Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 965

Monster Kings are not rare in the endless sea, but Monster Kings with titles are extremely rare, such as the Three Monster Kings of the Brave Crab Clan. Only Tiefa has a title, and Crimson can become With the title Monster King, you can get a glimpse of its talents.

Some words, to put it bluntly, are more palpitating than hiding.

The endless sea is about to usher in a new war.

The sea monster guild is one of them, and this black flood dragon may not be the other.

Being able to say these words casually is enough to prove that this black flood dragon has participated in it, but it is not known who the other party will play against the sea monster guild.

Four Sea Dragon Race?


A certain powerful Sea Demon Race group?

Although the sea monster guild is a force formed by the ancient clans, it is loose after all. With the four Sea Dragon Races dominating, many clans have also married the four Sea Dragon Races and have Dragon Clan Bloodlines. Only a handful of ancient and powerful ethnic groups still maintain the purity of the bloodline. Although the sea monster guild has been formed with them, the internal relationship is not harmonious. Some monsters want to take advantage of the situation to overthrow the four Sea Dragon Races, and naturally they also want to think about it. The Sea Demon Race group to stay on the sidelines and wait and see.

Crimson’s thoughts are a bit chaotic.

But it did not think of Outer-Sea Demon Beast because of the demonic beast that appeared in the city of commerce.

After all, after the Four Sea Dragon Race expelled the ancestors of Outer-Sea Demon Beast back then, it expended countless manpower and material resources to create a Great Wall of Willows that almost isolated the deep sea and the open sea. Once the battle started Birds don’t cross, fish and insects don’t float. Even in the sea, if you want to cross the Great Wall of Willows and Rocks, you have to attack the city like terrestrial creatures.

Think about the sturdiness of Willow Rock Fortress. If it weren’t for the aberrations who had prepared a trapped formation and the delay of the traitors, it was better than them, and they might not be able to attack Willow Rock Fortress!

Those Outer-Sea Demon Beast want to cross the Great Wall of Willow and Rock?

Not to mention whether they have that kind of ability, even if they do, it is impossible to attack the Deep Sea Territory any more!

Even if Lin Yuan used Transmission Formation to send in more than a thousand Outer-Sea Demon Beast today, it is impossible to pull the entire Outer-Sea Demon Beast. After all, to portray such a large array, it takes time and materials. It is a very scary number, four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guild impossible can’t detect it!

By then, Lin Yuan is afraid that the construction of the Transmission Formation has not yet been completed, and the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds have already hit the door!

So this time the target of the black flood dragon is actually the sea monster guild, and the other party participating in the battle may be some ancient Sea Demon Race group!

Poor information and limitations of vision are often the key factors that determine the outcome of a war.

The so-called arrogant soldiers must be defeated, know yourself and know your enemy to be able to survive in a hundred battles, refers to the intelligence in this area cannot be relaxed, and the deep Sea Demon Beast obviously made such a huge mistake. .

Even Crimson who witnessed part of the plan fell into a misunderstanding because of suspicion and common sense, and did not realize the real killing!

Bright was silent for a moment, and said: “The Dragon King is reminding me to go back and persuade the sea monster guild to no longer cooperate with the Four Sea Dragon Races, but to join forces with the Dragon King to overthrow the rule of the Four Sea Dragon Races. “

The more you think about Lin Yuan’s previous words cast aside all considerations for face, the more scared you are.

After all, what are the virtues of the four Sea Dragon Races, the big clans behind the sea monster guild can be said to be more clear. As long as there is an opportunity to eliminate dissidents before them, even if they know it is a trap, they will all without Step on the slightest hesitation!

To put it simply, the Four Sea Dragon Races have dominated the endless sea for so many years because of the power of the bloodline. Today, the four Sea Dragon Races are intermarried with the various demonic beasts of the endless sea, although the dragon blood is demonic. The beast is all over the endless sea, but it is also mixed with the bloodlines of the four Sea Dragon Races. Now the gap between the two sides on the bloodline has become smaller and smaller, and the pure-blood Dragon Race is also becoming rarer, as long as it is not conquered by the Outer-Sea Demon Beast , The overlord of the endless sea is still the demonic beast of dragon blood, just the high-level of the matter, impossible is those pure blood Dragon Race that’s all.

In addition to the power of bloodline, what the Four Sea Dragon Race likes most is to eliminate dissidents and stifle threats, and use this method to protect their dominance over the endless sea.

After hearing that the black flood dragons of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range purify their own bloodline to snake into flood dragons, they decisively act like black flood dragons, and use the black flood dragons to try to obtain this purification. The bloodline method, but at that time, no one thought that things would be so stiff. The four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds did not expect that this black flood dragon actually wanted to nail a nail in the endless sea to gain Power and interests in the endless sea.

Let the wolf into the room, it’s like this!

So, if there are other forces fighting against the sea monster guild, the Four Sea Dragon Race will definitely not lead troops to rescue the sea monster guild. Instead, they will be happy to see the strength and great injury of both parties. Once such a former deformer appears At the time, the sea monster guild did nothing to the four Sea Dragon Races.

They are now teaming up, just because Lin Yuan’s threat is too great, it does not mean that they really want to cooperate with each other.

“Leave? Huh, are you afraid that you are not a member of”

Lin Yuan eyes flashed, said solemnly: “The war is about to begin, you two are not working together to design the book The king? This king will give you beating somebody at their own game to see if you boil the frogs in warm water to kill the king, or the king gorges the tiger and let you eat the evil results! Leave you, naturally there will be this king It’s just that you don’t have the right to know now.”

The voice fell, Lin Yuan turned around and left. Two Monster Kings from the open sea immediately greeted him, pinched the crimson directly on the ground, and hung it up. After being imprisoned by Lin Yuan, he was escorted to the dungeon. After all, there are more than fifty Monster Kings around, even if not all of them are titled Monster Kings, they are undoubtedly terrifying existence, and they are not an existence that can be resisted by Crimson Independent.

It happened that it came to see Lin Yuan today. It was originally confident and wanted to take advantage of the situation to make Lin Yuan bow his head, so no helper was called. At this moment, it was captured. Unless Lin Yuan changes his mind, he is afraid. It is difficult to get away.

The crimson face is as gray as death, but my heart is constantly calculating, and there is still doubt in his eyes.

The remaining Outer-Sea Demon Beasts just glanced at the layout of the city of commerce, and they all showed joy, because the construction of such a city is obviously not a trivial matter, even if all the resources are The black flood dragons are plundered from the endless sea. If you can do this step, it is impossible to kill them by setting up a game.

The Northern Chamber of Commerce is really sincere to settle in the endless sea!

On the other side, Lin Yuan wandered outside the courtyard where Cyrus lived, and just saw Cyrus, who was curled up in the courtyard, absorbing the Yuehua cultivation. With a slight movement of mind, it has fallen into this villa.

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