Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 955

“old man, I have been taught.”

The old man in Huafu sighed softly, then turned around and asked: “What Miss Guan said, we I understand, before we discuss an answer to Miss Guan, can I ask, what exactly is your status in the Northern Territory, what you said today, can you represent the attitude of the Northern Territory, and if we are working for the Northern Territory? In the end, the family broke down and the people died. Isn’t it a joke?”

The attitude of the Northern Territory is shown, and the conditions are listed. They want to live or die in a single thought. Under such a situation, they don’t have anything at all. Room for bargaining.

Only before that, they must confirm Guan Zhaoxin’s identity.

If Guan Zhaoxin said nothing, wouldn’t they give it for nothing?

“The Martial Dynasty of God’s territory is not small. After Lei Qiusheng usurped the throne, he even slightly expanded the land, but overall it is divided into four areas, one is the northern border bordering the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, and the other It is the North which is completely north from the Shuangjian Dynasty, and then the Central Plains bordering the Qingjiang Dynasty, and the south where you lived before. Among them, the Central Plains is the most stable, the South is the richest, the North is the most expansive, and the North is the most bitter. Now, the North is the most stable. Both the North and the North are under the rule of the North, and the two are one, which can be collectively called the North. This area is led by the king of the North, Li Zhong.

The rest of the Central Plains and the South, hey, you know. , Our dragon Lord Wang doesn’t like trouble, so he won’t show himself to others. He only needs to hold the weakness of human beings and be the god of kingship. Therefore, even if the Northland swallows the Central Plains and the South, Nor will it establish a unified dynasty.

After all, the factions of that many stand in great numbers in the Northern Territory nowadays have nothing to do with the faction under Li Zhong. When the territory gets bigger, it must be They are separated from each other. After all, the same bed has different dreams for a long time, and it must be changed. So in the near future, the Central Plains King and the Southern King will appear one after another. The three are the whole northern border, but there is no instruction from the Dragon King. Although the people are the same qi, connected branch, they are in their own hands.”

Lin Yuan slowly shook his hands, with a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, said solemnly: “The choice of the king of the Central Plains has been decided. Then, the ether will meet The leader of the Ether Association led the Ether Association to the Central Plains to establish a dynasty, and the candidate of the Southern King has not yet been determined. It needs merit, network and reputation. If I say that, you can understand why the Ether Association will help me and why I will Violating the grand strategy of the Northern Territory, give you a way to survive?”


The sound of inhaling cold breath sounded again.

I have a personal exclamation.

For example, the leader of the Ether Club, a huge organization that overrides the dark forces in the south, will actually be the Lord Crown Prince who was dragged into hell before being able to ascend the throne of the Wanjian Dynasty.

This is a huge monster under Lei Qiusheng’s eyelids!

Of course, I am still amazed by the existence of Lin Yuan’s handwriting.

Dividing a dynasty into three dynasties, as long as Lin Yuan exists for one day, the three must be the same qi, connected branch, and humiliation together. But after all, the dynasty cannot be compared with the dynasty. Give them one In ten thousand years of development, the three parties are also restricting and balancing each other, and no one can challenge Lin Yuan’s authority.

And this method of dividing the dynasty not only did not weaken the overall strength of the Northern Territory, but also separated different factions, lest the political opinions of the high-level Northern Territory would fall apart in the future.

This kind of handwriting and boldness are far beyond comparison!

That said…

The eyes of a group of southern cultivators suddenly heat up.

This’female emperor’ who was murdered to the end of her family and was cast to the north has no doubt huge ambitions. She does not want to be ruled by Li Zhong, so she simply danger lurks within the riches and honour, trying to become the future king of the South. At that time, the three King Cauldrons will be established. Li Zhong has the oldest qualifications and the deepest background. The Central Plains and the South must join forces to contend. Therefore, he will definitely spare no effort to support Guan Zhaoxin’s superiority.

Northern College?

North Chamber of Commerce?

How do you know that the Central Plains and the South will not follow suit and establish similar institutions?

If that time comes, whether they go to the Central Plains or stay in the South, they will all be able to transform themselves from unorthodox origin to one of the high-ranking leaders of the Three Great Emperors in the future!

“Ms. Guan said so, the old man will understand.”

Xingxingzi laughed in and said: “From today, Extreme Sun Sect will be disbanded. Wait here. It’s up, I will definitely support Miss Guan to sit on the throne of the South!”

” Miss Guan is a southerner. If you want to choose the king, it must be Miss Guan. I will give my full support. !”

“Me too!”

Suddenly, all around the southern old elders spoke one after another.

Who doesn’t want authority?

Who wants to leave home?

The throne of the Northern Territory has been set, and they are unable to fight Li Zhong again. Now they will not be able to make up for the merits of Conglong, but if they can catch Guan Zhaoxin, they will not be blamed. The relationship is whether to dissolve the sect or weaken the Aristocratic Family. It is always in the circle of the north. When the time comes, it is the unnoticeable influence of the north that affects them, or whether they listen to the announcement and make the Central Plains independent of the South. Not by ability?

“Hehe, you all show your love, Guan Mou wrote it down, if that day, Guan Mou will certainly not forget your help!”

Lin Yuan is all around Holding the cup one fist in the other hand, the smile on his face gradually became warm.

To dispel the ambitions of the cultivation world in the South, split the unity between them, and even let them fight for profit and authority. On this day, he has completely planted the seeds, only waiting for the army from the north to go south The time is the day of harvest!

When boiling the frog in warm water and cutting off one’s means of retreat, when two diametrically opposed strategies are put together, anyone who has the conditions will choose the former.

Lin Yuan is no exception.

As for when the time comes, is it the Central Plains and the South that do not listen to the announcement, or Lin Yuan maintains the majesty of the monarchy and deity to go south, but it is not the people who mean people who resort to petty tricks can make decisions. .

No matter how much they have in mind, can they still fight the combined force of Lin Yuan’s guilt and death in Lin Yuan’s hands?


Wait for death!

I am worried about the resources that the Lord has brought out, and I want the way to survive from the North, and now I am not satisfied with the power of the North. Such scum has no value in living, it is better to chop them down. Nourish this piece of soil called’Northern Territory’!

After the people gradually dispersed, they walked to Lin Yuan’s side after being blamed and said solemnly: “Congratulations to the Dragon King, I got my wish, and the heavenly demon went south to search for the carrier to fight the northern border. Strategy, and without blood, defeated the group of the southern cultivation world!”

“The establishment of a lie requires countless lies to make up for it.”

Lin Yuan’s face remains unchanged, lightly saying: “Now you should act as if you fully support me. Rather than wasting time, you should now lead the Ether Club… to go on a big killing.”

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