Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 949

Di Ji:?

Looking at Lin Yuan’s gradually raising smile, Diji’s face gradually revealed a look of doubt.

But its doubts are destined to be unanswered, because at the moment when Lin Yuan’s last word “了” fell.

A snow-white cold glow suddenly appeared.

A leader with white feathers has already flew high, like the four heads thrown by Lin Yuan before, and rolled a few times when it fell on the ground, and it was immediately contaminated. A lot of dust.

Take the knife into its sheath, the smile restrained on Lin Yuan’s face, the astral qi all over his body is shaken, the previously sluggish Qi suddenly changes, it seems that nothing has happened just now, and he walks towards Zhang Yuecheng. He said: “Hetu Li Family, Lion Zheng Sun Family, Li mountain sect, Zhanxing Pavilion… these companies are all present. Have you seen the results of these two battles? Diji and Mota, flee from the dead. , The outcome is divided, do you have any last words to say?”

Lin Yuan made a strong move in the Luer City, beheading the four powerhouses in the air and underworld, the all influence of the southern cultivation world is already there. Knowing that this rapidly rising’female emperor’ could not be suppressed, but still did not curb her covetous heart for the female emperor’s arsenal.

Even with the insults of some people, he put forward the rules of the fight, saying that if the’Emperor’ can defeat Mota and Diji, they will no longer trouble the’Emperor’, and the’Emperor’ If you lose, you have to actively contribute to the Empress’s arsenal.

The bets for winning or losing are obviously unequal.

So after Lin Yuan learned the news, he took the initiative to let go, saying that if he wins, these participating forces will…death to the whole family!

Risks and benefits became directly proportional at once, and at the same time it scared away many forces in the southern cultivation world.

But in the same way, there are always people thinking about danger lurks within the riches and honour, and they don’t believe that the’Empress’ can really win, or that they don’t believe that things can really develop to that point. , Even if the’Emperor’ is arrogant, isn’t she just prestigious in the green forest before?

Why can they really kill their whole family?

But at this moment, it undoubtedly made their mentality collapse.

Diji and Mota actually lost to the’Empress’!

Furthermore, this woman, in front of so many visitors, read out the powers that signed their names on the agreement one after another, which means, wait here. When something happens, she will start to destroy these forces, and it is still the kind of extinguish sect!

“Guan Zhaoxin, I am waiting to admit that you are indeed shocking and stunning, but based on you, want to challenge the entire southern cultivation world is also unsatisfactory? I can promise not to be an enemy of you. , If you really want to fight, the Ether Club can’t keep you!”

A middle-aged man wearing a black brocade robe walked out of the crowd, blushing and roaring.

What is the most embarrassing thing in the world?

After losing the bet, I was asked for debts in front of everyone, and I had to renege on a debt, even threatening the other party!

After the middle-aged man said this remark, he suddenly felt that the entire southern cultivation world, except for Liu Jingsheng, might be his own reputation the most unpleasant!

“You are… uh… Hetu Li Family’s second room, right?”

Lin Yuan doesn’t know this middle-aged man, but is a follower of the Red Chamber He reminded me in a low voice to know the identity of the other party. After confirming the identity of the other party, he waved his hand like a fly, and said impatiently: “It will start from your Hetu Li Family, I want to take a look. You also have several points of ability, and you can kill someone!”

The voice fell, and all the onlookers were stunned.

Guan Zhaoxin’s reaction was something they didn’t expect.

Although extinguish sect is already familiar to Guan Zhaoxin, and the southern cultivation world is provoking first, they can only criticize Guan Zhaoxin for being hostile and disregarding the cultivator. That’s all of the face of the problem, and it can’t prove that Guan Zhaoxin’s actions in this way are wrong. After all, Heavenly Martial Continent has evolved for so many years. Are sect, Aristocratic Family, ethnic groups and even the dynasty wiped out?

There are few examples of the Divine Sect remaining active in the world such as the Red Dust Society, but even so, today’s Red Dust Society has fallen from the number one Sect in the south to the Green Forest. This is the point where the cultivation base is scattered. This alone can prove that the all influence of the southern cultivation world is not much milder than Lin Yuan.

It’s just that when the former perpetrator becomes the victim, the sense of gap still makes them extremely sad.

Even if they were not named by Lin Yuan, they withdrew early because they did not want to pay such a heavy price. Even at first, they did not participate in this matter. Listen to those who were called by Lin Yuan. His name, and the middle-aged man with a gray face, can’t help but give birth to a feeling of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

“You’re right, Guan Zhaoxin’s move is almost an enemy of the entire southern cultivation world. Even if I fight to the destruction of the ether, I will not be able to save her life, so this Zhang can guarantee that you If you want to kill Guan Zhaoxin, Ether will definitely not interfere, as long as…you really want to die clean.”

A hoarse voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone turned their heads and saw a man with a white mask on his face and his whole body wrapped in black armor, walking like a stroll in the garden, behind him was wearing a lot of ether. For the cultivator who knows how to dress, a lot of characters with last names on the Southern Burglar List have also followed. For example, the Lu Family Brother, Lianhuazhi and the like, are even more eye-catching, the green-clothed youth around the black-armored person.

No. 3 on the Burglar List, Chen Ping, known as the omniscient’Bai Xiaosheng’!

This person has never committed a heinous murder or a world-shattering crime, but he ranks third on the list of burglars, and the reward is heinously high.

Because this man claims to be omniscient, and he is truly omniscient. Whether it’s the unspread secret of each sect or the misin that happened in a certain period of time, as long as you pay the price, He can tell you about it!

This kind of existence in the world for one day is undoubtedly a huge threat to sect and Aristocratic Family. However, some people want to kill Chen Ping and then hurry up, and some want to keep Chen Ping to get more He saved his life. Hearing that after being assassinated again, Chen Ping was hit hard and almost died. After that, he disappeared and never opened a business again.

Until today…He appeared with the people from the Ether Club!

The eyes of everyone looking at the Ether Club gradually became hostile.

When you gather people like Chen Ping, does it also mean that the Ether Club already knows all their secrets?

Compared to this point, they are still more curious about what the black-armored person said before, what does it mean!

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