Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 954

"Even if you want to trade a certificate, should you also let us know, who is going to deal with this time in the endless sea?"

The shirt before The luxurious old man spoke again, letting out an imposing manner without anger and prestige, and firmly locked the Li Family speaker.

Isn't any of these people present who are better than monkeys with their fur?

Hetu Li Family, think carefully, how many things you don’t understand?

"Four Sea Dragon Race, sea monster guild."

Lin Yuan put his hands behind ones back and responded without any taboo.


In an instant, almost all of these people present had question marks on their heads.

The four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds, although they are all forces in the deep sea area of ​​the endless sea, are not small at all. No one will ask the idiot question of who the hegemon of the endless sea is. No one doubts whether the sea monster guild, which can take root in the deep sea area and compete with the four Sea Dragon Races, has the legendary strength!

They went to sea, and even Outer-Sea Demon Beast couldn't deal with it. They went to deal with the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds?

Is this horse riding a joke?

"The information you know is already from Old Huang. First of all, I can guarantee that although the four Sea Dragon Races are still strong, they are strong in appearance but weak in reality. , The non-dragon blood demonic beasts are fighting and attacking each other, trying to build a great Great Empire in the open sea that is not inferior to the four Sea Dragon Races of the year. For now, the two are prospering and failing, and the overall strength gap is not large. , And I, there is a way to make Outer-Sea Demon Beast fight the dragon blood demonic beast, this is one of them.

The endless sea deep sea area has also encountered some changes before, some of you know, for example The star seeker senior, so the deep sea area is not in good condition at the moment, especially the four Sea Dragon Race, which suffered a lot of damage in that catastrophe. Before that, they fought against the sea monster guild, but now if the two sides are really moving, the final winner must be sea. The monster guild, and there has always been friction between the two sides, just need a fuse to detonate their contradiction, this is the second.

The sea monster guild is strong enough to fight against the four Sea Dragon Races. , But fundamentally speaking, they are just idle organizations, just like the demon vanquisher guild, apart from offering high rewards, it also has no means to restrict all members to obey orders. Bullying the weak is good, really wanting to chew a hard bone. They can break their hind legs without waiting for them. This is the third.

Once I find the right opportunity, Outer-Sea Demon Beast will inevitably give up fighting each other, because they After being oppressed and discriminated against by the dragon blood demonic beast for so many years, the hatred between the two parties cannot be eliminated, but the sea monster guild and the Four Seas Dragon Palace have joined forces. In a short time, Outer-Sea Demon Beast will certainly not take advantage of you. If you join as a reinforcement force, you will immediately get the friendship of Outer-Sea Demon Beast and the shelter of the north, why worry... can't you survive?"

When it came to this, Lin Yuan cleared up. Clear your throat, said with a smile: "The four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds are all in the past. It won’t be long before the endless sea will usher in a round of shuffle. At this time, don’t you want to intervene in it? , Based on the endless sea?"


All around is still the same silence.

It's just that many people's expressions all have become agile.

If you have to choose an opponent between heavenly demon and demonic beast, then overwhelming majority humans choose demonic beast.

Not only because heavenly demon not everyone has the ability to kill and seal the existence, but also because, from the prosperity of humanity to this era, the demonic beast has always been a grant in the eyes of humans. The existence of seizure, even if the endless sea, which is as strong as the source of terrestrial monster veins, is in the eyes of most humans, it's just that's all poultry and livestock raised in captivity.

even more how, kill heavenly demon, what can they get?

Honor, or praise?

What's the point of that?

But on the other hand, after killing the demonic beast, they can get the flesh and blood of the demonic beast to cook dishes, and get the demon pill of the demonic beast to refine the medicine pill that is hard to find, and they can get the demonic beast. The minions and skeletons are used to refine the divine weapon......

The benefits are numerous!

The most important thing is that this is a war between demonic beast and demonic beast!

They don't need to risk fighting with the demonic beast, they just need to use various magic weapons and spells to support the demonic beast, waiting for the opportunity to pick up the demonic beast's corpse, and they can make a fortune!

"Based on the endless sea, it's light and handy."

The old man in Huafu spoke again and laughed: "The problem is that humans are different from demonic beast physique, Outer- Sea Demon Beast and dragon blood demonic beast can move freely underwater, and even mobilize the Water Element spiritual power to increase their Innate Ability, but if we go to the endless sea, we must hold up the astral qi shield to isolate the sea. Fighting, the astral qi has already been consumed. The deeper we dive, the more and faster we will consume astral qi, and even fall into the endless sea. Even if you have a way to make Outer-Sea Demon Beast fight with the dragon’s blood demonic beast , Can't...let them choose the sea as the battlefield, right?"

"I really can't."

Lin Yuan shook the head very honestly.

Many people's eyes dimmed suddenly.

Lin Yuan said with a cold laugh: "But, heavenly demon is here, senior! Whether you choose to go north or go to sea, you will encounter various difficulties to solve, otherwise, you just want to Staying in the south and waiting for death, Junior has no way to persuade. As I said, I just give you a way to survive, not to be a nanny for you, understand? If you really don’t agree, you will never die, we The Northern Territory also saved a lot of things."

The old man in Huafu still smiled and opened his mouth, but he obviously didn't know how to refute.

Do you need them in the North?

No need!

Guan Zhaoxin can easily make a female emperor's arsenal, naturally because she has a background in the north, which also means that the north does not lack cultivation techniques, resources, etc., the so-called sect The inheritance uploaded by the ancestors of the Aristocratic Family can't be seen by others at all!

Now the attitude of the North is charity, not bargaining.

To put it simply-if you want to live, you have to help me desperately. If I am in a good mood, I will reward you with something so that you can continue to reproduce and inherit. If you are unwilling to cooperate with the North, then you will stay in the South. Waiting for death, the North will never frown.

Compared with the Northern Territory, they even tend to let Heavenly Demon solve the remaining resistance forces in the Southern Cultivation World and Central Plains. When the Northern Territory is stabilized, they will sweep the Heavenly Demon again in one fell swoop. Eat the former territory of the god Martial Dynasty.

This is cruel,

But this is reality.

There are no young people who are new to the world and are full of passion. They are all old elders who have been in the south for many years.

In their opinion, this method in the north is a normal way of imperialism.

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