Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 956

When the month ends.

The entire south seems to be covered with blood.

Those Aristocratic Family and sect who still signed their own names after Lin Yuan changed the gambling contract were slaughtered up and down. It is not how strong the ether will be. After all, these forces dare to sign this gambling contract. Naturally, they will not fail to plan to cast aside all considerations for face, so their teamwork is not inferior to the Ether Club, and even the overall strength is even better!

The problem is that after Lin Yuan’s’statement’, they have to face more than the Ether Club family.

After knowing that Guan Zhaoxin was going to run for the King of the South, and with the help of the ether society and the remnants of the blame family, even the forces that had been outside the incident before seemed crazy and participated in this massacre.

If you can successfully sell a good for the future King of the South, the benefits you can get will be rich and enviable!

Ethereum will work together with the Loose Cultivator Alliance. With the reward of massive points, the members of these forces are like demonic beasts that have been rewarded by the demon vanquisher guild. Even if they drink their saliva, they must first Try to see if there are people poisoned in the water, you have to open one eye when you sleep, for fear of being unconsciously undermined by someone, and if the Southern Green Forest works together, even if they want to send the old and weak women and children away, it will be a joke.

Because of Lin Yuan’s previous madness in Chase City, children who are under the wheel and infants can live, but they will be adopted and taught, not to mention revenge for clansman or sect when they grow up. , I’m afraid it will take a few years, and I forgot everything about my last name!

Although they can keep the bloodline, they are no different from extinction!

As for adults, or young girls who have started to remember things, no one gave them half mercy.

Aristocratic Family and sect are such existences. When your power is prosperous, even if you are just a side branch, a handyman, going out and showing your identity can make outsiders like Loose Cultivator and mortals show respect to you. You can get all kinds of conveniences and benefits even when working in office, but if the forces you belong to start bad luck, all of them have to follow the bad luck together, and no one can stay out of it!

Killing, killing, endless killing…

The entire southern cultivation world worked together to almost cut off all the lives of these forces.

Even the Demon Sect, who has always wanted to make trouble in the south, and the heavenly demon, who is shifting the main force to the south, keep quiet out of fear. No one dares to take the initiative to participate in this matter.

After all, the two words’Northern Territory’ are placed here, which is the greatest shock to heavenly demon.

Heavenly demon is not like those two knives intelligence dealers said, they simply did not have too few carriers to start the final battle with the north, so they must go south to get more The carrier is not that they let go of the North, but suffered heavy losses under various tricks in the North, and had to give up the offensive posture in order to maintain the confrontation between the two sides. Otherwise, after a period of time, it is not that they attacked the North. Realm, but the army in the north went south to kill heavenly demon!

Yes, kill!

These heavenly demons who invaded the Martial Dynasty have new heavenly demons, as well as veterans who have invaded several worlds. For them, it’s not that they have never seen an existence that can kill heavenly demon, but The Northern Territory is so unreasonable that even everyone can kill the forces of heavenly demon. This is the first time they have seen it.

If the two sides are still facing each other and the war has not yet been determined, there may have been heavenly demons who could not restrain themselves from breaking out of the sphere of influence of the god Martial Dynasty, to find those Guardians of heaven to’surrender’ Right.

After all, being arrested and sealed for hundreds of years is completely different from being completely killed!

As for the Tianmen Guardian, will he hand over the heavenly demon he has sealed to the northern border for processing?


Heavenly Martial Continent has so many heavenly demons sealed on it, even if some of the builders of the forbidden area have passed away, there is no way for outsiders to go to those life forbidden areas to take out the objects that sealed the heavenly demon, but after all It means that the Guardian of the Heavenly Gate has lost control of all heavenly demons, but so far, the so-called so-called Guardian of the Heavenly Gate broke the heavenly demon that many miserable, and that force sent its sealed heavenly demon to the northern border for killing. Up?

Heavenly demon is violent and bloodthirsty, but he is not a fool after all.

Some senior officials of Heavenly Demon have realized that the Northern Territory has already had an irreconcilable contradiction with the Guardian of Tianmen.

But the contradiction between the Northern Territory and the Guardian of Tianmen is the same thing, but the two of them will not meet each other because of this after all. Right now Heavenly Demon has just shifted its strategic goal, and the members of the Northern Territory have revealed their silhouette in the south. For heavenly demon, this is undoubtedly bad news!

When the sun goes down.

Lin Yuan, who settled in the headquarters of the Ether Club, picked up the bronze wine bottle in front of him and drank the drink, his face was a little gloomy.

According to the report of Bright Gown Guard, heavenly demon has already arrived in the south, but he made such a big movement in the south, not only did the heavenly demon not take the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, but even the one that was about to be taken Some southern cities have been let go for the time being, and they gathered their troops to retreat 30 miles outside the city, seeming to want to see the movement of the coastal area before making the next step.

This also means that heavenly demon does not know the trouble the North is facing at this moment!

They Chen Bing in the South, but because Guan Zhaoxin has the identity of the North, they stopped the troops. They are obviously afraid of the North. They are worried that the chaos in the South this time is because the design of the North wants to kill. A group of heavenly demon, and took this opportunity to lead the soldiers and horses from the North to look at all parts of the Central Plains.

This is a good thing, but it is also a bad thing.

Lin Yuan will not forget that a bloodline noble second-generation heavenly demon escaped into the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. From then on, it disappears without a trace, and further forward, the purgatory Liu’s Old Ancestor It also escaped into the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range after destroying the mountain city, and then disappear without a trace.

If this second-generation heavenly demon still exists in the world, it is impossible to come out at this time to stir the situation, and no matter how bad, he will not just watch the Heavenly Demon Army return in low spirits after Weishui failing and do nothing!

If the weather in the north is smooth, Lin Yuan would not think so.

But there is a “shadow demon” Xu Yan in the north, as well as an unknown number of Undeads. Those Undeads with spiritual wisdom have also disappeared. The only thing that is still active is the cultivated cultivation technique. Lei Fan.

The second-generation heavenly demon, Fang Tian is demonized, Lei Fan is resurrected from the dead, Undead is suddenly increased, plus a’shadow demon’ Xu Yan…

This The existences that disappeared inexplicably and appeared inexplicably, all remind Lin Yuan all the time, an invisible net is moving towards himself, and if he can’t find the other party before he takes the initiative to show up, then he must be hard. to avoid calamity!

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