Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 997

“Don’t forget, the Taoist of Hongyun is also a favorite discipline of that guy. If it weren’t designed by the Western Second Interpretation, the current six saints would definitely be Three Purities and Nuwa, Kunpeng, and Hongyun. There is nothing in the West at all, and although Hongyun was a personality of a good old man back then, you, as the Great Desolate Heavenly Dao, must know how bad the ecology of the Great Desolate World is. The so-called good man… ah, in that kind of world, You will die miserably.

First of all, after confirming that the Hongyun Taoist good old man is just a personal setting, we can realize that the Hongyun Taoist is also the generation of rigorous schemes and deep foresight. After all, other Great Desolate creatures will not give it to themselves. To create something like a who design, then it’s not difficult to think that it’s simply not the Western Second Shih who designed the Hongyun Taoist in this matter, but the Hongyun Daoist beating somebody at their own game, which in turn designed the Western Second Shih, will His identity as a’prisoner’ was tied to the Western Second Shih, and then he destroyed his physical body by the hand of Kunpeng, and escaped to the Tianwu world.

The same is true for Han Yan. As the daughter of the Yellow Emperor, it can be described as the Huangdi’s daughter. It is heaven’s spoiled daughter. No matter how she was later demonized, she cannot be denied. Apart from Rain Dragon, she can be regarded as the only one who did not go to the Celestial Court to take up the position of this Ren, and became an immortal being bound and controlled. It’s not difficult to see the love of the Yellow Emperor for his daughter.

Hanyan escaped from the Great Desolate World, and 80% is also one of the Yellow Emperor’s plot against. After all, it is one of the five emperors, which truly dominates the world. I don’t know how big the Yellow Emperor was during the peak period. I don’t know, but he will definitely not send his beloved daughter to the dead end of the world within the mortal body at that time. realm.

So, what is the reason that makes Hongyun Taoist and Huangdi of rigorous schemes and deep foresight choose Tianwu world at the same time? What is the reason that even the Heavenspan Cult Lord who escaped from Hongjun’s bondage great ma Will gic force leave an incarnation in the Tianwu world?

Those gods and Buddhas who put their own cultivation cultivation techniques and spiritual seeds into the Tianwu world are definitely not from the Great Desolate World. I have also seen some of the ancient cultivation techniques they left behind, although they are similar. For example, there are paths of cultivation such as Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, but from the details, the two are not the same.

Why did these gods and Buddhas leave their inheritance in the Tianwu world, and why they suddenly left this World? The most likely reason is that at first, like heavenly demon, they all want to invade this world. In the end, he left here out of fear or something! “

Lin Yuan’s eyes gradually became bright, and he asked, “Do you think… Hongjun’s Death Tribulation exists in Tianwu world, but it’s not me or Heavenspan? Cult Lord, and what about the secrets in is Heavenly Martial world? It may be a cultivation technique, it may be a magic weapon, and it may be a kind of powerful existence that can kill that guy, and even kill him who fits Heavenly Dao! “


Lin Yuan’s hypothesis is very bold, but…very possible!

There are countless paths of cultivation created by Hongjun, The so-called Buddhism and Taoism are all from Hongjun. Even if the later Confucianism and even later generations gradually declined in China, they became the Yin Yang Family of Dongying Country. They were basically born out of the path created by Hongjun. of cultivation, but even if the path of cultivation is cultivated to the extreme, it is only five avenues. The so-called Heaven, Earth and Human Ghost God, immortal belongs to the Celestial Court, and the ghosts belong to the underworld, and the other Heaven, Earth and Human three paths. Repairable, but after all, it is not as powerful as the Great Desolate creatures are born with.

The avenues of the oldest Great Desolate creatures’ cultivation are actually different routes to the same destination, Taoism headed by Three Purities Fortunately, the Buddhist priests headed by Tathagata and Dipankara, the only thing they competed for after the cultivation is the incense of faith. It is also the ancestor demon of is Heavenly Martial world and the True God Realm after Supreme Realm. At this time, they have never been promoted. It’s all about cultivation and mana. Speaking of which is another name for the power of incense.

Slowly cultivation?

No matter how powerful the character is, it can be compared to Hong Kong.

Slowly cultivation?


There is no aptitude after True God, it all depends on who has more believers and who has more incense!

Path of cultivation is the ultimate, that is, monkey The existence of Fight Heaven and Earth such as Yang Jian and Nezha, but a Vajra bracelet can easily damage monkeys that are comparable to Yang Jian, and the Xitian Tathagata can also be severely injured or even killed with a single palm. The six ears of the four monkeys!

There are ants under True God!

Because under True God and True God, just like Tiangang and Yukong, the level of power used is all Different.

Even if Hongjun has made countless enemies for so many years, he and All Heavens and Myriad Re There are battles in the alms, but the basic board of the Great Desolate World is there. The power of incense that can be accumulated in countless years is too much. Even if it is shocking and stunning, such as Luohu and evil punishment, it is not the same. Jun’s hands?

It is never an individual who can kill Hongjun, but a powerful foreign object that can kill him!

Like those Great Desolate bosses who are all creators of the world, only one Heavenspan got rid of the status of a’prisoner’, or it was because he got a treasure that has nothing to do with Great Desolate World. Create a world that is not bound by Hongjun and become an existence at the same level as Hongjun.

Well, if the Heavenspan Cult Lord does not enter the Great Desolate World, it is indeed an existence at the same level as Hongjun. Unless Hongjun comes in person, the other Five Saints will not join forces in Heavenspan’s world. Defeat him.

Of course, if Hongjun comes in person, there is a high probability that Heavenspan World will burst, and then he will be together with Heavenspan Cult Lord perish.

“That guy calculated that his Death Tribulation was in Tianwu world, but he couldn’t find Heavenspan at the same level as him, so he thought I was his Death Tribulation, but in my opinion, This is not the case. The secret of Tianwu world is his Death Tribulation. Now Heavenspan and those Great Desolate creatures are all looking for the secret of Tianwu world. Although we are far behind, it’s not too late to react. We can find that. What is the secret, we have the power to kill him!

Heavenspan Cult Lord is not his Death Tribulation, nor am I, nor are the Taoists of Hongyun, but if not surprising, even he I have already calculated my own Death Tribulation, which means that the secret is about to be born. Anyone of the three of us can figure out this secret and get something that can kill him. Think about it, Tianwu world has been the biggest in so many years. The change is…”

Lin Yuan’s eyes were piercing, and his brainstorm was spinning quickly.

[world completion! ! ! 】

At the same time as the word system appeared, three huge exclamation marks were added.

It has been completely persuaded by Lin Yuan. Although Lin Yuan has no evidence, it can’t find the mistakes and omissions in Lin Yuan’s thinking at all!

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