Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 975

Through the connection of the Sutra of All Living Beings, although Lin Yuan is located in the city of commerce, he knows everything about Lei Fan’s four people during this time.

A pair of blue and white eyes turned slightly, Lin Yuan lightly shook the head, and sighed: “The plot against is not bad. I want to pretend to set the three kings before I return to the north. Blame Wuying sitting in the Central Plains and facing the Northern Territory, I spent so much time, playing a big game of chess, but it did not benefit the Northern Territory at all. Instead, as a nourishment, I cultivated an extremely powerful opponent for the Northern Territory. Divide, betrayal, and waste time, and piled up a lot of negative emotions, and finally shake my mind. Give that guy a chance…Unfortunately, reality is countless times more cruel than illusion, my friend.”

If Undead leaves the North, it’s absolutely no problem to clean up the Heavenly Demon Army regiment with their characteristics. Although I dare not say that the Heavenly Demon Army can be wiped out, it’s easy to drive the Heavenly Demon out of the Central Plains and drive to the deserted south. Incomparably, by the way, you can also use Heavenly Demon’s hand to delay Lin Yuan’s return to the North. Before this trouble is solved, let alone the endless sea’s victory fruits are not yet mature, even if they are mature, Lin Yuan cannot take advantage of this victory. The north and the endless sea.

Plus the cooperation of Heavenly Demon and Southern Desolate…

With no difficulty, Lin Yuan was in desperation.

Lin Yuan was in a trance, as if to see a silhouette shrouded in black mist, slowly reaching out, dropping a piece on the invisible chessboard, and then whispering: “Lore!”

Well, that’s correct.

If the plot against Lei Fan is really achieved step by step, Lin Yuan and Bei Jing will fall into an extremely passive situation.

The question is, how can he succeed?

Lei Fan’s entire plan is based on the southern cultivator, the southern Aristocratic Family who is willing to take refuge in the North, and the Aristocratic Family in the North who are willing to cooperate with him.

It is hard to say what attitude Lin Yuan is between the southern cultivator and the Aristocratic Family.

But the Aristocratic Family in the North?

It’s just a bunch of guys who have been scared for a long time, that’s all.

The killing of the Aristocratic Family in the Northern Territory again and again has made those people aware of the most important thing to survive in the Northern Territory. Every individual or group must be in their own circle. Obey the rules of one’s own circle, so at this moment, there are no more ambitious people in the Aristocratic Family in the north, who want to annex the land, seize it by fair means or foul to enhance the status of the Aristocratic Family.

For the Aristocratic Family, being strong means greater ambition and desire, but these two things are in the eyes of the people in the North, but they can directly provoke killing…No, the catastrophe of genocide .

Today’s Aristocratic Family in the North is proud of being weak.

It’s ridiculous and ironic. It’s completely two extremes from the Aristocratic Family in other places, but this is the cruel reality.

The strength of the Aristocratic Family in the Northern Territory is not static, but once the Aristocratic Family reveals its fangs, the Northern Territory will inevitably be wiped out by the thunderous method. After the first period of time, the Aristocratic Family In the eyes of the Northern Territory, there is only a difference in the value of use, and there is no trade-off and compromise. Once the opponent is aware that the other party has the intention of disobedience, it will be destroyed no matter how much the price is paid.

It is not one or two times that the Northern Aristocratic Family loses. The destruction of each strong Great Family is like an alarm bell that keeps ringing in their minds.

Especially the massacre that shocked the entire Ning City when Li Xin was in office. A huge Aristocratic family that was formerly prominent in the hands of Bright Gown Guard is as vulnerable as cattle and sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

The children they had high hopes huddled up in the Northern Academy and the local government, afraid to speak up. Even if a few stood up, the target was not the Bright Gown Guard, but the Aristocratic Family.

This is now the Northern Territory, a place where all power is firmly in the hands of the king, and the king lives under the gods.

Unless Lin Yuan dies, it will be difficult for them to breed ambitions.

If you want to kill Lin Yuan, you need the cooperation of the Northern Aristocratic Family, but Lin Yuan is not dead, and the Northern Aristocratic Family will never cooperate. No matter how much Lei Fan and the others say, those who have been People who are frightened will not believe it.

Lin Yuan does not deny that the other party’s layout is very strong. Once it is completed, it will inevitably bring a mental shock to himself, but the whole plan from the very beginning is wrong, let alone strangling Lin. Yuan’s link, even the layout is difficult to complete!

“However, that guy shouldn’t be so naive, is he blindfolded, or has he prepared some backstop?”

Lin Yuan whispered softly, and immediately, the conversation turned, said solemnly: “But now I don’t care about this kind of thing. His strength may be far above me. Only by going further can I kill him. So… the dog system, come out and work!”

【? 】

system: …I have been offended.

But after all, there are’rules’, even if the system is unhappy with Lin Yuan, it still has to issue rewards on time.

【The countdown to the 2nd Stage of the entire mission “Eliminate the Dominators of the Old” is over. There are 706 people who have reached the target, and rewards will be issued soon. Please keep your efforts! ]

[Surefire ignites an opportunity…reward distribution is over! ]

[The power of 500 million incense is being instilled…The instillation is complete! Reward distribution is complete! ]

[All quests “Destroy the Old Dominators” 2nd Stage has been completed, and all rewards have been distributed.

[Next, the final stage mission opens. ]

[Name: Eliminate the old dominators]

[Type: Mandatory task for all hosts]

[Number of participants: 7,006, Mission Phase 2 Progress: 1%]

[Final stage: cut weeds and eliminate the roots]

[Description: Every host has successfully completed the elimination of the old dominators The task, the next thing to do is to cut weeds and eliminate the roots, completely eliminate the old dominators you draw out, and ensure that they will not leave any lingering poison in the world! ]

[Drop! The time limit has been cancelled! ]

[Drop! The mission failure penalty has been cancelled! ]

[Drop! The reward for completing the mission has been cancelled! ]

[Congratulations, everyone, there will be no punishment even if this task is left alone, because you are all winners! ]

[Cheers, to survive, cheer as much as you want! 】

Lin Yuan:…

Looking at the series of words in his mind, he could only be silent.

Otherwise, what else can I say?

Is this one?

The 1st Stage mission brought the growth of a great realm, a Heaven Grade cultivation technique, and the power of 200 million incense. I randomly found this book, I don’t know if it is a real good luck or a system black box. Operation, anyway, is definitely beyond the cultivation technique of Heaven Grade.

And this time, the opportunity to ignite a sacred fire and the power of 500 million incense is actually quite a lot.

The power of one million incense can call the boss who is stuck in this World Peak to come one minute, and the power of 500 million incense is enough for the boss who has called over to plough the entire Tianwu world. , Unless you encounter those Great Desolate creatures that also have the ultimate power beyond the Tianwu world during this killing, otherwise, even the most powerful native Yomo is the enemy of the triple, and for the existence of this level Said that the three-in-one is no more than a moment!

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