Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 971

It’s just that although Sellers has confidence in his own wisdom, he also knows that in Lin Yuan’s eyes, he is just a second-rate wise man.

So it is also very clear that even if it sees part of Lin Yuan’s position, it dare not say that it knows all the truth.

There are some other effects, but it hasn’t been revealed yet.

For example,

After getting along with Lin Yuan, he completely opposed the four Sea Dragon Races, Ao Sifan and the Nielong camp.

Crimson was seized by Lin Yuan in the City of Commerce.


The plan of this black flood dragon is longer than it currently thinks.

Thinking of this, Cyrus felt a chill spread all over his body, and some dangerous thoughts in his heart also went out.

Even it can live in seclusion behind the scenes and play endless Sea Demon Beast in the palm of the hand. If Lin Yuan is extremely angry, how difficult will it be to cause a chaos?

It has so many places and so many plans, it’s nothing more than wanting the power of the endless sea that’s all.

But after breaking this demand, facing Lin Yuan who has completely turned into an enemy, looking at the entire endless sea, how many Demon Beasts can withstand it?

This is no longer the situation in the script of’this child will certainly become a capable person in the future, and if it is not divided today, it will cause no end of trouble’, because for the entire endless sea, The so-called’today’ has passed. Although Lin Yuan is not strong enough at this moment, he can’t stand it and can call for help. It has become a climate and an invincible enemy!

Seeing the ever-changing look in Cyrus’ eyes, Lin Yuan sneered and said: “Since the battle is over, the king will go back first. You can watch the arrangements for the rest. .”

Compared to the poisonous snake lurking around the blame Wuying, the subordinates of Sellers are easier to use.

I have ambitions and desires, but I know my self-control and I will not ask for things I can’t get.

Tap it from time to time to turn it into a sharp knife and clear some obstacles for yourself!

As for the blame…

Lin Yuan turned around suddenly cold eyes.

Traitor, he will never end well with him!

Because of his previous life, the city and the methods are also considered outstanding people. Otherwise, after coming to this world, he will not rise so quickly. It is just that the status of Qiu Mi in the previous life is too far away from him. It can be easily leveled without plot against plots. In addition, there is still something to eat on his side. Otherwise, even if he is lost, he will have enough time to arrange for his family to leave. How can he end up living alone and heart-demon-ridden?

Enemies can be killed, but traitors should be killed!

Took a deep breath, Lin Yuan forcibly suppressed the killing intent in his heart, thinking while swimming.

The powerful existence behind blame and irresponsibility is the mission goal given by system, that is, the external god who was put on the system task, created Undead behind Lei Fan and Xu Yan, and took the blame for irresponsibility. He pulled out the role of Dragon Transformation roots and gave him a human appearance in exchange for cheap loyalty, but there is one thing to say that the above methods are not available to Lin Yuan today.

Therefore, this foreign god hidden behind the scenes is far better than Lin Yuan in terms of strength and foundation. From the perspective of its design of drought, I am afraid that even the ordinary Great Desolate creatures have not been He is in the eye!

I just blamed the words…

This guy seemed to protect my interests at some point, but his layout and actions didn’t show any kindness to me.

Is he afraid of cause and effect and dare not kill me, or does he want other things in me, so don’t you think you can kill me?

If it is the former, you can use this chess piece to break the road to the north, trap yourself in the endless sea, and plan in secret, you can borrow four Sea Dragons The hands of Race are except me, so this probability is not big.

Then what He wants from me is…



Lin Yuan’s eyes were black.

He doesn’t have any associated spirit root, Innate Treasure, and the only one that can barely be counted is Green Leaf Water Lotus Flower, but that thing is still more than two thousand nine hundred years away from the next stage of growth. If you want to ripen thoroughly, the incense power needed to consume is estimated to be enough for Lin Yuan to ask people to completely cut off the cultivation inheritance of this world, and the Green Leaf Water Lotus Flower is in the north, and is not by his side. The means can be removed at any time.

So apart from the incomplete Heavenly Dao origin of system, there seems to be no other thing that can be targeted by this kind of power!

Like a fuck dreaming!

As long as the hot potato of system can be given out, Lin Yuan will give it directly. After all, this thing represents great cause and effect, and whoever picks it up has to do it with an existence like Hongjun. Speaking of Hongjun, not everyone can provoke the Six Saints alone!

The problem is that Lin Yuan is different from the novel heroes he has read!

Whether the system troopers treat the protagonist as a puppet, or sincerely do it for the protagonist’s good, it is something unique to the protagonist anyway.

But this bad luck thing about him…


This system now has nearly ten thousand hosts, and it is still increasing. After all, without the world task of the old dominator, the speed of the increase of the host is far greater than the rate of decrease.

Lin Yuan can’t give it even if he wants to!

System does not belong to him, on the contrary, he belongs to system!

Today, he can achieve great abilities without completely detaching from the control of the system. That’s a far cry!

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan’s face changed again.

I don’t have a system on my body that anyone can know. Even the heavenly demon under Netherworld River Old Ancestor’s face-to-face with him did not recognize the identity of his host, but that’s How does the outside god who is planning behind know?

Is it really from the other world?

For the origin of Heavenly Dao?

So, this guy may not be doing similar things for the first time!

As long as I don’t make a mistake, the system cannot untie me. This thing is almost integrated with my Divine Soul. Even if the god descends and switches a body, it can carry the system. Therefore, the only way he wants to get the system on my body is…

body possession!


I am standing on the bridge and looking at the scenery. The people watching the scenery are looking at me?

Due to the fact that no matter it is a snake or a flood dragon, there are no sweat glands on his body, otherwise Lin Yuan would have been sweating cold at this moment.

“Now my Divine Soul is powerful, and I can even create a divine sense clone, and I have the world will blessing of system and Tianwu world. Unless Saint descends on Tianwu world, I will talk about the power of Divine Soul alone. Absolutely invincible existence, most of the other party also knows this, so he has been planning secretly, not daring to show up easily. He wants to wait for an opportunity to shock my Divine Soul before he can enter…”

Lin Yuan squinted his eyes slightly, and began to calculate quickly in his heart.

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