Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 986

When a person, or a Demon Beast, realizes that he is already in a certain death situation, it must be the time when he starts to go crazy.

After guessing its own ending, how to choose is actually very important…

It can continue to perform its duties and lead its demonic beast to repel Outer-Sea Demon Beast’s offense, and then calmly led to death.

You can also let it go, let the Outer-Sea Demon Beast destroy this majestic pass, pulling everyone to destroy it together.

“I admit that I have a gambling element, but that is not important anyway, the ending is doomed anyway, the problem is the difficulty that’s all.”

Lin Yuan laughed and looked full. The desperate tortoise’s eyes gradually became more meaningful, said with a smile: “I heard that when an honest person gets angry, those who bully him normally don’t even have the qualifications to kneel down. If you are not How can an honest person fall to the forgotten end of being placed on the Liushi Great Wall? Then, let me see… the anger of the honest person.”

At this moment, it seems to be had. a feeling in the heart.

The big tortoise suddenly turned his head and looked into the endless darkness behind him. Roar said: “You want this commander to surrender without a fight, you are dreaming! All soldiers listen to my orders, the guards are responsible for themselves The area! The supervising team listens to the order, and takes me as the boundary. Anyone who is half a step behind me, kill without mercy!”

The roar of the big tortoise echoes on this section of the city wall, following the commanding soldiers , Supervised the team and brought them to the city wall of each section.

“It’s a personal thing, it’s a pity.”

Under the city wall, Mota wielded two urn hammers, raised his head and glanced at the hysterical big tortoise. , Put all the arrows that were shot aside, and flew up on the willow stone city wall with a grinning smile.

The same sentence, there will be no fighting intent and no fighting spirit. If this war is delayed until now, the defenders of the Liushi Great Wall will still be defeated.

Even if their coach is unwilling to give up, it does not mean the attitude of other demonic beasts. After all, Outer-Sea Demon Beast hates dragon blood demonic beast is an indisputable fact, but Outer-Sea Demon Beast is not a fool. If you encounter a dragon blood demonic beast who is willing to surrender, you will also choose to accept it, just like the evil dragons who escaped from the supervision of the Four Sea Dragon Races in the early years. Except for most of the evil dragon camp, the remaining ones live in seclusion. in.

During the Warring States Period, Wuanjun Baiqi killed 400,000 Zhao troops in the first battle, which made Zhao think that the fall of Qin was also a dead end, so the later’Handan Defense Battle’ was tragic.

But in the final analysis, in that battle, Zhao State was defeated by the whole country without food.

Baiqi killed Zhao State’s pawns because of insufficient food and grass. If Qin Country could afford these 400,000 Zhao troops, how could they kill so many young and middle-aged laborers?

Outer-Sea Demon Beast who has no similar troubles will naturally not make similar mistakes. Otherwise, that many dragon blood demonic beasts live in seclusion in the open sea area. This kind of news can never be the four Sea Dragon Race, sea monster The guild released it by itself to eliminate the certain death mind when the demonic beast fought the Outer-Sea Demon Beast, right?

“Is that so…”

A bright glow flashed in Lin Yuan’s eyes.

About the relationship between Outer-Sea Demon Beast and the Four Sea Dragon Races, it has always been a mystery. According to the history compiled by the Four Sea Dragon Races, the so-called Outer-Sea Demon Beast was expelled by the four Sea Dragon Race and four Ancestral Dragons who joined forces with the deep sea clan, because these demonic beasts have weak bloodlines. Even if combined with Dragon Clan Bloodlines, they only tainted Dragon Clan Bloodlines that’s all.

But the problem is that the Four Sea Dragon Race was the length of scale insects in the Great Desolate World. Even if the dragon became weak after the first catastrophe, it could still occupy the four seas and become kings, the king of the four seas at that time. Although it is no longer strong, it is by no means comparable to ordinary Great Desolate forces.

Such a huge monster, even if it escapes to the Tianwu world as an exile, it is bound to be domineering. After all, the original natives of the endless sea are not weak, but they definitely do not compare with the four Sea Dragon Races. Lin Yuan already has the ability to contend with the current style of the four Sea Dragon Races.

If those Outer-Sea Demon Beasts who were expelled are really weak, then it is by no means as simple as being expelled by the Four Sea Dragon Races. In fact, from this perspective, those expelled Outers -The Sea Demon Beast ancestors definitely have the ability to compete with the Four Sea Dragon Races, or they were expelled only because their overall strength is not as good as the Four Sea Dragon Races, but the Four Sea Dragon Races want to destroy them, and they have to pay a great price.

The behavior of the four Sea Dragon Races is not the same as the history they have compiled. Not only did they spare those rebels who were unwilling to acknowledge allegiance, but they also deliberately spent a lot of money at the junction of the open sea and the deep sea. A series of fortifications, such as the Great Wall of Willows and Rocks, were built, and it was clear that the Outer-Sea Demon Beast who were being expelled were worried about counterattack.

The game between the natives of the endless sea and the four Sea Dragon Races actually started countless years ago.

Lin Yuan today is just an invisible pusher that’s all.

The reason why Outer-Sea Demon Beast cooperated with Lin Yuan to attack the deep sea area was not because of the blood and blood feud between the two clans. Instead, they were planning to prepare for such a thing and cooperate with Lin Yuan. One is for the huge profits of the Chamber of Commerce in the north, and the other is because Lin Yuan can directly help them to smooth out the obstacle that’s all of the Great Wall of Liushi at the least cost.


Lin Yuan shook the head with a long spit out one mouthful of impure air, and murmured: “All beings are chess, and the general trend is The general trend is overwhelming. It seems that the judgments I made before may not be accurate. These Outer-Sea Demon Beasts are definitely here. It seems that this time, the four Sea Dragon Race and the sea monster guild’s powerhouse powerhouse may not be able to shoot. I easily suppressed Outer-Sea Demon Beast back.”

Syles, who stood beside Lin Yuan, pondered for a moment, and suddenly said with a smile: “If things are like this, it will be more beneficial to us. , If the battle really lasts for a long time, the Great Wall of Willows and Rocks is broken again, and the endless sea will no longer be divided between the inner and outer seas. The three huge monsters will inevitably increase the gap. We…instead, have better development. Space.”

“I hope so.”

Lin Yuan lightly sighed.

Everyone knows the tactics to drive wolves and devour tigers.

But who knows that if you try to drive the wolf away, you might be at risk of being devoured by the wolf if your plan is not achieved?

Since Outer-Sea Demon Beast is taking advantage of the trend, why not meet frankly at first, do you know that they have no idea to fight the city of commerce?

Sellers thought for a moment, then suddenly said: “Dragon King, the general situation is already set. Between Outer-Sea Demon Beast and the dragon blood demonic beast, one will kill another injured, otherwise this war Forever will not end. What we should do at this moment is to watch the show instead of trying to change the situation. With our current strength in the endless sea, even if we stand on the weak side, nothing can be changed.”

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