Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 980

The Xihai Dragon King, with his hands on his back, kept pacing back and forth in the Water Crystal Palace, his eyes gloomy almost dripping with water.

Can stand out from countless powerful dragon blood demonic beasts and become the dragon king of this generation. The four dragon kings will not be the general ones, so after the news from the Liushi Great Wall came back, the Xihai Dragon King soon Realizing that this is Lin Yuan’s handwriting, although I don’t know the specific details, I can probably guess that the black flood dragon has seen through their strategy of boiling frogs in warm water, and then played a trick to lead the wolf into the room and lead the Outer-Sea Demon Beast. In this game…

“The black flood dragon must do this not just to avenge us, it wants time, and…there must be…what does it want?”

West Sea Dragon King’s eyes were almost narrowed into a line, and his brain was turning frantically, but he couldn’t think of it after racking his brains. What kind of benefit Lin Yuan wanted to get from it, or that, after Outer-Sea Demon Beast entered the game , What kind of benefits can the black flood dragon get!

It believes that the black flood dragon has a temper, otherwise it won’t directly raise the table with the four Sea Dragon Races.

But a reckless man can’t get to this step today. Outer-Sea Demon Beast’s entry is obviously a variable caused by the careful planning of the black flood dragon, not just because of a moment’s temper. Revenge.

“Let’s pass on the order… Hold the soldiers for now and see how the sea monster guild responds.”

The West Sea Dragon King couldn’t figure out Lin Yuan’s purpose, and waved his hand a little irritably.

The four Sea Dragon Races represent the orthodox overlord of the endless sea, and the sea monster guild represents the sea monster family living in the endless sea. The relationship between the two is similar to the relationship between the Imperial Family and the Aristocratic Family. Most of the time, I have to join hands. After all, the rise of ancient races and the coveting of Outer-Sea Demon Beast… These things are not something that a single party can bear. Even if one or two times can withstand it, it will continue to last. The war hurt the roots and was eventually replaced by other ethnic groups.

But this time…

The tragic massacre of the black flood dragon outside the Willow Rock Fortress is still vivid. It erupted from the Willow Rock Sea Territory not long ago and was shocked. The three terrifying auras of Heavenly Martial Continent have just disappeared.

At this time, who would dare to offend the black flood dragon?


The Dragon Race who sent the letter silently bowed its head in adulthood.

Although it does not understand the decision made by the Dragon King of the West Sea, it does not understand the reason why it does not send troops to support the Liushi Great Wall at this time, but instead expects the sea monster guild to take action first. After all, the four Sea Dragon Races are in Outer- Sea Demon Beast can be described as an irreconcilable enemy. Once Outer-Sea Demon Beast reaches the deep sea area, it will never let go of the opportunity to slaughter the dragon blood demonic beast.

But what can it do?

It’s just a little girl, you either follow the order or die, there is no third way.

The sea monster guild on the other side also received the news immediately. After all, the sea monster Guild Branch is located in the deep sea area, and its background is not much worse than the four Sea Dragon Race, although there is no four Sea Dragon. Race can call Transmission Formation’s ability urgently, but with the face of each big clan and enough resources, it can still transmit information quickly, which is a moment slower than West Sea Dragon Palace that’s all.

“What kind of attitude is there at Four Seas Dragon Palace?”

A human standing sea turtle turned to look at the guild members who came forward to report. That one is similar to humans Similar, but there is no sadness or joy on the face with dark green skin.

The members of the guild thought for a moment and said: “Although the subordinates rushed back to the headquarters immediately, they are certainly not as efficient as the Four Sea Dragon Race. Before you get the information on the Outer-Sea Demon Beast attack, the Four Sea Dragons The Race must have already known it, but so far, the four Sea Dragon Races don’t seem to have any orders to mobilize the army. It seems…they are going to stand still.”

The sea turtle was silent for a moment and shook the head with a sneer. , Said: “The four Sea Dragon Races are indeed inferior to the first generation. The black flood dragon made such a big noise before, maybe it was to deter them, and they were indeed deterred. Outer-Sea Demon Beast attacked this major. Event, there is no room for hesitation or negligence at all. Once they enter the deep sea area, all the demonic beasts with Dragon Clan Bloodlines don’t even want to live. At this time, I still choose to stay on hold. I want our sea monster guild to take the lead, huh! “

The members of the guild hesitated for a while, and then said: “Then are we still on hold? After all, the Great Wall of Liushi is not that easy to fight, even if we do not send reinforcements, Outer-Sea Demon Beast is not necessarily They can come in, and even if they come in, they…”

Speaking of this, the voices of the guild members stopped abruptly.

Outer-Sea Demon Beast and the Four Sea Dragon Races do have blood feuds, but after so many years, the ancestors of both sides have basically died. Now those objects that Outer-Sea Demon Beast hated are no longer Four Sea Dragon Race is a group. All demonic beasts with Dragon Clan Bloodlines are almost all on their Must Kill List.

And in the deep sea area today, how many Demon Beasts do not have Dragon Clan Bloodlines?

“Four Sea Dragon Races can stay on hold, because the power of each Sea Demon Race group is growing day by day, and the respect for the Four Sea Dragon Races is no longer in the past. Therefore, as long as Outer-Sea Demon Beast fights Not to Four Seas Dragon Palace…no, even if the Four Seas Dragon Palace falls, as long as the Dragon God Palace exists in the endless sea, the four Sea Dragon Races can continue to keep the strategy of keeping the soldiers intact.

But can we?

The Sea Territory near the Liushi Great Wall is almost all our important strategic points. If we lose those Sea Territory, our connection with the land will be directly cut off, plus a lot of our side The demonic beast died, and then turned his head to face the four Sea Dragon Races that were almost in full bloom. Do you think they would make the mistake that their ancestors let us grow into a scourge because they underestimated the enemy?”

The sea turtle has a gloomy face. , Murmured: “Four Sea Dragon Race, this is to kill the demon with the sword.”

The faces of the guild members are also gloomy. Now the pattern of the endless sea is Outer-Sea Demon Beast and dragons. The blood demonic beast, but the dragon blood demonic beast is branched into the various dragon blood demonic beast tribes and the four Sea Dragon Races. The most embarrassing thing is that they are such demonic beasts, and they have Dragon Clan Bloodlines flowing in their bodies, but they don’t. Recognized by the Four Sea Dragon Races, but in the eyes of Outer-Sea Demon Beast, the dragon blood in their bodies is a great sin.

So they can only be attached to the four Sea Dragon Race.

Therefore, the Liushi Great Wall must not be lost!

“Chairman, I understand, I will dispatch…”

The guild members swallowed and said nervously.

However, before he finished speaking, the sea turtle raised his paw to interrupt him, and immediately continued: “We are not moving, the Great Wall of Liushi is not so easy to be captured, we and the four Sea Dragons Race knows this. They don’t move, and we don’t move. Taking a step back, even if the Liushi Great Wall falls, the four Sea Dragon Races are also impossible to stay out of the matter. We might really have a chance to replace them this time!”

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