Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 994

If the truth buried in history is true, then the origin of that external god will be clear.

Most of them come from the world created by Heavenspan Cult Lord. After all, as Three Purities, I know the magical use of the Netherworld Blood Sea formed by Pangu’s belly button and how to use it. I’m afraid it’s not Netherworld. River Old Ancestor, the so-called Lord of the Netherworld River, knows a lot more!

“No, you called out the word’Heavenspan’ before. Could it be that Heavenspan Cult Lord is also here within the realm?”

Lin Yuan’s mind suddenly moved , The look in his eyes became weird.

Tianwu world is not a complete world. The real Divine Grade other strengths are even the ceiling in this world, which means that most of the creatures born in Great Desolate cannot set foot in this world, just for now The Great Desolate creature that Lin Yuan saw.

In the history of Great Desolate, a person who was wrongly believed and shouldn’t be believed, coupled with bad luck at the time, was chased down by the demon master Kunpeng and the Netherworld River Old Ancestor. Not only did he lose his body, If it weren’t for the nine-and-nine soul bottle gourd, the Red Cloud Taoist who lost even the Primordial Spirit

an unidentified tail fish, even though the opponent showed extremely powerful power, it was after all a Classic of Mountains and Seas is a well-known existence on the list, and as everyone knows, it is better to say that Classic of Mountains and Seas records Antiquity Variation Beast books than Classic of Mountains and Seas is the place where the precious ingredients sorted out by ancient humans are extremely useful. Most of the introductions of Classic of Mountains and Seas aliens will have a sentence after the introduction: “How to eat?”…

An extremely terrifying drought, for now, the drought is definitely a real Divine Grade. In terms of strength, even if the world is completed, Drought will have the same battle strength as Golden Immortal in the Great Desolate World.

These three Great Desolate creatures are not inferior. After all, even those who can make a name in the martial arts world of the Doomsday period are considered heroes. Even more how to walk everywhere in Da Luo, Supreme Unity is not as good as a dog. In the Great Desolate World, if you can still leave a name, then none of them is easy to provoke!

Don’t say that the drought depends on the background. Although there are factors in this aspect, in terms of record, even Rain Dragon was trapped in the stormy storm. , Is also enough to prove that the drought is strong.

It must be mentioned here that the so-called Supreme Unity Golden Immortal and Great Principle Golden Immortal, there is no difference in the realm of the two, they are both the next stage of Golden Immortal advancement, if not To find the difference between the two, then Great Principle Golden Immortal refers to Three Sects dísciple, Western religion, or dísciple of some powerful forces inheritance, which belongs to the class background, and Supreme Unity Golden Immortal refers to Loose Cultivator, Miscellaneous repairs belong to the unorthodox way.

The only difference between these two titles is here. Of course, the Great Principle Golden Immortal from a professional background is theoretically stronger than Supreme Unity Golden Immortal. Therefore, in some web works, the Great Principle Golden Immortal There is no problem with the advanced setting of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal.

After all, Loose Cultivator is already considered a ghost when it comes to Supreme Unity Golden Immortal this realm, but if you want to go further, you can only find a powerful force or Celestial Grotto to join the appellation class background, so that you can learn the higher realm. So if you want to become Quasi-Saint or even Saint, you really have to transfer from Loose Cultivator, just like many actors who are born in dragon suits will choose to go to the movie Academy to study after they become famous.

So Lin Yuan has never doubted that the carrying capacity of Tianwu world really has the limit of probability.

Otherwise, when he was in the endless sea before, what he saw would not be as simple as Hongjun’s projection of consciousness.

But Heavenspan Cult Lord…

Alright, the strength of Heavenspan Cult Lord itself is not likely to be of the grade of Saint. After all, there is a so-called difference between Heavenly Dao Saint and the real Saint. It’s hardly limited to Great Desolate World. It is proved that Hunyuan Dao’s true Saint is also Saint after leaving Great Desolate World, and Heavenly Dao Saint can say nothing after leaving Great Desolate World, but that probability refers to it. It is the second interpretation of the West.

Nuwa is considered to be a saint of merit. After all, Nuwa has gained immense merit after creating Man. Although the status of human beings has always been embarrassing throughout the mythology, the Heavenly God Buddha regards humans as leeks to harvest incense. Power, even some well-known monsters like to eat people increasing cultivation base, but in Grade 1, humans seem to be irreplaceable in the eyes of these powers. No matter how harsh they are to humans, these powers will not sit back and watch. The destruction of mankind, it can be seen that the merits gained by Nuwa, who created mankind, may not be inferior to Rain Dragon after Divine Dragon.

Therefore, although Nuwa has not obtained Hunyuan Daluo, after all, it is meritorious and holy, and it is no different from the real Saint.

And the origin of Three Purities is not simple. Many of the legendary Three Purities were transformed by the Pangu Primordial Spirit. Although they were not born as Saints, their roots and talents are the best after the Great Desolate World was opened. The strong group, only those Innate Demon God can suppress them.

As one of the Three Purities, Heavenspan Cult Lord has left Great Desolate World and lost the identity of Heavenly Dao Saint. After all, he has his own world blessing, and his strength is probably better than when he was in Great Desolate World. Unabated, especially in his world, power is almost exactly similar to Hongjun who fits Heavenly Dao!

Even if you go to the other world, without the strength of Saint, any one of Three Purities is afraid to have the strength of Quasi-Saint!

【Heavenspan is indeed in this World, but it is actually possible to say that he is not here. Do you know what One Qi Becomes Three Purities says? According to your previous life memory, some people say that One Qi Becomes Three Purities refers to Pangu splitting heaven and earth apart. After death, the Primordial Spirit is transformed into Three Purities and reappears, but from the world where you live, there is something about One Qi Becomes Three Purities. Looking at the contents of the oldest books, the so-called One Qi Becomes Three Purities refers to the period of enfeoffment. Taishang used this technique during the battle with Heavenspan, which turned Yiqi into Taiqing, Yuqing, and Shangqing, hence the name One Qi Becomes Three Purities.

This technique is not only for being too high in the meeting, in fact, Heavenspan can also, but what Heavenspan casts this technique into is not Three Purities, but self, that is, the past self, the present self, and the future For yourself, you can think of it as a young Heavenspan, a middle-aged Heavenspan, an old Heavenspan, plus the Heavenspan deity. What exists in this World is one of the “Three Purities” that Heavenspan has transformed, but I don’t know what exactly it is. One. 】

system replied slowly with a new word.

“Past, present, future?”

Lin Yuan slightly startled, subconsciously asked: “Western religions have three Buddhas, past, present, and future. Is it also…”

[My young host, have you never heard of the saying that Buddha is the way? The abbot of Lian Shimen was originally used by him as the name of Taoism. Later generations were called the exclusive of Shimen. In addition, the wooden fish also originated from Taoism. 】

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