Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 968


Lin Yuan sneered.

Since ancient times, when most generals encountered enemy forces harassing the supply line behind them, they would often send troops and horses to set up military depots, which can indeed protect the traffic arteries and the safety of the rear of the army.


“Outer-Sea Demon Beast has been powerful in recent years as everyone knows, and the bloody feud between them and the dragon blood demonic beast is difficult to use. Described in words, just like this time given the opportunity, they can even put aside each other’s prejudices and join forces to attack the deep sea area.

So, even if the dragon blood demonic beasts continue to fight, they will not fail to realize it. At this point, do you think that the Four Sea Dragon Races are the Great Wall of Willow and Rock that was built with a lot of money and no use?

Previously, the aberrations have plagued the deep sea area. There are four Sea Dragon Races on the Great Wall of Willow and Rock. The army, as well as the armies of various powerful tribes, can you see that these soldiers and horses have been mobilized one by one?”

Lin Yuan shook the head, icily said: “The Great Wall of Willows is a demonic of dragon blood beast is the most important line of defense against Outer-Sea Demon Beast, so this place must not be lost. Then Deep Sea Demon Beast will inevitably recommend a stable character in the future to sit on the Great Wall of Willow Rock. Such an existence defends the city and is absolutely as stable as Breaking Horizon. Mountain Range is average, you can’t even move with all your tricks, and you don’t want to get down the city easily, but this kind of stability can defend against the enemy, and it can also be used by the enemy. Is it the same courage to set up a military station?”

Sellers was silent for a moment, shook the head, and said, “be that as it may, but life and death will not allow it to worry about it. Even if it is unwilling to divide its forces to build a military station, then other generals of the Sea Demon Race group will also It is suggested that they will have to do it when the materials are getting less and less!”

“Yes, they have to do it, because they have to do it, they are in the middle of the king!”

A hideous smile appeared on Lin Yuan’s face, and his demon power was agitated. He pushed out the soldier model around the city of commerce one after another. Every drop would make Sellers’ eyes flash a startling color, wait until Lin Yuan When the placement was over, Sellers was shocked to discover that the Sea Territory behind the Willow Rock Great Wall was almost completely slaughtered by the Outer-Sea Demon Beast that Lin Yuan had separated!

This is not difficult!

Because the Outer-Sea Demon Beast attack has always been the top priority. In addition to the soldiers and horses originally stationed at the Liushi Great Wall, the demonic beasts in the nearby Sea Territory must also rush to Liushi Sea Territory as soon as possible. Participating in the war, the neighboring Sea Territory could not collide with the army of Outer-Sea Demon Beast, because it would take time to rush to the Liushi Sea Territory. Unless Lin Yuan directly turns on the Transmission Formation, no matter how fast they march, they will also stop. Cannot live the demonic beast near the Sea Territory.

In this way, the Sea Territory close to the Great Wall of Willows is like an empty city. When they meet the Outer-Sea Demon Beast that comes with hatred, there seems to be no second ending besides being slaughtered directly. Up.

A big net is spread out!

Because the neighboring Sea Territory was slaughtered, the various materials stored in it were either taken away as supplies, and the ones that could not be taken were damaged on the spot. At this time, the demonic beast in the Great Wall of Willows When you come out, you will only see a blank wasteland. If you want supplies, you have to continue to extend outward. The front line is getting longer and longer, and the original superior military power is continuously dispersed…

At this moment, If there is a person who has an overview of the whole situation, once the net is closed, the army separated from the Great Wall of Willows will immediately be wrapped in the big net outside, and then continue to close the net, strangling the trapped sea monsters alive!

A large number of troops have been lost, and the materials and supplies in hand are not much. How can the Liushi Great Wall be held at this time?

Looking at it this way, the Great Wall of Willows, which once caused countless Outer-Sea Demon Beasts to sigh and despair, has been transformed from the advantage of dragon blood demonic beast to their biggest disadvantage. It may even be because of Lin Yuan. This plan will ruin all the troops who can fight the Outer-Sea Demon Beast here!

“The guards of the Great Wall of Willow and Rock must have a stable personality, so when attacked in the rear, it will not easily divide its troops. This also gives us a time gap, waiting for them to be unable to carry out the division of troops. At the time, the front was drawn by us for a long time, and the number of soldiers and horses separated was definitely a lot, because it didn’t know how many Outer-Sea Demon Beasts were behind. It could only be deduced based on the scale of previous attacks, and then the largest The soldiers and horses that do not affect the defense of the city will be separated out to sweep the enemy.

But at this time, the generals who led the troops will never return to the Liushi Great Wall casually, because going back is also a dead end. Moreover, when the guards had no choice but to send troops and horses, the general who came out to find the heavyweights must be a reckless and irritable person, but the status must be where they are. Only this kind of existence will make the steady guards helpless. , Coupled with the general trend, I had to agree to this.

In the beginning, they won’t gain anything, but they won’t give up easily without a head-on attack. I will let Outer-Sea Demon Beast will leave a little baggage in the far away Sea Territory, so that they will not be desperate because they can’t find the baggage. At the same time, it also creates a kind of Outer-Sea Demon Beast that is too damaged and unable to completely wipe out before their army arrives. An illusion of the Sea Territory.

You said that at this time, when you encounter a violent commander, will it choose to give up? Or continue to act recklessly to divide its forces and explore in order to obtain more supplies?”

Lin Yuan’s different color within both eyes with a faint smile, solemnly asked: “Look again, what’s the answer to this game?”

Sellers stared at Stone in a daze The big net on the platform racked my brains and thought.

After a while, it lowered its head helplessly, and said: “The subordinates are only ignorant, and if I come to guard the Liushi Great Wall, there will be no solution to this game!”

Facing Outer- Sea Demon Beast struck, the dragon blood demonic beast relied on the Liushi Great Wall with inertial thinking, but was severely stabbed behind him, but it would not immediately mess up the square inch. Combined with Lin Yuan’s analysis of the personality of intelligent creatures, it was better than Cyrus of the conspiracy soon realized that this was what the military strategists had called for a firm wall to clear the field, but this clearing was done by the offensive side, cutting off the defensive side’s supplies in one fell swoop, and letting the Great Wall on which they depended become trapped. Tomb!

From the perspective of the art of war, this is the strategy of using the weak to defeat the strong!

From the point of view of conspiracy, this is a plan to dig the grave!

Sellers surrendered, not a compliment to Lin Yuan.

Although it is playing a battle with Lin Yuan, it thinks it is really engaged in an offensive and defensive war with Lin Yuan. Although it is not completely unsolvable, it reacted to Outer-Sea Demon Beast in the early stage. Must be fast!

However, substituting a prudent and cautious character, it is impossible to get up anyway. It is the guard of the Liushi Great Wall, most likely to be a prudent and cautious existence!

So this game is really unsolvable!

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