Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 992

Undead, it’s just that a group of consciousness has been erased, and the body is driven by a special liquid similar to the black liquid in the underworld, so it has a desire to attack and cannot kill like a wild beast. Characteristics.

It turns out that from the beginning to the end, the so-called Undead incident was just a fault caused by their negligence. Instead, they were used by others as a protective umbrella, always involving the attention of the entire northern intelligence agency. Force, and constantly guide them away from the truth.

I’m really a fool when I step on a horse…

Li Zhong cursed secretly in his heart.

But soon, Li Zhong raised his eyebrows and said, “But even if you explain it this way, there is no problem logically, but how should Lei Fan explain it? He has been clearly recognized by the Blood God Church. The cultivator of was killed. I personally confirmed the corpse, but now, Lei Fan not only resurrected as Undead, but also stirred the situation in the north, not letting me wait for peace for a moment.”

“I I never said that Lei Fan is not Undead.”

The Minister of Industry sighed, turning his head and said: “I mean, Undead is like a medicine man. Lei Fan is like other Undead. There is no difference, but the other party doesn’t know how much immortal medicine still exists in his hands, so he can continue to take medicine to Lei Fan to keep the immortal medicine active in his body, so that he will not degenerate into a low-level Undead without spiritual wisdom. As for Undead, which we have mastered, because it has not taken medicine for a long time, the activity of immortal medicine in the body has continuously turned it into a monster.”


Li Zhong sucked in a cold breath, his eyes flickered, and he wondered: “According to your statement, does it mean that this time hiding behind the scenes and plotting against us by Undead, or those heavenly demon?”

“There is this probability, but it is not big.”

The Minister of Industry put his hands together, opened his mouth and yawned, and said: “If it is Heavenly Demon Scheme has drawn all of this, so they will not be ignorant of the situation in the North at this moment. As long as they launch a fierce attack when we divide our forces against Undead, our front line will soon collapse, especially the Netherworld River left by the Dragon King. Almost all creatures are fighting against Undead’s invasion, and their threat to them is further reduced. At this time, they chose not to attack the north, but turn their heads to fight the south. Isn’t this clear to give us a chance to breathe? And ……”

The Minister of Industry finished yawning and said with bloodshot eyes open: “When we completely dissect Undead, we found that there are simply no organs or skeletons in Undead’s body. They are more Like a monster with only flesh and blood, apart from instinct, they don’t even have any emotions. With this kind of existence, heavenly demon cannot be possessed. That is to say, if the Northern Territory falls and becomes the paradise of Undead, This area has no value to Heavenly Demon.”

“This statement is interesting.”

Suddenly, Lin Yuan’s voice sounded from behind the two.

The Minister of Industry and Li Zhongju turned their heads in surprise.

The Ministry of Industry is the department with the highest level of confidentiality in the entire Northern Territory. Except for Li Zhong and Lin Yuan, no one has the authority to know any information about the Ministry of Industry, and the area where the Ministry of Industry is located is also It is not fixed. Just like the safe house set up by Bright Gown Guard, the Ministry of Engineering will be transferred every time a period of time passes. After the transfer, members who do not accept the night will disguise themselves as Ministry personnel to continue to operate, and disguise fake workers. Except that the Ministry does not study any secrets, everything else is no different from the Ministry of Engineering.

So I want to find the real location of the Ministry of Engineering, unless Li Zhong or Lin Yuan take the initiative to inform, otherwise there will be absolutely nothing.

Luo Xu has been trying to investigate information about the Ministry of Industry, but the results have not been great. If the Undead were not sent to the Ministry of Industry for research, the action of Lei Fan and Luo Xu would not be jeopardized. To the Ministry of Industry.

Lin Yuan floated to the glass window and glanced at Undead, who was wrapped in a mummy, his eyes were slightly solemn.

He at first also thought that these Undeads came from some powerful handwriting related to the Underworld, but there is such an existence. The empty position of the Pluto is afraid that there will be a master immediately, after all, the Celestial Emperor has already When another Pluto appears, Tianwu World will be able to create the Three Realms and complement itself into a complete world. Therefore, the will of the world chooses Lin Yuan only because Lin Yuan has a greater probability of becoming a Pluto so far, and it is not only possible to choose Lin Yuan.

After excluding the former probability, there are other means to transform the natural ecology of the Tianwu world into the underworld, which means that the existence behind the scenes is very likely to be a underworld. , Using Netherworld River Old Ancestor’s Netherworld Blood Sea and other abilities.

But the presence of the god of another world in Tianwu world is tantamount to a declaration of war on the will of the world. Even if there is Supreme Divine Ability, you must first subdue the will of the world, otherwise it is impossible to use the means of the world. .

So Lin Yuan has been skeptical.

These Undeads that suddenly appeared are very likely to be just like medicine people.

Because the batch of Undeads that appeared at the very beginning did not fit one of the three types of Undeads: corpses, bones, and souls. They were more like cultivators that could not be killed by conventional means.

The Northern Territory, the heavenly demon and even the Great Desolate creatures are nothing but chess pieces that’s all in the opponent’s hand.

“I’m starting to wonder who this person is.”

Lin Yuan squinted his eyes and murmured: “Able to mobilize the two Fox Race members, Pure Fox and Su , You can also use the Netherworld Blood Sea to cultivate medicine people similar to Undead. Even the Great Desolate creatures like the Droughts are not in his eyes, but they are not the Great Desolate creatures. So how did this guy understand the Great Desolate Mixin? What? Netherworld Blood Sea this thing, even I don’t know how to use it, I’m afraid I know how to use it, except for Ancestor of the Blood River, it’s basically Innate Demon God, comparable to it without Heavenly Dao Strength blessing. Hongjun exists at the level.”

Yes, that mysterious existence is probably not a Great Desolate creature.

Because of such a terrifying existence, even if Lin Yuan has the world will and Heavenly Dao’s original source of dual insurance body protection, he will be bitten off by the other party if he is oneself The reaction was not quick enough, and it is not impossible to even be plot against to death.

Based on this premise, if this mysterious existence is a Great Desolate creature, then when he was in the endless sea before, Hongjun would not drop a consciousness across the endless time and air, in an attempt to directly kill it. Lin Yuan is a huge threat.

From another world, but you know the Great Desolate Missin?

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