Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 974

Speaking room.

Above the Weishui River, two slender silhouettes tread water.


Blame Wuying just glanced at the person who came, and the long sword on the waist was already out of the sheath, and the eyes under the visor suddenly shrank to a needle-like shape.

The leader is a young man wrapped in a black robe. His facial features can be considered beautiful, but just a glance will make people forget his face, because at this time, people who look at him will often be exuded by those pairs. Attracted by the mysterious, luxurious purple eyes and ignoring the others, a long silver white hair hangs down from behind him, in sharp contrast with the black robe on his body.

The other person followed the young Zitong at the same time, also wrapped in a dark robe, unable to see his face, but the temperament on his body was very eye-catching, crazy but maintaining absolute sanity, absolutely The two opposite temperaments came together strangely and harmoniously on him.

I have only seen one such person.

Northern Territory, Bright Gown Guard Grand Governor, Luo Xu!

Why are the cadres under the black flood dragon appear here?

Even if people from the northern border are sent over to bring in these southern cultivators and ordinary persons, it should be some students from the North Border Academy for internships or officials working in local government offices, even if it’s Li Zhong himself. If you are here, you shouldn’t come to Luo Xu, the spy chief!

“Don’t get excited, that’s ours.”

Chen Ping stretched out his hand and pressed the arm of the blameless, slowly pressing down his right hand holding the sword.

“Your people?”

Slightly startled blatantly, and opened his mouth to the point where it can be directly inserted into an egg.

He knows the youth of Zitong, Lei Fan, the branch of Lei’s Imperial Family, and his ability is not bad. He was promoted from the branch by Lei Qiusheng. He was supposed to go to Lanshan City for a few years and then transfer to other places. In the end, luck was not so good. When he met the existence of the black flood dragon that could not be described by common sense, he first served as the king of the north, and later he was punishable by Lin Yuan for greed for more authority.

As for how Lei Fan came back from the dead, he is not interested in blame. With that person’s method, no matter how difficult things are, you can always solve them as long as you think of a solution.

But Luo Xu…

Luo Xu is afraid of blamelessness. After all, Luo Xu’s authority in the North is so powerful and profound, second only to Lin Yuan, Especially after Shi Dong was found to be related to heavenly demon, Luo Xu went directly to the peak period of his power, and turned his face directly when necessary, even Li Zhong did not save face.

Is such a person actually under that person?

Then the question is coming,

How many people do not take refuge in that black flood dragon?

Luo Xu’s eyes twitched slightly when he saw Gui Wuying’s puzzled eyes. With his wisdom and experience, it is not difficult to see what Gui Wuying’s thoughts are at this moment.

He also wanted to tell Gu Wuying that in the entire Northern Territory system, few betrayed the existence of the black flood dragon. After all, the existence of the crafty plots and machinations hiding behind the scenes has never been revealed. How powerful he is, it’s a black flood dragon. In the past two or three years, he has continuously created miracles and has almost built an unbeaten reputation. Even the heavenly demon, who is helpless by the Guardian of the Tianmen Gate, has to be squashed in the north. For the natives of Tianwu world , What a terrifying record is this?

Therefore, the traitors in the north are probably only a few ambitious besides those Aristocratic families, and there are fools like blameless.

But then I think about it again, whether he has been coerced or willing, he has indeed betrayed the North, and the temperament of the black flood dragon will never let him end in a good way. Moreover, from this standpoint, it is difficult to say such words to combat blame. After all, in his eyes, this person is stupid with Lei Fan back then, all wanting the authority he deserves but cannot have. , And among the real power figures in the North, there is only one person who takes the initiative to take refuge.

As soon as his mind turned, Luo Xu simply twisted his head, too lazy to look at the blame.

Lei Fan does not have that many scruples. Whether it is his birth or status, he has crushed the current blame and irresponsibility. Therefore, from the very beginning, he did not put the blame in his eyes, pay attention Li has always been on Chen Ping, and said calmly: “The situation in the north is very bad now. No one expected that the black flood dragon would suddenly return to the north, so that person said, do not rule out the probability that we have already exposed. It is useless to plot to the north. You can only start from the south. How are your preparations?”

Chen Ping looked at Lei Fan silently, and did not immediately reply.

Lei Fan frowned slightly, wiped his right hand on his waist, took off a dark cloth bag and threw it out, and said, “You guy is actually a demonic beast, right? Mortals value this thing too. Just that’s all, but this thing has no effect for us. It is too cumbersome to use for refining, even more how if you want gold and silver, you can get countless, but you want to use this I don’t know if I should say that you are hypocritical or that you are abiding by the rules.”

Chen Ping reached out to catch the cloth bag and took out a Little Huang fish from it and put it in his mouth. He bit and smiled suddenly, threw the black cloth bag in his hand again, weighed the approximate weight, and then he was nodded and said, “You know the situation in the south as well. Heavenly demon slumped in the north. I will find it from other places to see if there is an opportunity for a decisive battle with the northern border, but now there is still Tianmen Guardian staring here, no one can break the rules, so heavenly demon can only go south, and now it is nothing more than moving overseas. Or the problem of moving to the north that’s all.”

Speaking of this, he looked at the ugly face of Wu Ying, and then continued: “But the problem is that he doesn’t have the confidence to beat Li Zhong. , So I don’t want to take people to move to the north, but I don’t have the means to fight the heavenly demon alone, so…”

“With us helping you, are you afraid of a trifling Li Zhong?”

Lei Fan’s brows furrowed tighter, with a puzzled look on his face.

Chen Ping grinned, said with a sneer: “This guy has persecution delusions. To put it bluntly, he was frightened by Lei Qiusheng a few years ago, so whether it is a black flood dragon, we don’t care. There is no difference in his eyes. They are all people who want to encroach on his power. Therefore, he wants us to clean up a territory for him, and he does not want us to share the fruits of victory with him. That’s it.”


Luo Xu, who came with Lei Fan, patted his bandaged face, said solemnly: “I can contact a group of infernal demonic beasts, they have something with heavenly demon If the alliance is to deal with the black flood dragon and the northern border, I think heavenly demon is willing to make concessions. Moreover, we don’t have much time now, and we have to do it before the black flood dragon has completed the layout of the endless sea and returned to the northern border. Set everything down.”

Lei Fan did not see sorrow and joy on his face, but said: “That person has urged more than once.”

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