Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 985

“Kill them all!”

Lin Yuan’s indifferent voice sounded in the command channel.

The A unit is responsible for finding the enemy to engage in battle, the B unit is responsible for responding to the battlefield, and the C unit is responsible for cleaning up the deserters and the wreckage of the Sea Territory after the war. The whole plan has been conserving strength and store up energy, even The D units, who had not experienced several battles, were also under the command of Lin Yuan. They quickly exposed their fangs and directly cut off the four Sea Dragon Race units to return to the Liushi Great Wall!

One-sided battle!

It can be called the pursuit of massacre!

In addition, the troops trapped in the Great Wall of Willows and the materials are becoming scarce and it is impossible to move even a little bit!

Mo Ao wiped a dragon blood demonic beast to the blood near his eyes, turned his head and looked in the direction of the city of commerce, and sighed slightly in his heart: “It’s the Ghost God Mou, if the emperor also has such ghosts to assist him, wouldn’t the unification of the endless sea be just around the corner?”

Without the connection of the Sutra of All Living Beings, Lin Yuan would naturally not hear Mo Ao’s voice.

Even if he heard it, he would not shamelessly accept it.

After all, this war is not a “what the hell” plan from the beginning…

In the final analysis, it’s just because he’s fighting.

Overview of the overall situation is the eye of Heavenly God, communication is the power of incense, and this series of operations almost turned these Outer-Sea Demon Beasts who participated in the rear war into his pan-believers. , He was shocked by his command and vision, and even a pan-believer can produce a little incense power in a day. Therefore, not only does his use cost nothing, but when you calculate it carefully, the incense power can get even more. Up!

This wave, this wave is earning blood!

On the other side, in the camp of the Outer-Sea Demon Beast coalition.

The human being called the “Foreign Human” reached out and touched his smooth chin, pointed his finger at the city wall of the Liushi Great Wall, and communicated with other Outer-Sea Demon Beast leaders. stand up.

Although Lin Yuan’s plan is very difficult to deal with, everyone knows in their hearts that the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds will not really be indifferent while watching them break into the deep sea area.

Especially now, those Outer-Sea Demon Beast who are responsible for intercepting and killing the heavy squad at the rear are about to enter the most prosperous hinterland. It is a strange thing if they still stand still!

Before the reinforcements from the Four Sea Dragon Race and the sea monster guild arrive, the defenders of the Liushi Great Wall must be completely wiped out. When the time comes, relying on the pass can also give these reinforcements a fatal blow. But on the other hand, if they had not won the Liushi Great Wall before the reinforcements arrived, the coalition forces that attacked the deep sea area would be a complete joke.

People’s black flood dragon not only helped you to restrict the defenders of the Great Wall of Willows to death, but waited for you to come and nail the coffin. As a result, you pulled your hips and forgot to bring your hammer. Nails, even if the Northern Chamber of Commerce comes over in the future, they may not work well with them!

As the leaders of these offshore forces reached a consensus, the sound of conch shells suddenly blew in the coalition camp, and a large number of Outer-Sea Demon Beasts who conserve strength and store up energy stood shaking their bodies. When I got up, I looked at the city wall of the Liushi Great Wall with cold eyes.

“Why is it just this time… Could it be that Ao Ze and the others have had an accident?”

The head coach Orange’s vertical pupils shook slightly, and his face looked incredulously at those who were getting closer. Outer-Sea Demon Beast.

These guys have been living outside the Liushi Great Wall for half a month. They don’t attack early and don’t attack late, so they choose at this time?

Especially as the four Sea Dragon Races that went out to crusade the demonic beast behind are drifting away, the information that could be sent in one day, now it takes at least three to five days to reach Liu Shi The Great Wall sometimes doesn’t even bother to go through the process, as if it’s completely missing. If it doesn’t know how cruel the Four Sea Dragon Races are for traitors and derelictions, it thinks that these Four Sea Dragon Races have found safety. Sea Territory stopped, silently waiting for the outcome of this side to be announced.

“Wait, this…I got it…!?”

The cold glow flashed in the big tortoise’s eyes, and he murmured in disbelief.

Now the situation of the Liushi Great Wall is in the opponent’s plot against, this has never exceeded its expectations.

But the opponent used the title to trick them into a fight with the Four Sea Dragon Races in the name of’Shen Jiao’, and immediately set up a set to trap the Four Sea Dragon Races, and contacted outside the Great Wall by some unknown means. Outer-Sea Demon Beast, let them attack before the reinforcements arrive…

“It turned out to be like this, it turned out to be like this, hehe, hahahahaha!”

Daguiqing He whispered lightly, his face was full of sadness and self-blame.

Because it reacts now, the opponent’s game from the very beginning is to plot against it!

If it weren’t because it was too cautious, it sent troops early to kill the Outer-Sea Demon Beast in the rear. Even if the front line is tight, more blood may not be able to defeat the Outer-Sea Demon Beast’s offensive.

If it weren’t for the faint grievances of the Four Sea Dragon Race in its heart, it would not allow the Four Sea Dragon Race to leave the defense, which would lead to the current situation.

To tell the truth, the defense line vacated by the Four Sea Dragon Race leaving the Liushi Great Wall is actually a trivial matter. So far, the Liushi Great Wall has not been supplemented with supplies, and I have tried my best to save on food. Not to mention that the army under his command has lost battle strength, but it is inevitable that there are complaints in my heart.

Although my own reason is telling myself that most of the troops of the four Sea Dragon Races are destroyed, but there seems to be another voice in my heart shouting-those Dragon Races clearly escaped. In a safe place, I do not want to return to this depressed Great Wall!

Even it is like this, so what do the following demonic beasts think?

There will be no fighting intents, no soldiers will be fighting!

This battle… will definitely be defeated!

Take a step back and say, even if it survives by luck, what can it do?

Those Four Sea Dragon Races were sent out by it after all. At this moment, they are destroyed by the other team. With the temper of the Four Sea Dragon Races, they will definitely not give up. After all, there are only a few pure-blood Dragon Races, let alone become. The organized Dragon Race troops, even if they are allocated to the Four Seas Dragon Palace, will be crippling. If you check a little later, you can find that it ordered these four Sea Dragon Races to attack the Outer-Sea Demon Beast. When the time comes, Four Sea Dragon Race must it pays for life!

In contrast to the sea monster guild, a dish of loose sand is basically the norm. Although they agree with what they have done in their hearts, they still do not hesitate to face the anger of the four Sea Dragon Races. It was launched to calm the anger of the four Sea Dragon Races.

So in this battle, losing is a death.


That is also a death!

When Lin Yuan’s plan was unveiled layer by layer, a lingering haze gradually enveloped the coach’s heart.

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