Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 969

Although he knows that there is no answer to this move, Sellers is still looking at the stone platform. After all, he is very clear about Lin Yuan’s character. This black flood dragon never likes others deliberately welcome Compliments, after all, a king who can hand over the authority of the North to humans, hide himself behind the scenes, and let humans call it a demonic beast, if he likes flattering and fawning, the position of the King of the North will not be the seat of Li Zhong!

So, in addition to cooperating with Lin Yuan, what I have to do is also to check the omissions.

After thinking for a long time, Cyrus reluctantly picked up a soldier model and threw it on the stone platform with demon power. Said solemnly: “The Dragon King’s move is considered dangerous, but it can be called a plot against. No leakage, essentially it is a difference in information and time, but the opponent’s personality has been estimated, so that the opponent has to get into his own trap, unless someone leaks the secret or the dragon Royal General estimates the opponent’s personality wrong, otherwise If you don’t, this battle will be defeated by the dragon blood demonic beast!”

Sellers conceded and announced the result of this battle.

Lin Yuan turned his head to look out the door, and said calmly: “You just heard this battle, can you hear clearly?”

After a while, the baby fish who had taken the lead was demonic. beast swam out from the darkness, saying solemnly: “Dragon King great talent, Mo Ao thanked the Dragon King for his gift today. Outer-Sea Demon Beast also remembers the great virtues of the Dragon King. I will always have diplomatic relations with the North. The north is always prosperous!”

“Go down.”

Lin Yuan lightly waved the tip of his tail, and Mo Ao then retreated into the darkness.

Only after Mo Ao completely left in the perception of the Eye of Heavenly God, Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

It is another title Monster King, and the title of’Mo Ao’…

“Interesting, interesting.”

Lin Yuan took a deep breath, said with a smile: “It’s no wonder Outer-Sea Demon Beast sent more than fifty Monster Kings this time, but Mo Ao can lead.”

Outer-Sea Demon Beast’s current environment Similar to the Spring and Autumn and Warring States in his previous life, after the reunification of Qin Country, the book is the same text and the cars are on the same track. Almost completely wiped out the old system of the other six countries, so few people know that there was a Chu State in the Warring States period called’Mo Ao’. The official position of “Mo Ao” was sometimes not established, so it was gradually abolished. However, once Mo Ao was established, it meant that all the soldiers and horses of the country were dispatched to the hands of this person.

The earliest Mo Ao in the Warring States Period was Qu Xia, the son of Martial King of Chu, and he could know how powerful this unusual official position was.

Not Chu Prince’s heir and clan relative, it is extremely difficult to get on this position!

Similar to the Outer-Sea Demon Beast in the Warring States Period, a Monster King named’Mo Ao’ appeared. Is it a coincidence or a misunderstanding, or this Mo Ao is what Lin Yuan thought What about’Mo Ao’?

When Lin Yuan looked strange, Cyrus vomited one mouthful of impure air, and said in doubt: “Dragon King, I have a doubt, since you can take Outer-Sea Demon Beast and arrive directly. In the deep-sea area, why do you have to fight for danger and set the victory point on the Liushi Great Wall? If you directly introduce the Outer-Sea Demon Beast army and make them fight with the dragon blood demonic beast, then both sides suffer. , Am I waiting to profit from it?”

“Because the gain is not worth the loss.”

Lin Yuan sighed faintly.

Whether it is the demonic beast in the endless sea or the cultivator of Heavenly Martial Continent, all think that Lin Yuan has the transfer technology in his hands.

But in fact, Lin Yuan does not have such a technology. Although he obtained Transmission Formation from the system, the array does not require any special materials because it consumes Lin Yuan’s incense. Power.

How much incense power does it take to bring in all Outer-Sea Demon Beast?

If Lin Yuan really has that many incense power, would he still step on a horse to play this hand?

Sell a big brother over, isn’t he fragrant?

After sighing, Lin Yuan continued: “What we are going to do now is Xiaobo Da, the dragon blood demonic beast, Outer-Sea Demon Beast, the overall strength is much stronger than us, even if they What about both sides suffer? We still can’t get benefits from it. We will only provide those sea monsters with a high-level opportunity that’s all. By then, they may have to take us surgery in order to be stable.”


Sellers was also sighed.

As a native of the endless sea, it has a deeper understanding of the shameless faces of the sea monster clan than Lin Yuan.

“even more how, Outer-Sea Demon Beast can win this battle, enough for the four Sea Dragon Race, sea monster guilds to have strength and great injury, but they can destroy these two huge monsters. , It’s just a idiotic dream that’s all. After all, there are five dragon gods in the four Sea Dragon Races. Even if one of them is seriously injured, it is not an existence that the ordinary Monster King can contend. The remaining four plus the background of the four Sea Dragon Races, no Speaking about the outcome of the war, but the bloodline of the Dragon Race is definitely more than enough.

Plus the powerhouses of the ancestral demon in the Sea Demon Race group, and the ancient existences sleeping in the deep sea area, it’s impossible. If you’re in the situation, you will inevitably make an angry shot. Oh, Outer-Sea Demon Beast, even if all aspects below the Ancestral Demon Realm are stronger than the dragon blood demonic beast, it is hard to escape. After all, the difference in the background can’t be made up casually.”

Lin Yuan’s gaze flickers, it seems that Star River is shining in it.

Outer-Sea Demon Beast will be defeated. This is the ending he has seen long ago. If it weren’t for a wave of goodwill, after the defeat, Outer-Sea Demon Beast would not anger Lin Yuan and looting the south. Why should he bother to conceive of this series of strategies today, and then directly inform Mo Ao of it through a battle with Sellers?

“Then you still…”

Sellers slightly startled, feeling as if his throat is choking.

This dark flood dragon, which can be called sly and wise as a demon, actually stood firmly on the side of the loser after seeing the end of the war?

This is unreasonable!


Lin Yuan suddenly turned his head, looked at Sellers with a caring eye for the mentally retarded, and said in doubt: “What you said is strange, Outer-Sea Demon Beast is fighting with the dragon blood demonic beast, and we are off to the north? With Outer-Sea Demon Beast’s hatred of the dragon blood demonic beast, the dragon blood demonic beasts along the way will definitely be killed by them, when the time comes Who can prove that these Outer-Sea Demon Beasts came from us?”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s attitude of’you are going to catch Lu Xun, what does it have to do with my Zhou Shuren?’ Speechless.

Took a deep breath, Lin Yuan’s eyes were annihilated, and Lin Yuan said coldly: “If it is the practice of playfulness and sin, then I have to ask, the notorious’shen in the sea How did the reef surround my Liushi Sea Territory? Why, the pirates can get in, and the more elite Outer-Sea Demon Beast can’t get in the army? Whoever is a bully, isn’t it afraid that I will get angry? “


Sellers’ eyes widened, with an expression of disbelief, and it took a long time to say solemnly: “Dragon King Divine Prediction!”

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