Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 973

In the north, when the Li Family brother was tacitly aware.

The blameless person in the south sneezed, turned his eyes slightly, looked at Chen Ping next to him, and wondered: “Are you sure that the one behind you is not mistaken? That black flood dragon? In the near future, I will leave the endless sea and regain the power of the North?”

Chen Ping reluctantly nodded and said: “You have asked this seven times. If you don’t bother me, I’m annoyed. It is very clear that the layout of the black flood dragon in the endless sea has come to an end. The next thing it has to do is to accumulate strength, and then enter the endless sea when the time is right, and harvest the fruit that belongs to it, so it won’t be long. The black flood dragon will return to the northern territory, sweep away the haze of the northern territory, and rest for a while, then directly lead troops to the south and swallow all the former territories of the god Martial Dynasty.”

Speaking of which, he paused, looking a little joke, said with a smile: “So, if you don’t do it now, after the black flood dragon comes back, whether the so-called three kings theory is established or not depends on it. If you can’t take everything right now Ding Ding, even if we clean up the black flood dragon, you are also impossible to fight against Li Zhong, who is deeply rooted in the north, who made you choose to develop in the south alone instead of staying at the core of the north to increase your influence? ?”

A wry smile appeared on the face under the helmet of Gu Wuying.

The King of the North is a very dangerous location.

Power is the sweetest poison in this world. No matter who gets it, it can’t easily get rid of it. Therefore, the king will not stay under the control for too long.

But Li Zhong is obviously an exception. He doesn’t seem to be interested in how much power he owns. Even as the king of the North, he regards any command of the black flood dragon very importantly. The possible meaning of it is to restrain yourself cautiously and rationally, and not give the black flood dragon any reason to kill itself.

In all fairness, Li Zhong is an extremely terrifying opponent.

Even the ambitious existence of blamelessness is uncertain. If one day loses Lin Yuan’s restraint, the person who has always restrained himself from making mistakes will explode with such powerful energy.

In Lin Yuan’s previous life, there was a person of Li Zhong’s type…

His name is Huo Guang!

Huo Qubing’s half-father younger brother, the strongest cousin of the strong man, is also the only one who usurped power and survived to the end of his life. This master was like Dong Zhuo in history. of.

This younger brother from Huo Qubing’s half-parents showed extremely strong restraint to win the trust of Emperor Wu Han when he was elected by Huo Qubing to be the official in his youth.

The content of Hanshu·Huo Guang Jin Ri Xian Biography No. 38 records Huo Guang in this way-leaving the car, entering the waiter, entering and exiting for more than 20 years, be cautious, never before. I see my cronies.

A cautious and restrained person naturally gained the trust of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Therefore, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was lonely at his deathbed by Huo Guang. Huo Guangtang tried his best to assist Emperor Zhao Emperor of the Han Dynasty for twelve years. At this point, he was poisoned by power. Well, I have lost my fear, and I don’t need to pretend anymore. At this time, Huo Guang revealed his hideous face, abolished Changyi Wang Liu He, and put the Han family scattered in the folk bloodline Liu Bingji into the palace. Later Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty.

Liu Bingji is not very famous, let alone Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, even if it is not as good as the Imperial Capital of the Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period, but during the reign of Emperor Xuan, he sent 150,000 troops to attack the Xiongnu. In the snow disaster, the Huns suffered heavy casualties. After the Han Dynasty triumphed, a monument to Han Xuan Ding Hu was erected. The stele was destroyed by the Xiongnu, but the number 79 of the Southern Xiongnu in the later Han book, Ban Biao’s memorial to Liu Xiu wrote, “Han Bing’s prestige, the total power of all nations, and the sun and the moon are all concubines. ‘It evolved from the inscription on the Hu stele of Xuanding in the Han Dynasty.

And such a martial arts can be called the best of the two Han dynasties. Even the emperor of Han Wudi Liu Che can’t compare, under the suppression of Huo Guang, he can only learn how Huo Guang was when he was young, obediently and honestly. Sitting on the dragon chair and staring at Huo Guang, he was cautious, but not lost, and did not give Huo Guang any reason to abolish himself. And this silent struggle between the Imperial Family and his relatives was finally won by Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty. In the end, after all, Emperor Han Xuan was much younger than Huo Guang, even two years after Huo Guang’s death, Emperor Han Xuan completely eliminated the power factions left by Huo Guang, and extinguished the Huo clan on the basis of treason!

I don’t know the fierce person like Huo Guang.

But because he grew up in the court since he was a child, he lived as an adult and lived among the people to suffer. Later, he took charge of the intelligence work of the god Martial Dynasty in the north. Humans actually have great desires. Once they lose their restraint, the entire Northern Territory may not be able to find a few existences that can compete with Li Zhong!

What we should not know is that it is not only that he is afraid of Li Zhong, but even Lin Yuan is somewhat dreaded to Li Zhong, but no one has broken this matter. The King of the North is still King of the North, black liquid dragon king or black liquid dragon king.

“But the problem is…”

Bang Wuying licked his chapped lips, said solemnly: “The Guardian of Heavenly Gate limits the range of activities of the heavenly demon, and the heavenly demon side, Obviously there is not enough strength to break this rule, but it is not just them who are restricted. The North and us are all within the limits of the rules. Even if I bring these cultivators and ordinary persons… I have no place to stand. .”

Chen Ping bowed his head slightly and stopped speaking.

Under the control of Li Zhong, the Northern Territory took these cultivators and ordinary persons to the North Territory. It’s hard to say the cultivator, but these ordinary persons are all what’s gone can never come back went but never returned In the case of some choices, they will not give up the northern territory that is like heaven to them, but choose to face the threats of demonic beast, heavenly demon, and Qingjiang army to rebuild their homeland.

After a while, Chen Ping shrugged up and said: “This is a question you should consider. After all, you are the one who wants authority. We are just the collaborators we need, and what you want from us , It’s just to solve the poison on your body, not to help you become a new king, so let’s get the word out, if you can’t solve this problem, take someone back to the north, don’t expect us to solve these troubles for you, even more how those heavenly demons, although not difficult to deal with for that person, the tricky thing is the source of heavenly demon, even that person has to be afraid of each other, and the source of heavenly demon is in the world where he lives, and its status is not considered High, the cause and effect there, who doesn’t want to be easily contaminated, otherwise, do you think that the black flood dragon can live to this day? Do you think…you are qualified to cooperate with us?”

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