Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 964

“This is…”

Although Blush does not have the eyes of Heavenly God, it is after all the existence of Monster King Realm, and the perception ability is not weak, plus None of the demonic beasts that came out of the Transmission Formation suppressed their own breath, so they were immediately noticed and could not help but exclaim.

“Mercenaries, come to solve the trouble of’Shen Jiao’.”

Lin Yuan glanced at Blush meaningfully, and said: “I didn’t solve this by myself. In addition, I believe there will be no more pirates and other things to harm the city of commerce.”

Outer-Sea Demon Beast has now begun a truce, and they are all rectifying their armaments. Going to fight the dragon blood demonic beast!

The strength gap between the two sides naturally still exists, so Outer-Sea Demon Beast will undoubtedly hire those wandering demonic beasts and notorious pirate groups to help out in addition to their soldiers and horses. , Even if it can only increase the odds of winning by one point, they will never miss it!

Even if the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds are still unsuccessful, it will be difficult for them to find suitable personnel to put pressure on the city of commerce in a short period of time.

Even if they want to come by themselves, they must first ask Lin Yuan if they want to, and secondly, the Outer-Sea Demon Beast’sudden attack’ won’t let them get what they want.

When the voice fell, Lin Yuan had already swam out.

Soon, thousands of Outer-Sea Demon Beasts have been queued according to their own organization, almost all Desolate Demon Realm, only a few Monster King Realm exist, but this few also have to Look at the comparison. After all, the total number of “Shen Jiao” is less than one thousand, and it has more than 20 Monster King Realm’s existences. Then, as the all influence’scouts’ in Outer-Sea Demon Beast, naturally It is more elite.

Lin Yuan just counted it roughly, and felt that the number of Monster Kings in the team would never be less than about fifty!

“Hello, Dragon King, I am very happy to work for you!”

A demonic beast with an image similar to a baby fish came out more and more, talking and approaching Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan lightly complied, and then his demon power swayed, he hung a transparent bead on the body of the baby fish, and said calmly: “This pearl is a bauble made temporarily by me. It can be used with another big circle at any time. The holders of the beads keep in touch and leave them to you for safekeeping temporarily. This is what I promised before.”

Lin Yuan knows a fart refiner, he just derived out from what he saw and heard in his previous life. Some thoughts sounded enough to shock the Refiner Master of this World, but let Lin Yuan make the refining device by himself, it is no different from waste, it’s just a porter that’s all.

Reasonably spend the power of incense in the right place, and maximize the benefits with the smallest benefits. After all, when a precious resource is not used by others but is simply saved, it will eventually become Useless things!

The demonic beast like a baby fish grinned laughed, handed out his paws to take the beads down, said solemnly: “Please rest assured, the Dragon King, we will definitely defend this Sea Territory like an iron bucket, no matter who comes. , Don’t even think of adding a blockage to the Dragon King!”

Blush stared blankly at the thousands of demonic beasts that appeared on the Plaza of the City of Trade and Commerce, with an incredible expression in his eyes.

There are more than fifty Monster Kings, and the remaining demonic beasts are all Desolate Demon Realm Peak. If these demonic beasts were not faintly separated from the camp, they would think that Lin Yuan hired one from somewhere. The demonic beast army came. Although the military force of this level was not enough to threaten the four Sea Dragon Races and the sea monster guild that assembled the main force, sweeping the surrounding Sea Territory was a matter with no difficulty!

“Dragon King, these demonic beasts are…”

Crimson swallowed dryly, with a look of horror on his face.

Lin Yuan glanced at blush, icily said: “What does this have to do with you? Is this king your subordinate, or the sea monster guild subordinate? I have to report everything to you? “

Crimson shivered, and shook the head said: “Dragon King, you misunderstand what I mean, I mean, none of these thousands of Demon Beasts have Dragon Clan Bloodlines. Once they appear in the deep sea area, It is very likely to cause various sea monster tribes and the four Sea Dragon Races to hunt down. I need their information to report to the guild headquarters, otherwise… I have no right to give them a reasonable identity. See you Wang Long Wang Ming!”


“Prosperous in a trance!”

The scarlet tone barely fell, all around Outer-Sea Demon Beasts have already laughed. group.

Wait until the laughter subsided, the demonic beast wandered to Blush, and said with a cold face: “We don’t need any identity from the sea monster guild. We hope that the thing will be useful. Sea Dragon Race put aside the prejudice and accepted the demonic beast without Dragon Clan Bloodlines! Even with the identity you gave, where did you go and be discriminated against? Even if you are not strong enough, you will be killed on the spot! From now on, everything is for us The demonic beast that launched the attack, no matter what ethnic group is behind it, we will treat it as an act of war!”

Speaking of which, it turned its head and looked at the other Outer-Sea Demon Beast, and said loudly:” Brothers, tell this master of the sea monster guild how we will deal with our warriors!”

“Pay for blood with blood, until we die!”

The remaining demonic The beasts all smiled and shouted with serious faces.


A stagger under the crimson feet, subconsciously stepped back two steps, looked at Lin Yuan with a gloomy face, icily said: “Dragon King, you actually Dare to introduce Outer-Sea Demon Beast into the deep sea area, are you really looking like our deep Sea Demon Beast minions are not good?”

Pay for blood with blood, until you die!

This is the common slogan of Outer-Sea Demon Beast, because in ancient times, the demonic beasts that were driven to the open sea by the four Sea Dragon Races were basically those with weak bloodline or few in number. They were internally important. Fighting for the Sea Territory and food and fighting each other, facing the rivers that enter the sea, the demonic beasts, the human cultivators in the coastal areas, and the increasingly greedy dragon blood demonic beasts. Days are getting sad day by day. In order to ensure their survival, they can only become crazy. , And it’s still the kind of madness where you give me a knife, then I’m irreconcilable with you, either you die or I die.

Over time, this slogan slowly spread, and few people dare to provoke Outer-Sea Demon Beast easily. Today, crazy Outer-Sea Demon Beasts are gradually found In order to achieve inner peace, they formed various alliance forces and derived out their own civilization.

“Now, it was originally war.”

Lin Yuan’s mouth split open, showing a grim smile, said solemnly: “You didn’t work hard when you were at Liushi Fortress. This is something everyone sees. I use this excuse to start. Do you say that the Sea Dragon Race is so happy that the sea monster guild is weakened? Or will it waver like you guys?”

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