Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 999

Just now.

The resident alarm bell of the Ministry of Industry and Engineering has been made.

The Minister of Industry’s face sank slightly, looking at Lin Yuan who seemed to be lost in thought, said solemnly: “It’s not an internal alarm, it’s Shun Ning City… I’m afraid Shun Ning City ** has an unmanageable existence. Someone from the Northern Palace has sounded the alarm, shall we evacuate or…?”

Li Zhong also set his sights on Lin Yuan, lightly said with a smile: “Wait for now, don’t Forget, our dragon king has not tasted a defeat since he was born. What about the opponent who is difficult to deal with?”

At the same time, Lin Yuan, who was broken by the siren’s state of consciousness communication, turned his head. , The blue white’s vertical pupils flashed, and the infinite demon power was directly poured into the eyes of Heavenly God, holding all the wind and grass all around into the palm, and then continuously extending the scope of observation.

After a while, one person and two demons appeared in Lin Yuan’s line of sight.

That is the dean of the Northern Border Academy. Apart from Ye Bailin, Lin Yuan has created the strongest humanoid creature, and his full burst will not be inferior to the fourth level of the Kongming Realm. Existed, and at this moment, the dean was held in his hand by a beautiful and alluring woman by the throat like a little chicken. The expression on his face did not show any pain, but a look of longing.

Two beautiful and alluring extremely women, or two beautiful and alluring extremely Banshee are step by step moved towards the Ministry of Industry Station, and all the northern cultivators encountered along the way , Demonic beast, even too late to release hostility to the two Banshees, just like the dean, with a look of longing on his face, like a walking corpse following the two Banshees, the forward team is continuously expanding.

“Fox demon.”

Lin Yuan murmured, a solemn flash in his eyes.

The most terrifying thing is that the two beautiful and alluring Banshees have the very familiar faces of Lin Yuan, and six furry snow-white foxtails stretch out behind the one walking in front. His face is…Lin Yuan’s mother. After that dramatic change, in order to cover Lin Yuan’s departure, the mother took the initiative to show up and lead the chaser in the opposite direction. Otherwise, that night, Lin Yuan’s neat and tidy family would have to be taken away by the other party. Erased from the world.

The imposing manner at the back is much weaker. There are only five fox tails on the back, and it is still golden. It seems that the six-tailed demon fox in front is not from the same ethnic group, and its face is only from the previous life. The one woman who moved Lin Yuan’s heart was also the only woman who could make her feel a little warm after Lin Yuan’s downfall. Later, her enemies came to her and she was thrown down from the 21st floor in front of Lin Yuan. , I couldn’t even find all the bones!

While the demon power is turbulent, Lin Yuan can easily conceal the opponent’s Illusion Technique. When part of the facial features are blocked, what Lin Yuan sees are two fox monsters standing and walking. But once this shielding is removed, those two extremely familiar faces will reappears.

This is not Illusion Technique.

Fox Race, like other races, pays attention to cultivation talents, but in addition to Tushan and Qingqiu these two races, the fox monsters of the other two races and the ordinary foxes demon wind that are inconsistent with bloodline comment and act. How, it can almost be said that All Heavens and Myriad Realms is obvious to all.

Fox Race is best at the Illusion Technique, and there is a type of fox monsters that are born and charming, even if they don’t perform any Illusion Technique, they can let the creatures who see them see the most longing, longing, and yearning Things, this kind of fox monsters can be described in Lin Yuan’s previous life. The so-called Meigu Tiancheng originally referred to this kind of fox monsters.

This is the case for Daji with Su Clan. Under the influence of Meigu Tiancheng, even the dynasty and the cultivation world at that time were enough to fight against the rituals of the dynasty and the cultivation world, suppressing Beidi, Southern Wilderness, Xirong, Eastern Barbarian, and how the other three are Lin Yuan didn’t know, but among the Eastern Barbarians at that time, there was a group named Youqiongshi, Hou Yi who usurped the Xia Dynasty (not the Hou Yi who shoots the sun during the Five Emperors period, but the two have the same name and are both good at shooting are often confused) It is the patriarch of the poor family.

In the Shang Dynasty, Young Master Wang had a courageous fame. With the strength of oneself, he suppressed other kings and opposed the entire cultivation world, which was enough to prove his prowess.

But it was such a talented man who was obsessed by Su Daji, who had become a natural beauty, and made a series of extremely deadly decrees before letting the civil and military officials of the Zhou Dynasty who were ordered to form the Celestial Court to take advantage of the Shang Dynasty. The main force was killed by stealing their homes during the foreign war, and the Section Cult who participated in the assisting Shang Dynasty was also destroyed by the other two religions. The sect members and disciple either went to the Western church, or were taken away as mounts, or sent directly. Investiture of the Gods is the biggest defeat since the record of the Heavenspan Cult Lord who plot against Hongjun!

And now, the fox demon of the beautiful bones appeared in front of Lin Yuan, there are still two!

One died of the extremely powerful Shang Dynasty, what about the two?

Is the family business in the northern border enough for others to toss?

“It’s really damn it.”

“It turned into this appearance and appeared in front of me…”

“Be good at being smashed by my corpse, so as to The black liquid of the underworld is ready to wash until time is deserted!”

Lin Yuan stared at the two familiar faces, slowly grinning at the corners of his mouth, revealing an incomparable grin, with a black air all over his body Surrounded, the last sentence is almost roar.

Even if he knew that the other person’s appearance was transfigured, Lin Yuan was still aroused by Heart Demon.

“Little black flood dragon ~elder sister found you!”

The six-tailed monster fox suddenly smiled and looked at the station of the Ministry of Industry. After all, the breath of Lin Yuan suddenly appeared. It broke out, and there was no intention to cover it afterwards, but everyone who was not blind could sense the existence of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan sneered, icily said: “Fox demon, this king gives you a suggestion. Use the Illusion Technique to cover your charming bones. This king can promise that you will suffer less crimes in your lifetime.”


hearing this, the two fox demons are slightly startled.

Is this black flood dragon sick?

They come from the Su Clan family and the Pure Fox family. They are all once-in-a-millennium foxes. Ordinary creatures will immediately let go of all hostility when they see them, and they will relax their vigilance at the worst. , After all, what those creatures see is the beauty they most dream of, unless it is the kind of hate who kills their wives and proves the way in person.

But how difficult is it to kill a wife?

Don’t say that a lot of people can kill their wives to prove the truth. If they can easily slap that hand, it means that they have never loved them. The so-called wife has always been a tool man in their eyes that’s all.

Could this black flood dragon be the kind of existence that can really kill a wife and prove the truth?

3 breaths time in the past, Lin Yuan’s cold voice sounded again: “The negotiation broke down. In that case, this king will let you experience all the pain in this world, and then obliterate your body and refine your Primordial Spirit, wash countless years with the black liquid of the underworld, let you sink into the end of all things in loneliness and pain!”

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