Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 952

“Miss Guan, please speak up, how to cooperate?”

In the crowd, a voice full of breath suddenly sounded.

Lin Yuan turned his eyes and suddenly laughed.

Still an acquaintance!

Extreme Sun Sect Sect Master, enter Dao Realm cultivator, find star!

When the four Sea Dragon Races contacted Tianmen Guardian to clamp down on the old dominators, Eastern Sea Dragon King’s first wife’s eldest son even blocked the door of Extreme Sun Sect before he successfully got the stepping stone, with Lin Yuan’s Transmission. Formation introduces a large number of Guardian members of Tianmen to break the back of the old dominators, allowing those cultivators who enter Dao Realm and even higher realm to cooperate with demonic beasts, except for the reason why Lin Yuan has frightened the top guardian of Tianmen Guardian in the endless sea before. Besides, it’s mostly because the old man is usually popular.

Of course, for the existence of cultivator, good popularity and good morality are two different things. To be able to cultivate in this incomplete world to this level of detachment in the eyes of ordinary people, requires resources and The chances are not small, and I am afraid that I have not done anything less about killing people and winning treasures.

Xunxingzi has entered the Dao Realm cultivation base. Although it is only a realm gap, the cultivator of the Kongming Realm is still a worlds apart.

Because entering Dao Realm cultivation base is equivalent to having the identity of Tianmen Guardian, there is such a level of identity, if Xingxingzi leaves directly, to the sites of other dynasties, those sect, Aristocratic Family, courtiers are also To be obediently and honestly served, there is no need to be dragged into this tribulation at all.

However, Xingxingzi is to enter Dao Realm cultivation base after all. It is only one of the outermost members of Tianmen Guardian. He does not have that great face to move away the entire Extreme Sun Sect. Between his own survival and preservation of sect, The old man actually chose to preserve the sect, which was unexpected by Lin Yuan.

“I do have a way to survive, and there are two more.”

Lin Yuan hung Yuanlong back to his waist, his beautiful face changed constantly, finally revealing a gentleness “It’s just that there’s never a free lunch in the world. There are two ways to survive. No matter which one you choose, you need to take your life to do something for me. It’s just compared to the disaster of heavenly demon. , I ask you to do things that may be more dangerous, but at the same time…your sect members and disciple and descendants can be preserved, how about?”

“Dare to ask Guan girl, the two ways to survive are different Really?”

In the crowd, another voice sounded.

Although the old man speaking is only the cultivation base of Kongming, from the perspective of his imposing manner and clothes, it is estimated that he has an extraordinary background. There are some cultivators who are similar to him, and they are basically Kongming. Context, Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base.

“One road is north, I can arrange ships and aquatic demonic beasts to take you across the Weishui River. The Baisheng Navy also has a little face in the north, so if you just go to the north by the way, they Don’t be embarrassed. Go north along the Weishui River, and you can make a temporary repair in the northern border while leaving the entourage who is not participating in the battle.

But I have to talk about the shame first. It’s a matter of time before the northern border goes south, and the power pattern has been finalized. In my eyes, sect this thing is not necessary at all. If you want to stay in the northern border, you need to dissolve sect. At that time, whether you want to establish an Aristocratic Family or enter the northern border I welcome the academy as a teacher, but if anyone wants to stir up the wind and rain in the north, don’t blame me for being ruthless.

In addition to this, if you go to the north, you will get In return for the various supplies in the Northern Territory, you must also deal with the heavenly demon remaining near the Weishui River for the Northern Territory, as well as some monsters that cannot be killed by conventional means. However, the Northern Territory can still deal with those monsters, you only need Follow orders and cooperate with the army and cultivator in the north.”

Lin Yuan pointed his finger to the north, paused, and continued: “In addition, as I said before, sect this thing is in my eyes. There is no need for existence here. Whether you go north or not, either dissolve the sect or set up a battle, and I will help you disband!”

In an instant, the expressions on everyone’s faces froze. Up.

Needless to say how the Aristocratic Family and sect in the north will end up.

During Lei Qiusheng’s reign, the Central Plains, which was his territories directly under the Central Plains, also focused on attacking sect. The Aristocratic Family’s life was a little better, but it was just a little better.

Only the south and its nearby areas under the jurisdiction of Lei Qiuming are the places where the Aristocratic Family and sect are in charge. Especially after the demise of the Martial Dynasty and the southern regime established by Lei Qiuming, here almost It has become a paradise for the Aristocratic Family and sect.

Now Guan Zhaoxin has a direct showdown, and the Northern Territory simply has no plans to accept sect.

In the eyes of modern people who grew up under the red flag of Lin Yuan, sect this thing can be replaced by schools. If there is no such thing as cultivation, public schools and private schools don’t really matter, but With a cultivator, Lin Yuan must hold this kind of cultivator organization in his hands. Even if it can’t be completely eliminated, it must be weakened as much as possible, otherwise it will cause chaos sooner or later.

Want to stay alive is equal to disbanding sect?

For a while, the face of the cultivator present collapsed instantly.

As for the proposal to dissolve sect and establish the Aristocratic Family, normal people know that this is a joke.

The Aristocratic Family in the Northern Territory is different from other Aristocratic families. People limit the rules to death. If you cross the boundary, you will be beaten, but you don’t need to cross the boundary. Even if it inherits throughout the ages, the Aristocratic Family is rich and invaluable. that’s all.

This is completely opposite to their idea that at first wants to take the right to speak in their hands.

“The second way to survive is actually very simple. I will contact you Outer-Sea Demon Beast. You can go out to sea and leave Heavenly Martial Continent. There are also some habitable islands near the South. Demon Sect has been resting on those islands for so many years. If you want, you can also clear out some islands and continue to maintain your sect. When the north has occupied the south, I will not reject you before. Demon Sect will generally treat you. Rejected, the Northern Chamber of Commerce will open up business routes in the endless sea, and you are always welcome to purchase or sell.

Someone may have to say, if you want to go to overseas islands struggling on Whilst at death’s door, why do you want to cooperate with me?

This question is actually very easy to answer, because only I am nodded, you can gain a foothold on overseas islands, otherwise, with all of you here, How many dare you to drag your family to find islands in the endless sea?”

Lin Yuan slowly spread his hands, said with a smile: “Yes, I do threaten you, if you insist If you save sect, or even survive on overseas islands, you will be more careful when communicating with us in the future, because I can not only let you have a foothold, but also let you die without a burial site overseas!”

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