Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 951

“Didn’t I say it before?”

The black-armored person shrugged again, with an indifferent tone: “You have to move her, the Ether Club I can’t keep it, so I won’t stop you. I’m here today just to say that’s all. If you want to die, you can judge yourself, don’t drag everyone to die together, understand?”

The atmosphere suddenly became suppressed.

They previously speculated that Guan Zhaoxin might be the leader of the Taihui, or the woman of the leader, so he acted unscrupulously.

But if Guan Zhaoxin had something to do with the Northern Territory, then it was indeed not an existence they could handle.

The treasury in the female emperor’s arsenal is actually not a secret. As long as you can complete the mission of the Red Chamber, no matter what your background, you can get points for various cultivation techniques, resources and even treasures. The volume of world all influence has actually copied almost the cultivation technique in the Empress’s arsenal.

But not enough!

The cultivation techniques in the Empress’s arsenal are various and all-inclusive, but in the final analysis, they are all incomplete versions.

Is this level of cultivation technique used for ass?

If people are interested, they can get it by themselves, but you should send it?

The real value is the follow-up part of the cultivation technique in Guan Zhaoxin’s hands, but the problem is that to get these follow-up parts, not only an astronomical number of points is required, but also the main body of the Hongchen Society must be added. The various green forest forces are branches, bringing together the entire Southern Loose Cultivator alliance organization.

If you want to join this organization, the review process is much stricter.

Only the real Loose Cultivator is eligible to join this Loose Cultivator Alliance. If not, even if you don’t have a sect on the surface, but you have sect support behind your back, you will be directly in the audition. Brushed off.

As for buying those loose Cultivators?

Oh, a joke!

Those who do not have sect and Aristocratic Family, can still be mixed with famous names in the cultivation world, how can there be easy generations?

They can’t buy the powerful Loose Cultivator, because people don’t pee sect and Aristocratic Family pot from the first day of cultivation. It’s still a trouble to become an enemy. Even more how Loose Cultivator Alliance has just been established, and there is no sign of corruption. It can be said to be the same qi, connected branch. If you mess with one, it is equivalent to messing with a nest, and there are even several. The second-rate sect, Men Du, was extinguished sect because he provoked the Loose Cultivator Alliance!

Those who are not powerful Loose Cultivator……

sorry, redeeming the follow-up cultivation technique requires an astronomical number of points. This threshold directly locks them up, even if they are bought. These people can’t get the follow-up cultivation technique. If you secretly fund it and are found out by the Loose Cultivator Alliance, you can refer to the fate of those extinguished sect forces, but if you don’t fund it, wait for them to accumulate enough points. The dishes are cold.

If not, how could they find Guan Zhaoxin’s trouble?

Now being framed here, it is obviously impossible to continue to work against it, because then it is tantamount to tearing the face with the North, even if it escapes to other dynasties?

Is there no Northern Chamber of Commerce in that dynasty now?

As long as the forces associated with the word “shang”, more or less have to give the Chamber of Commerce some face. First, the Chamber of Commerce in the North is eating meat, and they can also drink some soup along with it. , Secondly, I really offended the Chamber of Commerce in the Northern Territory. In the future, you don’t even want to do business that spans more than two dynasties, because you will always be impossible to bypass the sphere of influence in the Northern Territory!

If you don’t take the commercial road of the north, you can take the heavenly demon entrenched Central Plains?

Or do you want to fight with those Chamber of Commerce real things that run by sea, and grab the commercial road along the coast?

What if you grab the sea route?

Sooner or later, when the time comes from the North to the South, the Central Plains and the South are still in the North. Besides, who doesn’t know that the black flood dragon is not from the Four Sea Dragon Races, But it is a real dragon blood demonic beast?

If you offend the dragon blood demonic beast and do business on the endless sea of ​​trade, you really don’t know how to die!

These forces associated with the word “shang” may not have strong overall strength, but disgusting people do have their hands. If you offend them, they really don’t have the ability to do anything to you, but they have a relationship with you. cultivator from now on Don’t even think about buying resources from each Chamber of Commerce. As long as time goes on, there will always be someone holding your head to apologize.

I can’t say that if people don’t sell it to you, you just grab it, right?

These Chamber of Commerce are able to do such a big business, not to mention their own strength, they are all with a Heavenspan background, and the imperial families of the major dynasties or first-class and even super-class sects, and even those few. Heavenly Martial Continent’s well-known Chamber of Commerce, except for the Northern Chamber of Commerce, there is basically a Tianmen Guardian behind it!

If you grab something, you have to use it!

But just let Guan Zhaoxin go?

Then who let them go!

It’s hard to say when the North will go south, but Heavenly Demon’s going south is an imminent thing. Even today’s southern cultivation world does not know how many Heavenly Demon Possessions are lurking.

The Northern Territory does not make a move, and the Tianmen Guardian does not make a move. They count on themselves. When they encounter a heavenly demon, they will call a stroking a stone with an egg!

After all, heavenly demon can’t be killed by treasure or spell at all. In addition to the fact that the Northern Territory dares to say that he can destroy the heavenly demon, even the Guardian of the Heavenly Gate can only use various treasures to bring the heavenly demon ontology. Suppressing the ban, and it is not a permanent insurance. At most dozens or hundreds of years, those heavenly demons that have been sealed may break the ban and cause disaster again!

Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at Zhang Xiu, who was covered in black armor.

Although Zhang Xiu did not indicate his identity, he still has the poison of the curse in his body, and his life and death are under Lin Yuan’s control. Moreover, he is now three meters away from Lin Yuan, even if Lin Yuan Regardless of him, in perception, Zhang Xiu is as conspicuous as a light bulb of tens of thousands of watts.

Zhang Xiu has already said this for the sake of it. He already knows how to end it next.

Just now there is still a problem…

The southern cultivation world wants a way to survive, Lin Yuan also needs a lot of manpower, if given the opportunity, naturally these cultivators will not be left in vain The heavenly demon is cheaper, but just send these people to the north through the Weishui River to help clear Undead, or let them go to sea to put pressure on the Four Sea Dragon Race, Lin Yuan still can’t make up his mind for the time being.

Although there is no existence of Dao Realm and above, the cultivator of Kongming Realm and Heavenly Dipper Realm can not be regarded as cannon fodder, at least it is quite useful for those demonic beasts in the endless sea.

“Since you regard me as a way to survive, have you considered cooperating with me?”

Lin Yuan took his hands behind ones back, very naturally.

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