Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 977

In the original text of Journey to the West, the monkey has never been in front of the Jade Emperor. Its ability to kill before the South Heaven Gate is already the greatest tolerance of those big men.

Later people mentioned Fight between Buddhism and Daoism, and they exposed the matter. How many people know that Lao Tzu once turned Hu into a Buddha and set the stage for extrication?

A few people know that after the monkeys were recruited to Celestial Court, they raised horses obediently and honestly, planted trees obediently and honestly, until the flat peach feast, the monkeys drank too much wine before it became a catastrophe. After that, the monkey walked in the Heavenly Palace without restraint, not to mention immortal, not a few celestial troops and generals, and staggered all the way, how far away from the place where he lived to Dolly Palace. Chongtian, the monkey who drank too much hasn’t encountered an immortal. It’s just such a coincidence that Taishang is not in the Palace of Dusit, and the Palace of Dusit is full of Golden Core, even a guard boy. Don’t stay, wait until the monkey has eaten Golden Core, and then send a pair of Golden Fire Eyes before inviting the Tathagata to take action to suppress it?

There are also two very popular characters on Celestial Court, the three Crown Prince Nezha, and Erlang Xiansheng Zhenjun Yang Jian. These two early years were all rebellious and ruthless characters. It’s just that there are not many stories derived from the two, so these two are just like that in the eyes of people. If they weren’t the same as monkeys, not many people would pay attention to these two, but Compared with the tragic monkey, Yang Jian has been in a state of divine seclusion at Guanjiangkou, not listening to the announcement. Nezha obediently became the god of the Three Altars of the Haihui in Shimen, and his character before they became gods is simply different. Most of them are like monkeys, aware of their weakness and sadness that’s all.

“So, what about me?”

Lin Yuan tied his body together.

Monkeys are not really good. Later, when you encounter some more powerful monsters on the way, they are easy to eat, but the monkeys are indeed geniuses. At Flower Fruit Mountain, they are a Monster King. After the moon cave, he cultivated into a great product, Heavenly Immortal, and coupled with the extraordinary natural talent, the mana is almost endless.

But this kind of existence exists in the eyes of the Tathagata, but it’s just a palm that’s all.

So what is Lin Yuan, who is not even the Monster King nowadays, in the eyes of those Great Desolate?

With a tight heart, Lin Yuan cleared his distracting thoughts and asked: “So, the task reward at this time is to give me a test. If I pass, can I directly prove Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal?”


[Are you thinking about fart? ]

[If I had this ability, the host directly per capita Saint, even if Hongjun steals Heavenly Dao, he will not be able to beat the tens of thousands of Saints! 】

【I didn’t have this ability in the complete period. At most, let a few Great Desolate give birth to the Spirit General Primordial Spirit in Heavenly Dao. The Six Sages are already the limit. ]

[However, the chance of igniting the sacred fire depends on how you use it. If your realm is sufficient, it can indeed save you the time of perception and directly contact the power of the’rule’, but I don’t It is recommended to use this method. Looking at the Great Desolate for countless years, there are countless talents, but those who have proven to be counted on one’s fingers can be counted on one’s fingers. After all, the power of’rules’ is not something anyone can give. The so-called Three Thousand Ancient Devil is nothing but a god. Three thousand incarnations of’rules’ that’s all. 】

Three thousand Ancient Devil gods……

Per capita creation Divine Grade don’t……

But the existence of this level is true for the’rule’ itself It can be weak. After all, there are endless worlds besides the Great Desolate World, and the power of’rules’ with no opportunity, no matter whether the world is complete or not, there must be’rules’, the so-called Three Thousand Ancient Devil is just the manifestation of the power of’rules’ in the Great Desolate World that’s all.

For example, it’s like Thanos who has obtained six infinite gems. He controls the power of the entire universe and can directly kill half of the creatures in the universe with a snap of his fingers, and the’rules’ It is this level of power in itself, it is undetectable but everywhere!

“Then what’s your suggestion?”

Lin Yuan somewhat absent-minded.

After all, it is an opportunity to directly prove Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal. Once he has passed the trial of the’rule’ setting, then next moment, he will directly grow to be able to break his wrist. The existence of, instead of being the same as it is now, even an outside god of unknown origin dared to insult.

Although this trial is extremely difficult, wanting people to give up such an opportunity is tantamount to a mortal heavenly ascension!

【There are two ways to ignite the sacred fire. One is like I said. Put the’rule’ directly into your heart. After passing the test, you can directly prove the Great Principle Golden Immortal, but since Very few people can pass the trials in ancient times, even in the Great Desolate World, those who possess the power of Saint are almost all innate cultivation bases. ]

[And I suggest you choose another way to ignite the sacred fire, which is to give up the option that looks very attractive, but has a high probability of losing your money, you can keep it, When necessary, treat it as a consumable, and use the power of incense as fuel to ignite the sacred fire for a time-limited gain effect. Before the power of the incense you injected is burned out, you can directly use the power of’rules’! ]


Inject the power of incense?

Lin Yuan’s mouth twitched slightly.

Sure enough, the bad character of this system matryoshka can’t be changed.

Although the incense power of the 1st Stage mission was not directly emptied, it was gradually exhausted in subsequent events, especially the female emperor’s arsenal set up during the layout of the south, which is simply incense. The big head of the power, those powerful cultivation techniques from different worlds are not cheap, and there is also a book of sentient beings that can’t be cultivation without the cooperation of the system!

The rewards of the 2nd Stage mission are indeed more generous than those of the 1st Stage, but when the’ignite the sacred fire’ became a consumable item, Lin Yuan suddenly felt that the power of 500 million incense was pitiful.

But there is no absolute in everything, even Lin Yuan himself is not sure whether he will encounter such a dangerous situation.

Use…Rule Power?

Lin Yuan lowered his head and looked at the Flame Mark that appeared on the white belly. Bitterness appeared in his eyes again.

“I don’t think the natives of this World can force me to serve that purpose.”

Lin Yuan was silent for a while before saying: “If I want to use This thing will only be in the Great Desolate World, but at that time, maybe I have already proven Hunyuan?”

【You are thinking of eating! Do you think I should congratulate you in advance, or should I remind you not to dream? 】

If there is an entity in the system, veins may have burst out on the forehead now.

“By the way, if you really want to use the sacred fire desperately, is this thing really useful? Is the power of the borrowed’rule’ random, or are there other rules?”


After all, it is something to be used desperately, Lin Yuan cautiously asked.

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