Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 979

“Lord Tian, ​​you… Did you see what happened to the endless sea?”

A Tianmen Guardian was cold and his face still wore There was a lingering look in his heart.

The last time Tianmen Guardian, who died tragically because of spying on a black flood dragon, fate is still vivid. If this time is not too dynamic, they said they would not watch it, but they risked the mortal danger to watch it. , But I can’t see anything, I can only feel the constant collision of three powerful auras, and finally disappear into invisible, it seems that it has never existed before.

“Something obscures that area.”

The one called’Tian Lord’ is a young man in his twenties, red lips, white teeth, The face is like a crown jade, and he is wearing a blood-colored brocade robe. There is a black jade pendant hanging around his waist. Behind him is a long sword with six handles and three feet and two lengths in suspension. Whether it is brocade robe, black jade or sword, it is distributed With a strong aura, it is obviously not a mundane thing!

Waving his hand, after Tianmen Guardian left, Master Tian’s face gradually turned cold, and he whispered: “That Aura belonged to that person, and he would actually do it himself. It seems that the black flood dragon is right. His threat is greater than I thought.”

Speaking of this, his gaze turned to look north, and a grim smile gradually appeared on his face: “Since the black flood dragon is so important, we can’t Let you act wilfully.”

The voice fell, Lord Tian put his hands together, fingers like flowers and butterflies to drive the afterimage, and quickly took on a mysterious seal, and the six swords behind him suddenly turned into The six stream of light flew northward.

“Section Cult dísciple…”

In the midst of darkness, a cold voice sounded in some people’s minds.


On the other side, in the endless sea.

[Heavenspan! ? 】

Lin Yuan:?

One of the Six Saints, only one of the Three Purities believes in’education for everyone, irrespective of background’ Heavenspan Cult Lord?

Lin Yuan’s eye corners twitched slightly, so he wouldn’t have just left Hongjun, and he would have to match one of the six sages, right?

nmd, is the chance of this sacred fire lit?

If you hold this thing in your hand, countless powerful enemies will come to you?

For a while, Lin Yuan’s eyes were filled with disgust.

That’s not right…

If he is really the Heavenspan Cult Lord, why does he appear here?

During the Conferred Gods Volume of Tribulation, the Section Cult teaching was destroyed, and the Heavenspan Cult Lord was captured by Hongjun as a red pill, and he was taken back and locked up… Well, that’s the case in novels such as Fengshen Kingdoms anyway. It is recorded that Heavenspan Cult Lord rarely appeared in the mythological biography since then.

Furthermore, isn’t Heavenspan Cult Lord one of the six sages?

Can he leave Great Desolate World?

No, it’s still not right. The Tianwu world has a’limit’, and it cannot carry Saint Supreme at all. If Saint Supreme comes to this world forcibly, you must suppress your own cultivation base to the’limit’. To the point, either it will return to nothingness with this world.

It’s just that system obviously has no plans to continue talking with Lin Yuan on this topic. Even the word’Heavenspan’ at the very beginning was just a faux pas.

“Dragon Lord Wang!”

Mo Ao flew over, his eyes swept over the ruins behind Lin Yuan, the color of surprise in his eyes flashed away. Asked: “We just perceived an extremely terrifying aura here, did someone attack you?”

Lin Yuan was silent for a while, and said indifferently: “I got out of my way when I practiced. Leak, it’s okay, just deal with the ruins.”

Mo Ao:…

The gray scale flood dragons around and the brave crab:…

Doing exercises leads to the leakage of demon power, and then instantly destroys a palace built of willow stones?

Can you have a Desolate Demon Realm?

Is this something you can do?

“Do you all look at nm? Put away the tricks, or I will poke you all blind sooner or later!”

took a deep breath, Lin Yuan suddenly opened his mouth and shouted .

The voice fell, and the invisible sense of peeping disappeared instantly. After all, after experiencing the white coat incident, few people who are not afraid of death dared to spy on Lin Yuan all the time, especially after Lin Yuan threatened. After all, it’s not a day or two for the black flood dragon to become famous. Everyone knows that this black flood dragon has a shameless temperament. You have to follow it, and wait for the crazy revenge of the black flood dragon.

Countless powerhouses retracted their prying eyes, but they still gathered together to whisper.

The rhetoric of Lin Yuan is actually that the benevolent sees benevolence, and the wise sees wisdom.

Those who have a weaker cultivation base may believe it. After all, Lin Yuan has been unreasonable since the appearance of Lin Yuan. Even the existence of the upper ancestor demon realm can have a few tricks, and I dare not say that I can win. But the existence of the Ancestral Demon Realm is not so easy to kill him. The young Ancestral Dragon in the Four Sea Dragon Race is a bloody example!

Although it was the four Sea Dragon Races that saved the black flood dragon, everyone knows that even if no one protects the black flood dragon, it is still unknown who wins and loses!

But some people of the cultivation base profound will definitely not believe this rhetoric, because they can clearly perceive that although there are three auras fighting against each other, there are actually four auras in that piece of nothingness. Yes, that faint breath that is almost undetectable belongs to Lin Yuan.

Although it is not true, but vaguely guessed, there is an extremely terrifying existence that is ready to kill Lin Yuan, and at the same time, the other two terrifying existences are the first to save Lin Yuan. Existence can’t be done and it will be withdrawn.

As for how terrible the three shots are…

In the eyes of such an existence, they are nothing but ants that can be crushed to death. that’s all!

At this moment, the powerhouse of all influence once again felt the terrifying background of Lin Yuan.

Especially the powerhouse of the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds that have teamed up with plot against Lin Yuan before. At this moment, they are even more frightened. Even if they act cautiously, the city of trade is Lin Yuan after all. Once they take it away, even if it does not harm the life of the black flood dragon, it is difficult to guarantee that the black flood dragon will not summon the mysterious powerhouse behind it to reduce their dimensionality.

The problem is…everything has been done this step, and it’s too late to stop!

Just when the powerhouses of both sides were in danger, a demonic beast of dragon blood that had endured the hardships of a long journey suddenly broke into the West Sea Dragon Palace and brought one to the West Sea Dragon King. Extremely terrifying news-Three hours ago, Outer-Sea Demon Beast began to attack the Liushi Great Wall!

The messenger who came back to deliver the message relied on the Four Seas Dragon Palace’s warrant and used Transmission Formation to send the message back in time. Otherwise, wait for the Four Seas Dragon Race to receive the news that the Liushi Great Wall was attacked. , It has been a few months since the incomplete maintenance.

This incident even exceeded Lin Yuan’s expectations.

Because he at first simply never thought that the news of the attack on the Liushi Great Wall would reach the seniors of the Four Sea Dragon Race so quickly!

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