Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 996

“So it is certain that the Great Desolate creatures that exist in Tianwu world include scorpionfish, dry scorpion, red cloud Taoist, Heavenspan Cult Lord, and several others have not yet appeared, but Most of them are also members of the’recipe’ list. Well, maybe there are pure foxes, two Fox Race members from Su, and countless heavenly demons, not the Great Desolate World nor the Heavenly Martial world native creatures, there is me, There is also the one that was designed for me behind the scenes. It is most likely an external god from Heavenspan World.”

Lin Yuan chuckled and murmured: “If it’s just a group of skirmishers who escaped from Great Desolate World There is nothing to exist, but the key point now is that an incarnation of the Heavenspan Cult Lord is in this World, a God in the Heavenspan world has also come to this World, plus the unfathomable Dragon Transformation root in the previous underwater Secret Realm… so , Tianwu world is afraid there is a big secret!”

How powerful is Heavenspan Cult Lord?

Whether it’s age or cultivation base, as long as you reach the level of Heavenspan Cult Lord, even if it seems to drop an idler, it is possible to make Yin and Yang rebellion, Heaven and Heaven at a critical time. Earth turning upside down.

Even Xianzi is like this, even more how Heavenspan Cult Lord this time.

[I suddenly thought of a possibility…]

The projection released by the system suddenly disappeared, and even the font was a little shaken, it seemed that something extraordinary had been discovered.

“I also thought of…”

Lin Yuan was silent for a moment, and said with his heartfelt voice.

Hongjun’s origins can be described as unfathomable. Some people classify it as one of the three thousand Ancient Devil gods. Others say that Hongjun’s body is just a cricket. Of course, some people say that Hongjun is the world. The first dragon, but without exception, Hongjun is born strong as a cultivation certified Saint instead of three thousand Demon God.

Similar to Hongjun’s existence ascended to peak one step at a time, the ordinary little things will not disturb him at all.

It’s hard to say how many hosts the system has in total, but at this stage, the system host is definitely the least. In the past years, there have even been Luohu and Ezhu so that they can directly fight with Hongjun. A positive existence, but even so, Hongjun stayed in the Great Desolate World and did not prepare to kill Luohu and Ezhu in advance. This is not because Hongjun is not strong enough, but because Powerhouse’s self-confidence. He believes that Luohu and Ezhu are actually I can’t threaten myself, so I don’t bother to care about that’s all.

So why did Hongjun drop a consciousness projection into the Tianwu world, trying to kill him directly?

Don’t say his strength is comparable to Luohu and evil, even among all the hosts at this stage, Lin Yuan can only be regarded as a mid-level or even a low-level level, which is a threat to Hongjun. Not big.


[That guy shot you this time, it can be described as a precedent, so I guess, he counted his own Death Tribulation, and then found it along the way. Tianwu world is with you, but think about it carefully, is it possible that his Death Tribulation is indeed in Tianwu world, but it is not you kid, but the incarnation of Heavenspan who doesn’t know where it is hiding? 】

After Hongjun stole Heavenly Dao, it was split off as the original part of Heavenly Dao. He has been cultivating powerhouse for countless years, trying to bring back Great Desolate and regain control of Great Desolate Heavenly Dao. I have seen The monstruous talent genius and strange people and strange things are countless, and Lin Yuan can only be regarded as the maverick among the countless evildoers, because he almost completely abandoned the previously planned training plan, just like those with bloodline inheritance. But he is unwilling to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, and has to take a demonic beast that is stronger than his ancestors.

If such an existence does not fall due to any accident, it will sooner or later become a great power.

Lin Yuan is like this.

Although he abandoned the powerful route planned before, he still grew up at a rather horrible speed, so he was considered by it as the most promising host to defeat Hongjun.

But it always felt that it was just what it felt. If Hongjun felt the same way, it would be too weird…

The existence of Luohu, Ezhu and the like never let Hongjun Jun was moved, let alone Lin Yuan who couldn’t even count as’immortal’?

So the biggest probability is that Hongjun’s Death Tribulation is indeed in the Tianwu world, but it’s not the host of Lin Yuan’s system, but when he was conquering the gods, he teamed up with Taishang and Yuanshi put Hongjun together. In this way, I can transcend the Great Desolate and become the Heavenspan Cult Lord of the world!

After all, a simple comparison will show that Lin Yuan and Heavenspan are put together, no matter how you look at it, the latter poses a greater threat to Hongjun!

“I don’t think like this.”

Lin Yuan thought for a moment, then made his own judgment decisively, and turned to a solemn thought: “First of all, Tianwu The world is indeed a broken world, but it hasn’t evolved into Heavenly Dao’s world will, and it already has a terrifying power to contend with you, even above you. This is the first anomaly, and it also appears in Tianwu The Great Desolate creatures of the world, I haven’t seen anything else, but Hongyun Taoist, Dracaena and even scorpionfish are all names that have been left in the history of Great Desolate. I don’t believe they really just simply don’t want to fight with that guy anymore. They chose such a world to settle down. Based on their experience, it is impossible to know that the world will complete itself and stay here. Once the world is completed and the Great Desolate army arrives, they will have nothing to fight against. It’s the second anomaly.”

When I was talking about this, Lin Yuan paused, looking at the Minister of Industry, Li Zhong, and nearby members of the Ministry of Industry, before continuing to add in his heart: “The path of cultivation in the Great Desolate World, from the very beginning Innate Earth, later that guy created the cultivation method of’Xiang’, which belongs to the normal ecological development, and the path of cultivation in the Tianwu world is the Tianmen Countless gods and Buddhas appeared outside to fish the world and cast countless path of cultivation and various spiritual seeds. This is a foreign cultural invasion, but those invaders did not occupy the Tianwu world. They only left the inheritance and left this place in a hurry. Fang world, this is the third anomaly.”

【Abnormal? 】

【Interesting ……】

【Go on! 】

As Lin Yuan’s point of view was cited one after another, system was obviously also aroused.

“Is there any other abnormalities, I’m not quite clear, but it’s certain that there must be a demon if something goes wrong, within the realm of Tianwu, there must be some secret that we don’t know, and this The secret, Heavenspan Cult Lord 80% knew, but he didn’t know, so he left an incarnation in the Tianwu world and wanted to find out the secret of this World. Based on this hypothesis, the Great Desolate creatures such as the Red Cloud Taoist and the Drought may also be through their own means. ‘S channel got to know the rumors about the secrets of this World…”

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