Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 966

Yuehua entered the body and turned into pure demon power flowing around in the body, gradually transforming into its own demon power melted into flesh and blood. Slowly stood up, his eyes flashed on Lin Yuan, and he said in doubt: “After the Dragon King came back, he couldn’t leave the door behind closed doors. Obviously there is something worrying about me. How come I am here? Is it possible that? The opportunity for the Dragon King’s worries is me?”

“I can’t solve it, and there is no need to solve it for the time being, just let it go.”

Lin Yuan’s dark flood dragon tail one Sweeping, the demonic power turned into a huge stone platform, and said: “I am here today, just to fight with you, so as to confirm the conjecture in my heart that’s all.”


Sellers slightly startled, his face a little astonished.

Although it has also studied military and political affairs, it is more than plot against plots and behind-the-scenes layouts. It is just cast under the Dragon King, but it has never done something good at it. Normally is also responsible for the construction of the city of commerce and the diplomacy between Liushi Sea Territory and the surrounding Sea Territory.

As soon as his gaze turned, Sellers looked at the huge stone platform, his pupils suddenly contracted, cry out in surprise: “This is…!”

stone platform Above it is a war sand table, which almost perfectly reproduces the terrain of the Great Wall of Willows and the nearby Sea Territory. Some of the Sea Territory has been visited before, and some have never set foot before as a wandering demonic beast. , But in Lin Yuan’s eyes at this moment, the entire endless sea does not seem to have any secrets at all.

With a turn of his mind, Sellers squinted his eyes again and said: “The battle that the Dragon King said is that Outer-Sea Demon Beast is about to attack the deep sea area?”

Lin Yuan slightly nodded.

Sellers’ eyes widened, but lightly shook the head, and sighed: “Dragon King’s conspiracy is not unbelievable. If Outer-Sea Demon Beast attacks the deep sea area, no matter if it is four Sea Dragons, Both the Race and the sea monster guild will be like a big enemy, especially now that the four Sea Dragon Race strength great injury will inevitably plot against the sea monster guild. Once the war starts, it will be at least three to five years, and at most ten years, etc. After they have fought, the city of commerce has become a climate. The most important thing is that together with the war, the city of commerce is scarce in all aspects. The city of commerce can take advantage of the time and make a fortune. The speed of formation will undoubtedly be even more terrifying. It’s just…”

It paused, sighed again, and said, “This is a temporary solution but not the root cause. Even if the city of commerce takes shape, it will be as fragile as a child when compared to two huge monsters. If it’s not going well, they must have the courage to go to the side. First, they will use the city of commerce to get a lot of resources to fill their own consumption.”

Lin Yuan raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and his demon power swept away. The soldiers of the Outer-Sea Demon Beast moved under the Liushi Great Wall and said: “If the Outer-Sea Demon Beast marches, the soldiers will be under the Liushi Great Wall, what about the deep Sea Demon Beast?”

Sellers pondered for a moment, and used the same demon power, drew some from the soldiers in the Sea Territory near the Willow Rock Great Wall, and said: “The Willow Rock Great Wall was originally built to resist the Outer-Sea Demon Beast, so the four Sea Dragons Whether it’s Race or other Sea Demon Race groups, there are garrisons on the Liushi Great Wall. If the Outer-Sea Demon Beast is attacking by a small group, the Great Wall defenders will be able to cope with it. The demonic beast was temporarily deployed in the nearby Sea Territory to the garrison. Relying on the Great Wall fortifications, even if the realm is equal, it may not be impossible to be ten!”

Lin Yuan shook the head with a smile, and pointed at Liushi Great Wall. Said with a malicious smile: “There is an indelible blood feud between Outer-Sea Demon Beast and the demonic beast of the dragon’s blood. I heard that the demonic beast strength of the dragon’s blood is great in Jury, all influence in the outer seas, and even able to stop the war and attack the deep sea together. The number is endless and anger and enthusiasm. On the contrary, it is the dragon blood demonic beast. If the readers really start to fight, it is hard to say who can be ten! “

“Dragon King’s words are not unreasonable, but…”

Sellers laughed and refuse to yield an inch said: “Morale is indeed important, but the battle is going smoothly. Whether or not it will also affect morale. No matter how the dragon blood demonic beast has fallen over the years, the advantages brought by the Great Wall of Willows and Rocks are not fake. Once the war starts, the Outer-Sea Demon Beast can be brave for a while but can’t win the Great Wall of Willows and Rocks. , Morale is bound to gradually decline! “

The voice fell, Sellers stretched out his finger and pointed at the Liushi Great Wall, and said again: “Endless sea craftsmanship is not as good as land, but Dragon Race is very wealthy. Over the years, he has purchased and customized a lot. The defensive equipment that can be used in seabed can cause great damage to the Outer-Sea Demon Beast once it faces a siege and does not wait for the battle! “

“Outer-Sea Demon Beast is indeed not as rich as the Four Sea Dragon Race, but connecting with Heavenly Martial Continent, the accumulation of these years can not be underestimated! “

Lin Yuan retorted, saying solemnly: “If you push the cloud tower to siege the city, install a huge wheel so that the height is level with the Great Wall, and crossbowmen and demonic beasts who are good at long-range spells will come out together. The height of the Great Wall is as invisible, the two sides shoot and suppress each other, and the demonic beast below pushes the cloud tower forward, and the danger of the Great Wall can be overcome! “

The eight tentacles of Sellers were hugged together, seeming to be thinking about countermeasures.

After a while, Sellers said with a cold face: “Could it be Liushi Great Wall There is no use for slinging stones or crossbows, so you can get close to the Cloud Tower? Although the Dragon King’s move can be as high as the Great Wall of Willows and Rocks, but not the dangers of the Great Wall of Willows and Rocks, even with such a huge goal as the Yunlou, the Outer-Sea Demon Beast siege will become more and more dangerous! “

“Then I ask you, if I also counterattack with heavy crossbows and throwing stones, will the Willow Rock Great Wall have spare capacity to fight me? “

Lin Yuan suddenly laughed and said: “The Great Wall of Willows is certainly dangerous, but the number of Outer-Sea Demon Beasts is endless. Even if a batch of them is damaged, as long as they can climb the Great Wall of Willows, there is no In addition to the advantages brought by fortifications, the so-called Great Wall can be downed overnight! “

“Fight against me? Ah! “

Sellers sneered, said solemnly: “Outer-Sea Demon Beast came from afar, no matter how much preparation is made, at most it will be three times the inventory of the Liushi Great Wall. These siege With more equipment, the march will inevitably be slow, even more how, don’t they need to transport grain, grass, medicine? If the Liushi Great Wall storage is exhausted, the rear Sea Territory can be used to replenish it. If the equipment carried by the Outer-Sea Demon Beast is exhausted, where can it be refilled? “

Lin Yuan silently transferred several soldiers from the open sea, and landed on the main link between the Liushi Great Wall and each Sea Territory.

“If there is an Outer-Sea Demon Beast sneaking into the deep sea area and lying in ambush on these traffic arteries, seeing a small demonic beast, they will intercept and kill, and a large demonic beast will harass the enemy. In addition, slaughter and destroy the rear Sea Territory and send it. How to solve the food, grass, and baggage of the Great Wall of Willows and Stones? “

After finishing the placement, Lin Yuan smiled and looked at Cyrus again.

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