Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 990

half a month later.

North Border, Shun Ning City.

Li Zhong’s eyes were blood-red and he looked at the cultivator of the Ministry of Industry after busying. The breath was disordered and the blood decayed. The whole person looked very decadent, as if he hadn’t rested for several days. .

Without rest for several days, it does make a mortal become decadent and sluggish, but for the cultivator, even if he doesn’t eat, drink or sleep for half a year, he won’t show any abnormality on the surface. So Li Zhong’s appearance now is definitely much weaker than he looks!

Because not long ago, a mysterious powerhouse named “妭” claimed to be an old friend of the Dragon King, and sent a piece of information that made people think about it.

Those who spread the method of killing’Undead’ all over the Northern Territory are not using the Nine-Tailed phantom first-class, but they do belong to Fox Race, but they are not Fox Race of this World. In the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, Fox Race is regarded as a big family. For those big monsters, I am afraid that they are not even qualified to carry shoes!

Qingqiu, Tushan, Yousu, Pure Fox!

From a four big Fox Race named’Great Desolate’world!

According to the powerhouse of the “women”, this time the big demon who intervened in the matter of “Undead” secretly, either Su Clan or the pure fox clan, and there are more misfortunes in these two clans. The demon of the country, for example, Su Clan once had a Nine-tailed Fox named “Su Daji”. The demon cholera is a powerful country named “Yin Shang”. Although the King Zhou of “Yin Shang” is a human being, his cultivation base Tyrannical, known as the King of People, no matter the Immortal God demon enters the realm of the Yin and Shang Dynasty, you have to lower your head obediently. Whoever dares to be impudent will have to die. But such a powerful country will eventually be defeated by a fox demon. Thinking, while being unbelievable, it also made Li Zhong feel terrified of thinking carefully.

Another pure fox is also not simple. Although there hasn’t been a big demon with a name or a surname in the mouth of “Yu”, in history, he also teamed up with a human called Hanshun to destroy one. The country called the’poor country’ also killed a great power called’Yi’.

Both of these two Fox Races have become famous as the “Domestic Disaster”, and now, one of them, or even both sides, is eyeing the North Territory!

Li Zhong doesn’t know the four big Fox Races, but he knows the existence of Nine-tailed Fox, because Heavenly Martial Continent also has the legend of Nine-tailed Fox, but it’s just a legend after all, even if it’s unknown. Da Neng puts the path of cultivation into the Heavenly Martial Continent period. Fox Race has the level of being able to trifling the seven-tailed monster. These seven-tailed fox monsters often choose to leave Heavenly Martial Continent through the heavenly gate and disappear without a trace, but In Fox Race, it is true that the reason why those seven-tailed foxes left is to pursue the stronger eight-tailed way above the seven-tailed tail, and even the nine-tailed one above the eight-tailed tail!

The seven-tailed fox demon is already capable of Heaven and Earth turning upside down. The legendary eight-tailed fox is Undying and Inextinguishable. Even if it is completely wiped out, it can be resurrected again. One more tail was broken, and it was temporarily weakened to the strength that’s all of the Nine Tails. The more terrifying Nine Tails realm is just a legend. Those ancient creatures dare not even think about what terrifying power they really have!

The so-called Fox Race secret technique “Nine-Tailed Phantom Body” does not refer to the real Nine-Tailed, but describes how powerful this Illusion Technique is that’s all.

Actually, in the world of Tianwu within the realm, if the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox was born, countless powerhouses could be blown out in one breath. Why use trifling Illusion Technique to confuse sentient beings?

Li Zhong never thought that the legendary’Nine-tailed Fox’ actually exists, and in the’Great Desolate’ world, there are more than one Nine-tailed Fox, and none of them are considered non-existent. What kind of a powerful role, even bringing calamity to the country and the people is a chess piece that’s all held in the hand by the person.

Although I don’t know what kind of existence Great Desolate World really is, Li Zhong knows very well that whether it’s being targeted by “Great Desolate” or being targeted by the so-called Four Fox Races, it’s for the North As far as the environment is concerned, it is a complete catastrophe!

“You have been busy for so long, have you…have any gains?”

Li Zhong stretched out his hand and grabbed the sleeve of the Minister of Engineering, and asked in an almost desperate tone. .

He is not sure what he will face in the next Northern Territory, but he can be sure that it can be related to Great Desolate World. The black liquid Dragon King hidden in the Northern Territory is definitely background is quite extraordinary. For the present plan, we can only prepare through the Dragon King’s “pointing”, otherwise, they will be no different from the ants, and they will not even have the opportunity to struggle!

The Minister of Industry was silent for a moment, then slowly said: “There are still gains, but I’m afraid to say it, you don’t want to believe that’s all.”

Speaking of which, he Gently waved his sleeves, beckoning Li Zhong to keep up with him.

The two one after the other came to a huge glass window, and the Minister of Engineering raised his finger and pointed at the “observation chamber”. The whole body was densely packed black with one layer after another. After the rune bandage was wound up, the silhouette was still wriggling and struggling, and said: “This guy is one of the Undead we caught before, because we happened to be studying it at the time, so we were not rescued by Lei Fan, and so far We haven’t caught any of the mother Undead. The black liquid army sent over are basically the original northern residents who were transformed into Undead by the influence of death after death. From them, we can’t find any gain at all.”

Speaking of this, he reached out and pressed the glass window in front of him, said solemnly: “This guy alone is our last hope. Although we have done various experiments to kill it before, all It ended in failure. After getting your modification command, we changed our strategy and performed various research behaviors such as dissect and slicing on this special Undead. In the end, we found a liquid from its body, and then we He sealed it up and waited for the Dragon King to return before he could make a decision.”


Li Zhong was slightly paused, his eyes filled with eyes. Bloodshot, almost hysterical, growled: “What kind of liquid was extracted? You didn’t even hide it from me? If it weren’t for me to stay here every day, you would never tell me!”

The Minister of Industry allowed Li Zhong to pull his collar and growl.

Wait until Li Zhong calmed down a bit, he moved towards his deputy, winking, and continued: “Yes, I didn’t plan to tell you anything about our experiment. This is just to prevent In case. You know the nature of the Ministry of Engineering. Once we start to work, we will never leave the Ministry of Engineering for half a step before the results are thoroughly researched. But you are different. You are the King of the North, and you have your own. Things to do, we don’t have the authority to force you to stay in the Ministry of Engineering to keep this secret.”

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