Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 976

But I don’t know why, Lin Yuan just thinks that system is not so good.

[What is your look? ]

[The’rule’ is like this, what can I do? If you don’t give you any punishment, it means that you can’t give you too many rewards, and those permitted reward limits are simply not worthy of all such mandatory tasks, so they simply won’t be given. ]

[Others are not in charge and don’t know that Chaimi is expensive, don’t you have to be in charge? 】

【The big stalls in the northern border are there, officials from all walks of life, college teaching, resources distributed to students, military payments… These are the real gold, white silver you want to take out, right? ? If it weren’t for a Northern Chamber of Commerce that could not stand it anymore, would you put your eyes on the endless sea? ]

[Do you think my resources are brought by strong winds? ]

[Furthermore, if it wasn’t your problem, I would simply not initiate this mandatory mission. Those dead hosts are all bad luck eggs that you have suffered. The most important thing is, Do you want me to reward you if you wipe your ass? 】

Lin Yuan was silent for a moment, twisted his head again, and said, “Forget it, it’s not important, I’m more curious than those things, what is the so-called igniting a sacred fire?”

[Well, what do you say about this thing, from the information you get from the search in your mind, you have also ignited sacred fires in the West in your previous life, but that kind of belong to a certain point, so you have come into contact with the power of’rules’, If you can pass the trial set by the’rule’, you can have a certain Rule Power, and a similar saying is called enlightenment in the east, and the ignition of a divine fire is to enlighten the way. 】


A bright glow flashed across Lin Yuan’s eyes.

This thing about Proving Dao is very mysterious. If you are in the low Wu world, you can have a weak Proving Dao, but for Great Desolate Heavenly Dao, there is only one explanation for the so-called Proving Dao—Shen Dao is confused. Yuan Great Principle Golden Immortal!

Compared with the Great Principle Golden Immortal under Quasi-Saint, there are two more characters, but the difference between the two can be described as the difference between Heaven and Earth, because the so-called Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal is commonly called Saint!

According to the information on the system, there are not many Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal in Great Desolate. They either fall or flee, even if a few can challenge Hongjun. Hidden, after all, Hongjun fits Heavenly Dao. Unless he has the checks and balances of Heavenly Dao’s origin, Hongjun is absolutely invincible in Great Desolate World.

Generally speaking, the Great Principle Golden Immortal that is still active today is Hongjun alone that’s all.

The reason why the Six Saints are not mentioned is because the Six Saints are Heavenly Dao Saints rather than Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal.

The six saints are all managers selected by Hongjun. Their true realm is not the position of Saint, but Hongjun entrusts their Primordial Spirit to Heavenly Dao, ensuring that they are the same as Saint Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable, even if the body falls, the Primordial Spirit entrusted in Heavenly Dao can still use the power of Heavenly Dao to condense a body. They can also use Heavenly Dao Strength when fighting, but it is also a common element. Great Principle Golden Immortal evenly matched that’s all, impossible is unrivalled throughout the world in Great Desolate just like Hong Jun.

Heavenly Dao Saint is not too far from the real Saint in strength.

But Heavenly Dao Saint has an extremely fatal weakness!

The farther they are from the Great Desolate World, the thinner the Heavenly Dao Strength they can borrow, and the weaker their own strength. After a certain distance beyond the Great Desolate World, they rely on Heavenly Dao. The Primordial Spirit in the middle is unable to control the body, and will be pulled back into Heavenly Dao. It is not so much the deity of Saint, but it is the six prisoners that were raised by Hongjun to manage the Great Desolate World that’s all.

Therefore, the Westward Journey world created by Laozi and Haotian does not exist in Hongjun, and the other Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning in Three Purities has always wanted to reset Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Going back to the source is to become a world of its own, to get rid of the shackles of Heavenly Dao on them, but both ended up not very well.

Section Cult was annihilated during the enlightenment of the gods. After that, I became the Supreme Taoist of the Celestial Court from the lord of the cult. In fact, the Investiture of the Gods is a famous talent on the list. You will be tied to Celestial Court as an official, even Saint can’t escape, but Saint is Saint after all. Even in Celestial Court, you can kill Haotian and support Zhang Bairen. In the midst of the journey to the west, Haotian is fine. Too much, they are actually losers. Most of the people in the Celestial Court are the ancient Supreme Expert… losers, restrained, restricted, and driven by the so-called Investiture of the Gods.

And those so-called celestial troops and generals are the mortal Qi Refining Warrior who won the Celestial Court’s celestial position. They were originally an outlier derived from the path of cultivation at the beginning of the Hongjun Magic Reform, even if the cultivation has Chengdu. It is difficult to contend with the great power of the Great Desolate Era, and the celestial troops and generals are first-rate, which is far from being successful in cultivation. On the contrary, the aptitude is limited. You have to commit yourself to the Celestial Court to be ranked in the Celestial Court in order to live long. Xianji died immediately, so in Celestial Court, the cruelest punishment for immortal was to remove Xianji.

The canopy, which is as strong as the commander of the Tianhe water army, has been cut off from the immortal. It is not only obediently and honestly samsara reincarnation, but also cast Animal Path to become a pig, if it is not for Shimen’s Westward Journey Plot against, even if the canopy is completely abolished, it may not even have a chance to become a demon. After all, the canopy is reincarnated as a domestic pig…

Being a fairy is not a blessing, but under the propaganda of Celestial Court, The vast majority of cultivators are striving for the goal of ascending Celestial Court. What irony is this?

Some people say that Journey to the West is a scam.

In fact, the entire Great Desolate World is a scam.

Since Hongjun mastered Heavenly Dao, all the Great Desolate creatures were nothing more than playthings in his palm. Even at the level of Six Saints, they could not escape the fate of being restrained and controlled.

As for the conspiracy of Journey to the West?

The reason why monkeys can make trouble in Heavenly Palace and look down upon Heaven and Earth is only because of the one sentence that’s all, the so-called “breaking the stubborn need of Goku” deceives too much expectation, everyone can do it The monkey act wilfully acquiesced until Shimen intervened, which completely shattered the big dream.

Liu Er replaced the monkey and became the Victorious Battle Buddha?

Heh, if it is really necessary, the monkey doesn’t even have the qualifications to set foot on the westward road.

The evenly matched six ears with the monkeys in the biography of Shi’e in the West Journey arrived at Spiritual Mountain and were beaten back to their original shape by the palm of the Tathagata. Afterwards, the six ears were beaten to death by the monkey directly.

It was also at that time that the monkey sadly realized that when the big guys Above the Heavens and Under the Earth didn’t let go, it was proud of its strength, but it was just one thing. Palm that’s all.

So after that time, the monkey was honest. From the westward road after that, the unruly monkey disappeared, or the unruly monkey died with the six ears. Spiritual Mountain.

From then on, there will be no more heavenly sages of the Eastern Land, only the Western Heavenly Fighting Buddha……

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