Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 967

“This is absolutely impossible!”

Sellers pondered for a moment, and said uncertainly: “The Great Wall of Willows is almost isolated from the inner sea and the outer sea. Diving, there is no possibility of entering the deep sea from the open sea, but Outer-Sea Demon Beast does not have Dragon Clan Bloodlines in its body. Once you cross the Great Wall of Willows, you will be noticed if you move a little. If you sneak into a little bit of shadows, it may be possible. The army, this…”

Lin Yuan expression congeals, the sea chart on the stone platform in front of you is changing again, the willow stone Sea Territory that has been spawned all the time, a dark stone city slowly formed, one by one. Soldiers with Outer-Sea Demon Beast are placed around the city of commerce.

Seeing this step, Cyrus was already sweating on his forehead.

Using one-way Transmission Formation to lead Outer-Sea Demon Beast to Liushi Sea Territory, and then start from Liushi Sea Territory to attack the back of Liushi Great Wall?

Is this feasible?

Of course it works!

Outsiders may not know how powerful the Transmission Formation technology in Lin Yuan’s hands is, but Cyrus, who has been following Lin Yuan, knows!

That is the Supreme Power that is enough to bring the cultivator of Heavenly Martial Continent to the deep sea area!

If Lin Yuan intervenes to enter the game, then this strategy is indeed feasible, and the trouble of “sinking the reef”, and even the surrounding Sea Demon Race group that has a coveted heart for Liushi Sea Territory will be Outer- Sea Demon Beast was easily solved.

“The so-called art of war, with right combination, with odd victory.”

Lin Yuan took a deep breath, calmly said: “This is what a soldier Saint said, which means A war is based on joint warfare. The generals use strategic warfare with endless changes to deal with the direction of the war to win. Most military strategists known to this king believe in this rule, but this is not the case for this king’s art of war. The so-called art of war since ancient times It means that the strong defeats the weak, and if it is weak, it makes itself strong. If it fails, it makes the enemy weak. It is the right way to plan for the layout and win the victory. But this king does not have that many time and resources to deploy, so, I can only take risks.”


Sellers looked at Lin Yuan dumbfounded.

The phrase “Yi Zhenghe, Qi Sheng” comes from Sun Tzu’s art of war, which is naturally unimaginable for the natives of the Tianwu world. Although Sellers has not learned much military theory, he has extraordinary experience. These six words alone are enough to disregard any military dísciple he refers to.

After all, it is a world with cultivator and demonic beast. The art of war is not used much. The outcome of the war depends on the victory of the two powerhouses.

For example, the most popular combatant in history and the most praised by future generations is essentially just a method of warfare to prove that our generals are compared before the two armies. Your generals are stronger, which has the effect of damaging the morale of the enemy. In fact, fighting generals is of little significance. It’s only that they are exaggerated by novels, movies, and even ancient storytellers that make people fascinated that’s all.

Actually, no matter how brave generals are in the low military world, it is impossible to decide the direction of a war. The so-called ten thousand enemies and one man army is just an exaggeration that’s all, even if you are as fierce as Xiang Yu , Isn’t it the only way to be besieged by the army?

Lv Bu, who is also good at using the halberd, is called the first military commander of the Three Kingdoms. It can be called a divine outfit. The Dualbladed Halberd is used as a guard of honor and is difficult for ordinary people to wield as a weapon. Coupled with the first under the heavens Kuaima Chitu, the army that ran into Boss Cao was hanged?

But there is a cultivator in the is Heavenly Martial world…

For example, if Xiang Yusheng is in a background similar to the Tianwu world, what surrounds by enemies and fights against each other? , He could really kill it by himself, and even achieved the seven ins and outs that Zhao Yun only had after being exaggerated by countless people.

A cultivator in the air and underworld, even if you are alone, has the power to slaughter the city and the country. Unless there is a same realm cultivator to stop it, you will never want to stop others from the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses!

Therefore, although there are military experts in this World, just like the Beijing Academy also recruited many military experts, but there is no great talent, even in the face of Lin Yuan who only knows some ancient war stories. ‘The generation, there is only one way to lose in battle and game.

But Lin Yuan’s art of war is not like Sun Bin. If you have to give an example, Lin Yuan’s art of war is more like Chen Qingzhi!

Famous teacher General Mo Zilao, magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, avoid the white robe!

In the eyes of later generations, every famous general has his own way of ruling the army and marching, just like the Five Elements. They are good at fast break and will lose when they are good at defense, and they like to seek danger. The one who marches steadily will also lose, and Chen Qingzhi is the typical one who is good at winning more with less. After all, this master has fought 47 times from Qixian to Luoyang with 7,000 troops in history and attacked 32 cities. , Broke the enemy more than 300,000, invincible!

These seven thousand people are naturally not special forces or cultivators, but Chen Qingzhi has only one military idea-to fight the strong with the weak!

For example, if you have ten blacks, I have five whites, I use a strategy to attract six whites and win with five attacks and four. You lose four pawns, and I only Lose one or two pieces.

Similarly, constant and long attacking the enemy’s shortcomings, turning the weak into an advantage, so in the eyes of Chen Qingzhi and Lin Yuan, the art of war has never used the weak to defeat the strong , Only the strong can defeat the weak. The so-called art of war is just to turn my weakness into a strong one, or to divide your strength into the same weakness as mine, so that the strength between the two sides can be transferred that’s all!

“Turn the strong into the weak?”

Sellers looked at the stone platform in front of him, with a looking thoughtful look on his face.

The more you think, the stronger the terrified look on his face.

Send troops and horses to continuously harass the rear of the Liushi Great Wall, cutting off the transportation of food, grass and other heavyweights. If they encounter an army that cannot be defeated, they will directly release the opponent to the Liushi Great Wall…

This drop is too poisonous!

After all, the Liushi Great Wall is a strategic location. There are only a large number of sea monsters stationed in it. It is not production at all. It is completely supported by the rear Sea Territory and the inventory in the Great Wall, but no matter how much inventory, it can only be topped. Around March.

If the material transportation of the Liushi Great Wall is really interrupted, it is tantamount to starving the defenders in the Liushi Great Wall to death!

Furthermore, the more sea monsters the rear Sea Territory supports to the Willow Rock Great Wall, the more food stored in the Willow Rock Great Wall will be consumed, so if you encounter difficulties, just let it go. This move will definitely kill the enemy. Countless but not bloody.


“But the problem is…”

Sellers eyes slightly narrowed, taking out some of the soldiers from the Liushi Great Wall and spreading them across the Liushi Great Wall and various Sea Territory Set up above the traffic arteries, said solemnly: “If I am a commander, set up military stations on these traffic arteries, to ensure the delivery of materials, and also to deter the Outer-Sea Demon Beast in the rear and prevent Liu Shi. What if the Great Wall is in a dilemma of being caught in the front and back?”

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