released a lot of Poisonous Insect. After that, Lin Yuan’s Poisonous Insect was also full of holes, and even the breath gradually weakened, I am afraid that it will be killed on the spot in three or five breaths.

Lin Yuan thought for a moment. Suddenly he stretched out his hand and patted several acupuncture points on his chest. Suddenly, his face turned pale, and he opened his mouth to spit out a black blood. As soon as the black blood touched the ground, it corroded a trace of pits and pits on the ground. A large amount of white smoke was emitted while making the sound of’zi zi’, which was obviously a highly toxic substance.

Immediately, Lin Yuan’s Qi machine was also sluggish, and he reached out and took out a white one from his arms. Jade bottle, poured out two medicine pills and stuffed them into his mouth, then said vaguely: “What kind of ability is a sneak attack in secret? Tomorrow, I will kill you! “

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