Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 984


Seeing the big turtle nodding, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but sneer again.

The sea monster guild and the four Sea Dragon Race, these two huge monsters are always fighting each other, no matter where they are, this point will not change.

After all, the City of Commerce has not opened yet. Knowing that Lin Yuan holds the’Transmission Formation’ in his hands, it is basically the Monster King, the big brothers of the Ancestral Demon Realm, and the group of people who have been stationed in the Liushi Great Wall all the year round. Haha is different, and at this moment, these big guys are still staying in the safe rear, silently competing for who can’t hold back and support them first.

So the defenders of the Liushi Great Wall did not immediately think of Transmission Formation.

It’s just that the coach’s prudent temperament is here, and he won’t easily separate the soldiers and horses to meet the Outer-Sea Demon Beast who intercepts and kills the heavy team.

After all, it can destroy that many Sea Territory, at the same time intercept and kill the multi-way food transport team, and even have enough power to kill seven Monster Kings who go out to deliver letters……

If it weren’t for Lin Yuan There is a degree of command, even if the strength of Outer-Sea Demon Beast far exceeds the so-called’sinking reef’ pirates, it is also impossible to do this.

Dagui did not know that there was an invisible commander like Lin Yuan, did not know the existence of Transmission Formation, and the Fourth Sea Dragon Race would not tell them how much “Shen Jiao” was placed at the beginning. The demonic beast enters the deep sea area, so instinctively you will guess that there are actually a lot of Outer-Sea Demon Beasts behind!

If the main force of the Liushi Great Wall garrison comes out, Lin Yuan will have to avoid the edge for the time being.

But if the four Sea Dragon Race troops are stationed on the Liushi Great Wall… even if they come out, what are they afraid of?

Lin Yuan’s gaze shifted slightly and Lin Yuan’s gaze fell on a piece of Sea Territory that had just been dismantled into ruins. Said solemnly: “The troops near the whistle Sea Territory withdrew immediately, and no longer continue to seek the enemy to fight. , A and B troops are scattered and hidden. Do not take action until as a last resort. The C-shaped troops continue to perform their duties and perform as planned. Do not completely destroy the materials of the Sea Territory and encounter the Liushi Great Wall. The troops that come have to evacuate immediately, lead them to the deeper Sea Territory, and wait for the time to close the net. In addition, the D-shaped troops will be in place quickly to ensure that after the start of the battle, there will be no routs and escape into the Liushi Great Wall. , That’s it, start to act!”

There is no need to watch the negotiations between the four Sea Dragon Race and the coach.

Like the red crab said, without knowing that Lin Yuan has the Transmission Formation, harassing the Outer-Sea Demon Beast behind can only be the pirates on the’sinking reef’ Now, no one knows their strength better than the four Sea Dragon Races that put the’sinking reef’ into the deep sea area.

Look at the main force of Outer-Sea Demon Beast on the periphery of Liushi Great Wall?

Who should I go to fight, can I still not have a point in my heart?

The Four Sea Dragon Races will not refuse this errand, but will accept the task elated, and then grandiose will come out, but they will encounter various ruins and debris along the way, but because they have not resolved the rear.’ The problem of “Shen Jiao”, the baggage is still not enough, they are too happy to return to the Liushi Great Wall to face the fierce Outer-Sea Demon Beast.

After reaching a certain distance, they will gradually cut off the connection with the Liushi Great Wall. Only at this time, they can find the Sea Territory where there are materials, and they will meet Those Outer-Sea Demon Beasts who are still destroying the Sea Territory but have not retreated in time, they will inevitably collect supplies while pursuing them.

With more and more supplies, the team will become more and more bloated, and the battle line will become longer and longer.

At this time, if it is given a head-on blow, then the entire force of the Four Sea Dragon Race will collapse and will inevitably flee to the direction of the Liushi Great Wall.

Because from the very beginning, Lin Yuan is deliberately guiding.

There was a sentence in the previous life-human fear often comes from the unknown.

It is actually just right to use here.

When the four Sea Dragon Races always thought that they had to face only pirates of the size of the’sinking reef’, along the way, all the enemies they encountered fled with the wind, and they would definitely do it. At this point, once they hit the south wall, they would quickly realize that they had been deceived, and the so-called military spirit and morale would collapse in an instant.

On this deliberately stretched battle line, all Outer-Sea Demon Beasts will pursue and suppress them, and it is almost impossible to recover the vicinity of the Liushi Great Wall.

If these demonic beasts are also dead, and they are killed under the eyelids of the defenders of the Liushi Great Wall, it will also be a blow to the morale over there!

Take a step back and say, what if they could not escape near the Liushi Great Wall?

The problem of packing is still not solved. Instead, all the troops of the four Sea Dragon Races withdrew. Outer-Sea Demon Beast also scored a team to defend the vacancies due to the withdrawal of the four Sea Dragon Races. These demonic beasts will never go back. When the war begins, negative emotions such as grievances and hatred will inevitably appear, and the heart of the deadly battle will also be extinguished!

The so-called Liushi Great Wall is no longer so terrifying.

From the very beginning, Lin Yuan never thought that a simple conspiracy would be able to make merits. After all, the formal art of war still needs to be right. The heretical path of the devils also has to pay attention to a yin and yang combination, since Conspiracy has already been used to restrict the defenders of the Liushi Great Wall, wouldn’t it be better to supplement them with a positive plot to make the relationship between the two parties more tense?

Three more days passed after that.

Under the guidance of the troops starting with the letter C, the troops of the Four Sea Dragon Races really went deep into the hinterland continuously. Even if the materials collected along the way are returned to the Liushi Great Wall, it can be delayed for another month or so. If this period of time has passed, the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds have not arrived yet, so their defeat will naturally settle.

However, intelligent creatures have always been incapable of human heart.

Even if the materials are collected, the troops of these four Sea Dragon Races are also very clear that going further is the real hinterland. Judging from the actions of these Outer-Sea Demon Beast, If it is left unchecked, it will be a catastrophe!

Furthermore, I’ve all caught up here. I just turned around and went back to the Liushi Great Wall without doing anything. Doesn’t it seem that they are the same as wine skin and rice bags?

So, under Lin Yuan’s arrangement, this unit belonging to the four Sea Dragon Races slammed into the Outer-Sea Demon Beast that had gathered together.

Even before the two sides played against each other, the generals of the four Sea Dragon Race realized that what he was facing was definitely not the loosely disciplined’sinking reef’ pirates, but A well-trained elite unit that has been disguising!

So the army was defeated like a mountain!

In other words, they simply didn’t dare to fight, they flee madly in the direction of the Liushi Great Wall moved towards Liushi Great Wall, and they didn’t even have time to take care of the materials they had collected all the way so hard, just fleeing for their lives. For the Lord, there is not even a decent counterattack!

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