Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 991

“I can leave the matter at hand to Li Xin temporarily, so now you can tell me…”

Li Zhong slowly let go The turbulent aura on the hands of the Minister of Housing and Industry’s collar gradually calmed down.

His abnormality is basically due to pressure, and since the Ministry of Engineering has already achieved results, he will not be under that much pressure.

“Netherworld black liquid.”

The Minister of Industry suddenly spoke and interrupted Li Zhong.

Li Zhong eyes suddenly shrank, and the breath that gradually calmed down on his body, unexpectedly showed signs of disorder again.

The Minister of Industry was shocked and soon realized that the king of the North was about to cultivation deviation.

“Don’t worry, listen to me, but remember what I said. After knowing these things and before Dragon King returns, I will not let you leave the Ministry of Engineering. Sorry, it’s a big deal. If you are forced to leave, then I have to take emergency measures to kill you here.”

The Minister of Industry stretched out his hand to patted Li Zhong’s gradually tightening muscles, and suddenly said: “In fact, you have always been Ignoring one thing, the timing of Undead’s appearance, or, because of the terrorist threat brought by Undead, you subconsciously ignored the previous events, thinking that Undead is another event, not an extension of a previous event, and Ray Fan and Luo Xu are first-class, but they used this time to deliberately lead you in the wrong direction and get deeper and deeper.”


Sometime before?

Lei Fan, Luo Xu?

Intentionally guide?

A series of keywords flashed in Li Zhong’s mind.

Soon, Li Zhong reacted, hoarse his throat and said: “You mean, Undead is actually not Lei Fan and the existence behind it causing trouble to the North, but An incident in the Northern Territory was handled improperly, and the consequences caused by it were instead used by Lei Fan and Luo Xu as their umbrella, leading our investigation in the wrong direction, so this incident is…immortal medicine!?”

“Yes, the emergence of Undead is indeed a consequence of the immortal medicine incident. This is the wrong result of your investigation. Dragon King originally gave some samples of immortal medicine from the Ministry of Industry for research. According to us The research found that the so-called immortal medicine core is actually a liquid similar to the black liquid of the Dragon King’s Underworld, while the appearance of medicine pill is essentially a special metal whose purpose is to imprison.

The core of immortal medicine is imprisoned, because our investigation shows that although the liquid in the core of immortal medicine is similar to the black liquid in the dark world, the former has incredible activity. It is not so much a special liquid, it is better to say It’s a kind of special lifeform. On the other hand, the black liquid left by the dragon Lord Wang in the underworld in the north, although it can also form various undying creatures, in the final analysis, they are dead. If there is no external force activated, they are really just a pool. ‘Eat’ all the stagnant water that enters its internal existence that’s all.

And those who take immortal medicine will gradually develop various negative emotions of violence, madness, and hatred, and must continue to take immortal medicine. Suppress these negative emotions, otherwise the drug users will die in extreme pain. Your investigation stops here. You think that heavenly demon controls some officials in the northern region through this immortal medicine, and they have to work for them.

Even, in your subsequent cleaning operations, all the users of immortal medicine were rescued and killed. Think about it again. Was the place where you buried the bodies of those who took the medicine now starved to death? What about the forest of ghosts and the plains of filthy soil? After thinking about this, it is naturally not difficult to think of the so-called “Undead”.”

The Minister of Industry sneered and said, “I think , The so-called Undead is actually a side effect of immortal medicine, no longer taking the medicine to keep those mysteriou s The activity of the liquid, the person taking the medicine will naturally be completely occupied by various negative emotions and become a monster. In addition, this liquid is similar to the black liquid in the underworld, so what is presented to you is one by one. Unkillable monster! “

Ah this?

Hearing this, Li Zhong has a complex look on his face.

After all, immortal medicine this thing is extremely evil, except for the first use In addition to catching out other drug users, the rest and those who took the drugs were dealt with as soon as possible by Li Zhong. Simply did not think about any troubles that would be caused in the future, but now it seems that the people who are now rampant in the north. Undead’Ten You** are monsters transformed by those who take immortal medicine!

“No, it doesn’t make sense. “

Li Zhong quickly shook the head again, biting his lip and said: “Even if your statement can explain the origin of’Undead’, how do you explain Lei Fan and the first one that appeared? What about granting Undead to possess spiritual wisdom? “

“Then have you ever wondered why Lei Fan would even save his own existence and Luo Xu’s hole card when he knew we could not kill’Undead’ Why is Undead with spiritual wisdom? Why, on earth, are those’Undead’ that they tried so hard to rescue never appear again, instead there are a lot of Undeads with low spiritual wisdom?

Are you unable to think of the reason for this, or are you afraid to think about the reason? Actually you are very scared, Li Zhong. You are afraid that when you were playing games with Lei Fan and Luo Xu, you made several mistakes in a row. This has led to such a disaster in the Northern Territory.

If you can’t think of it, I don’t mind telling you, because the amount of immortal medicine is extremely limited. The black liquid at first behind the scenes is a collection of all immortal medicine, creating a batch of spiritual wisdom The extremely high Undead, and from this as the foundation, created the Northern Resurrection Society secretly destroying the Northern Territory. Under your joint efforts, the Resurrection Society will be destroyed, Lei Fan exposed, Luo Xu exposed, and even, you have caught those first The’Undead’ that appeared back to the north, didn’t it?

In fact, the activity in this liquid will be continuously consumed. When its activity is extremely high, the transformed monster will also reveal spiritual wisdom that is not inferior to ordinary people, but the higher the activity , Its activity is consumed faster, so after completing the purpose, the existence behind the scenes must recover the original Undead, kill them, take out the immortal medicine in their bodies, and create There are more Undeads, which are the various low-level Undeads we face later. “

The Minister of Industry reached out and knocked on the glass window in front of him, icily said: “This is the original Undead. At this moment, its spiritual wisdom has degraded to the level of a three-year-old child. I couldn’t communicate with us anymore, and at the same time showed a strong desire to attack, so I had to seal it up! “

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