Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 957

“Who is it…”

Lin Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

That being hiding in the darkness is definitely not a nameless person. There is nothing to instigate Lei Fan and Xu Yan. After all, they are just two natives of Heavenly Martial Continent. They are both for Great Desolate creatures. It’s the ant that’s all that can be wiped out.

However, even the famous Great Desolate creatures such as Hongyun Taoist and Hanyan were played between the palms of their hands. Lin Yuan once even thought that the existence of the underworld in the north was the drought, but before The confrontation overturned this view.

With such a means, such a city, what exactly does that person want to do?

Lin Yuan feels a little upset inexplicably.

He is not afraid of powerful enemies, because those so-called powerful enemies are just a big mountain in front of him. As long as he works hard, sooner or later he can climb over the mountains and step on the top of the mountain, but the opponent acts like this. But like a poisonous snake hidden in the grass, he approached Lin Yuan little by little, waiting for a good enough time, biting Lin Yuan fiercely, and injecting the deadly venom into his body.

“Dragon Lord Wang, the troubles in the South have been resolved, and the remaining cultivators, no matter what their minds, at least before the problem is solved, there is absolutely no guts to turn their faces with the North. My subordinates congratulate the Dragon King first. !”

The blaming voice sounded after itself, accompanied by the rubbing and collision of the black armor when walking, and it sounded not generally cold and hard.

“Misfortune is not counted, and among the remaining people, there are many damn people among them, many of them will vote for me, and maybe many people will vote for you, but my Attitude, you should understand?”

Lin Yuan put the bronze wine bottle on top of the case before him, and responded blankly.

“Although the Dragon King gave them two ways to survive, whether they are going north or going to sea, they can avoid the disaster of heavenly demon, but the Dragon King has said that there are no heads and no tails. This means that in fact, there is only one real way to survive, either obediently go to the North, get in touch with all the armed forces and cooperate with the North Chamber of Commerce and the North Academy, or it is dead end.

sect, of course. To say that, whether it is in the past, present, or in the future, the sect in the north will only exist as a college, and it will be directly under the jurisdiction of the northern palace. You can allow each sect to be integrated into the Hundred Schools of Thought Contend, However, sect will never be allowed to exist outside the independent college. Anyone who resists this ordinance will have a heart of disobedience. They can kill and kill!

As for the Aristocratic Family, the small and medium-sized Aristocratic Family or It is spared, but the large-scale Aristocratic Family and even the first-class family members want to save everything and merge into the North, it is no different from a foolish dream. Even if you are willing to act like this, you will not be able to suppress them for a while with Li Zhong’s means, and the Aristocratic Family This thing will never make sense. As long as they have a firm foothold, they will pierce the roots deeper and deeper. Therefore, these people have to kill a group, and if it doesn’t help, they have to split a large Aristocratic Family into different ones. The small and medium-sized Aristocratic families are located in various places.”

As soon as he turned his gaze, he said loudly. When he said this, he paused, suddenly the conversation changed, and said in doubt: “The mind of the Dragon King It’s not hard to guess, but the subordinates don’t understand why the Dragon King values ​​Beijing Academy so much?”


Lin Yuan slightly startled, turning his head and looking at the whole body wrapped in No blame in the dark armor.

“The subordinates want to say that the Dragon King’s banning of sect has always been the case when the dynasties wanted to do something but couldn’t do it. There are advantages and disadvantages to the dynasty, but in general it must be of great benefit, because This move will make the dynasty more stable. It’s just a similar thing. The court can help, just like Lei Qiusheng cultivating the Shenlin army. Directly taught by the court and the clan will not only ensure the battle strength is tyrannical, but also loyalty. Now, because of the various sect cultivator and various Sects, it is easy to learn miscellaneous but not good, and loyalty is also a problem. If their teachers are not loyal to the North, how can these students be loyal to the North?”

Bang Wuying leaned over to salute, his tone was a little sad, as if he was worried about Lin Yuan’s anger.

“The Hundred Schools of Thought Contend in the Northern Territory College will indeed make many college students learn miscellaneous but not refined, but on the other hand, it is not a round of screening. If there is not enough The aptitude of aptitude is erudite, so it must be a mediocre person. Even if such a person is assigned to various positions after graduation, he is just an official. If he lacks his ability, he will not be able to achieve results and naturally cannot be promoted, but their guarantee is guaranteed. There will be no shortage of small officials at the bottom, and those who are intensively studying one or several families will naturally soon stand out, and there is no need to waste time slowly testing how much aptitude a person has.

In addition, positive It is because the Beijing Academy’s gentle sects have enough confidence to keep those teachers and deans loyal. Because they continue to integrate into the sect members, their status will become less and less reliable. Even if they have hidden personalities in the past, with As time goes by, they also have to take out their old knowledge. Only by cultivating outstanding students can their status be preserved. On the other hand, the seniors work so hard, and those who subsequently join the academy’s teachings, are they willing to let them go?”

Lin Yuan picked up the jug and filled himself with a glass, said with a cold laugh: “Furthermore, letting the court directly teach the youths in the north will inevitably lead them to form a party for private business, and wait for theirs. The protagonists formed a scale, just like the old officials of the Wanjian Dynasty, even Lei Qiusheng as if having a fish bone stuck in one’s throat, but there is no way to solve them, so you hope that in the future, your own governance will be Such an existence?”

The blame has no response eyes suddenly shrank: “This!”

“Everyone now knows that as long as they are born in the Northern Territory, they can be in the Northern Territory. Hold the iron rice bowl, but with the passage of time, the barriers to entering the Northern Territory Academy will be higher and higher. It will not take long to learn these skills. It is hard to say what the future achievements of the students who have a skill to work for the Northern Territory will be. But what I can be sure of is that in the North Border Academy, the better the aptitude, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the longer it will take. Such talents will be the pillars of the North Border in the future.

So, in the near future, not who will be eligible to join Beijing College. According to different learning progress, everyone will study at Beijing College for different lengths of time, and there will be positions held after graduation. The change.”

Drink the wine in the bottle again, Lin Yuan said with a smile: “Only when all the conditions are combined, the Beijing Academy will develop better and better. Do your best, the students will die, not to mention the loyalty of the god Lin Jun Yu Lei Qiusheng, but these students will definitely cherish their years of hard work. The status they just exchanged, plus their training is not an official, it’s difficult to form a party for private purposes, isn’t it? “

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