Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 963

“Dragon King!”

Crimson took a deep breath and roared, “I already know how to do it, please Dragon King be magnanimous!”

The liquidated damages stipulated in the contract are not regarded as lion’s big mouth, but also not a small amount, but everything depends on the comparison. Compared with the benefits Lin Yuan had promised to it, then the liquidated damages are even One hair from nine oxen is not even considered!

Furthermore, Lin Yuan hadn’t reacted when Lin Yuan said those words before, but now that I think about it, Lin Yuan has already known that the four Sea Dragon Races have teamed up with the sea monster guild to plot against.

Does this mean that…this black flood dragon actually has a solution to the’sinking reef’?

If I don’t do anything anymore, whether that contract will be fulfilled is of course needless to say.


Lin Yuan sneered, got up and swam in front of Blush, and said, “To be honest, the sea monster guild has disappointed this king too much. After being stepped on by the whale clan, he bowed his head unwillingly and reluctantly. Later, the four Sea Dragon Races came and they banished the whale clan. Although you took the opportunity to organize the sea monster guild, you are still claiming and paying tribute. Few of the Four Sea Dragon Races can look down upon you, and even if you were slapped in the face by the Four Sea Dragon Races, you only dare to laugh and think about where you are wrong.”

Blushing took it again. a deep breath, try to calm the mood.

It wanted to refute Lin Yuan, but it was unable to organize the language, because the things the other party said were indeed what they had done by the demonic beasts who lived in the endless sea since the Ancient Times.

“It seems that the four Sea Dragon Races are even more successful than the king thought. They choked your throat with no difficulty and made you obedient. Sea Dragon Race strength great injury, but what your sea monster guild did has not changed. You dare not overthrow the rule of the Four Sea Dragon Race, but you want to overthrow the rule of the Four Sea Dragon Race.

So when the aberrations become a disaster, you will know this information tomorrow morning, but you have been pretending to be ignorant. You also cooperated with the Four Sea Dragon Race to suppress the dissemination of information about the aberrations, because you want to use the power of the aberrations to weaken the Four Seas. The power of Dragon Race even secretly instigated each Sea Demon Race group not respecting the rule of the four Sea Dragon Races.

When I was imprisoned in the seabed prison, your blood lady of the same race rushed into the seabed prison. He said that he wanted to kill me, but in fact he was trying to slap the Four Sea Dragon Race in the face. If you do this, the fun would be great, and the weak nature of the Four Sea Dragon Race will inevitably be exposed. Exhaustively, it is the Deep Sea Monster Beast Group who attacked. The four Sea Dragon Races are bound to be defeated, but your sea monster guild is almost intact. As long as you solve the trouble of the deformers, you can become the overlord of the new generation of endless seas!

So, in that willow stone fortress, many sea monster powerhouses were sitting in town. Except for the part that was infected by the aberrations, most of the rest did not feel the demonic beast that the city head prevented the source of the aberrations in time. All were sea monster guilds. Born!

But the problem is, things have been done this step, and you and the four Sea Dragon Races are very close together. Both sides know what virtue the other side is now, and you have to play that set of pretend. to be polite, even to deal with this king, you have to pull up the four Sea Dragon Races together, oh, are you still afraid that the four Sea Dragon Races and this king will not work together to clean up you?”

Lin Yuan’s eyes flicker , Continued: “It’s… ridiculous and sad.”

The voice fell, and Blush continued to say a few times, but after all, he didn’t say a word.

Because Lin Yuan is talking about facts, facts that cannot be refuted!

“Failure is not terrifying, as long as you are willing to do it, it doesn’t matter if you fail a hundred times, because you will succeed in the end.”

Lin Yuan speaks again, his eyes are a little bit extra Jokingly, icily said: “The real terrifying is stupid, stupid without knowing it!” In Lin Yuan’s eyes, the behavior of the Sea Demon Race group is similar to Korea in the Warring States Period. It seems that Qin was 30 years old. However, I have been looking for opportunities to stab Daqin back. Qin Country begs for mercy when it is in trouble, and threatens if it is not possible. Because South Korea is an important land, Qin Country will not be able to advance east if it does not destroy Korea. If it is to destroy Korea, it will have to face the rest at the same time. The coalition of five countries came to rescue South Korea.

The sea monster guild is like this in the deep sea area. They are all indigenous people in the endless sea. In the early years, they were not as powerful as the whale clan. Later, they teamed up with the four Sea Dragon Race and the backstab whale clan. After Dragon Race succeeded in gaining power, they acknowledged allegiance to the four Sea Dragon Races while waiting for an opportunity to rebel. It was ridiculous.

When Lei Qiusheng usurped the throne, there was only one Liu Jingsheng in the Ten Thousand Sword Dynasty who was optimistic about him, because he had little chance of winning.

When the Four Sea Dragon Races defeated the whale clan, the entire endless sea was optimistic about the Four Sea Dragon Races, naturally because the Four Sea Dragon Races were powerful.

According to the sea monster guild’s rebellious thinking, even if one million years pass, it will still be called a courtier. If you encounter the existence of the old ruler, I am afraid that there will be no chance to be a courtier. .

Because they are always in synergy rather than helping the weak!

If you are wholeheartedly assisting, Synnex is of course nothing, but if you are coveting the throne, Synnex is a joke, because powerhouse has become stronger and stronger over time, although the major ethnic groups are also Progress, but overall it is absolutely impossible to be worth the overlord sitting on the endless sea!

Now the four Sea Dragon Race strength great injury, even if the odds of winning are not great, the sea monster guild should also join forces with Lin Yuan at this time to directly stab the four Sea Dragon Race vital points, etc. The two sides destroyed the four Sea Dragon Races, and the sea monster guild turned its head and pinched Lin Yuan to death. Wouldn’t it be more likely to win?

But what is the sea monster guild doing?

They are teaming up with four Sea Dragon Race plot against Lin Yuan!

Isn’t this riding a horse a joke?

When the four Sea Dragon Races have obtained the benefits of the city of commerce, I dare not say that they will be restored soon, but generally speaking, they may buy or hire after they have resources. Anyway, there are ways to temporarily With the enhanced strength of sex, the sea monster guild can be back-stabbed with a knife, and the two sides will return to the parallel line again. In addition, the bloodline gap between the four Sea Dragon Race and the sea monster guild behind the sea monster guild will not be long. Sea Dragon Race will once again surpass the sea monster guild and miss such a good opportunity for nothing!

At this time, the sea monster guild also ran to Lin Yuan for a showdown, with a triumphant look. It seemed that they really thought they were plotting against Lin Yuan and the four Sea Dragon Races!

But in fact, at this time, the four Sea Dragon Races came to eradicate the army of the’sinking reef’. It is estimated that they have already moved to the vicinity of the Liushi Sea Territory. If the problem of the’sinking reef’ is not dealt with as soon as possible, This Favor Four Sea Dragon Race is really sold out!

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan thoughts move, in the perception of the eyes of Heavenly God, dim white lights lit up from the Transmission Formation in the city!

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