Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 350

As soon as this statement came out, Brigitte looked grim and said: “How could they be in such a forest where no one cares and we don’t know how?”

“This gray forest, let alone them, even me, I don’t know how this forest is. There will be a lot of phantoms to confuse you!”

“You can’t find your way out. If you didn’t follow you, I would have lost my way!! Rui Beast, how could it come to such a deserted forest?”

“Nothing Meaning!”

“I think you don’t look like you will get lost. If you want to say lost, you are also impossible. It’s the real way, but the way in your heart? If you feel that there is nothing Meaning!”

“Why are you nervous?” Yun Chen stretched out a hand and grabbed Brigitte’s shoulder, feeling the tension from Brigitte’s shoulder.

This sense of tension is like Mental has been tense and worried about what will happen.

Although Brigitte’s expression did not betray her, her body has already betrayed her, because Yun Chen knows her body very well. In the original work, the emerald swan family, for some big things, especially very serious things, There is one thing that Metropolis and Insect have, that is, danger prediction.

And Brigitte will certainly have it. After all, she is the Emerald Swan patriarch, and she has been through the 600,000-year cultivation base, and her danger prediction is more delicate.

Be clearer about the source.

Actually, at first Yun Chen would not ask Brigitte about the trio of Rui Beasts coming here. Yun Chen did not believe that the three Rui Beasts would not go to a good place.

I came to a bottomless blue forest. It was not until the eight-headed group of angry wolves appeared that Yun Chen changed his mind. This angry wolf originally lived alone.

Suddenly you can fight with eight heads together, and find everyone’s position, immediately rushing towards Tang San, it is only Dai Mubai who cuts his head.

This shows that the angry wolves must have something to do with Tang San, and Tang San not at all has been to the blue forest. How did it come from? Ok!

It must have been made by the two little calves of Yinling Saint Cat.

After all, these two little calves have been looking for opportunities to retaliate against Tang San.

Using various methods, it seems that Flender will suddenly take the path of the green forest, and it is probably also affected by the ghost cat.

Otherwise it is impossible to take this long road.

From Shrek Academy to Star Luo Empire, there are three huge forests, one of which is Sunset Forest, there is also a Cangling Forest, and a forest called Light and Shadow Forest.

These three forests, Sunset Forest, are the safest in a sense. There are very few Spirit Beasts, and most of them are plant-based Spirit Beasts to hide themselves.

It is difficult to detect.

The forest of light and shadow, almost all of the Spirit Beast of a thousand years, there are some Spirit Beast of ten thousand years, but not as ferocious as the angry wolf wolf, and the rest of the green forest.

Not only are the angry waves wolves, but there are also the wolf of blue sound, the wolf of falling shadow, this kind of overlord, among them, there is a cultivation base similar to that of the red king.

This forest, danger lurks on every side, is like the core area of ​​Star Dou Great Forest. Few humans set foot because it is too mysterious and unknown.

Without a human being to open the way, how can you go out? ?

Flender chose such a forest this time, there must be a reason.

Yun Chen guesses that the two little calves of the Yinling Saint Cat must use some method to convince Flender that there are good things in the green forest.

And let Flender walk into the green forest without the slightest hesitation.

But absolutely didn’t expect. After entering the green forest, what happened would definitely exceed Flender’s expectation. As soon as you walk in, there will be an 80,000-year-old Spirit Beast raid.

And the number will be more and stronger.

Slightly careless, Shrek Seven Devils may become Six Devils.

The only purpose of the Yinling Saint Cat is Tang San.

The rest are innocent. Although they are innocent, they will be injured one by one according to the personality of the sacred cat. It is impossible to go out normally.

This Fenderer, sure enough, there is still a lack of muscle in his mind.

I would be fooled.

At the same time, Yun Chen is also curious about how the Yinling Saint Cat persuaded Flender to choose the Green Forest.

Brigitte took a deep breath and said: “I’m not nervous!! Why do you see the word nervous on my face?”

“I didn’t see it. , I figured it out, Brigitte, if you have something to hide from me, you should tell it!! lest accidents happen when the time comes, we can be in trouble!”

“Although yours Thoughts will definitely not cheat me, but in a sense, it will make me go the wrong way! Do you understand?” Yun Chen looked at Brigitte seriously.

This made Brigitte not know what to say for a while, and was silent for a few minutes before she spoke and said, “Okay, let me tell you! Those three guys are in this forest.”


“Just like you said, the angry wave wolf lives alone, suddenly there are eight heads, and they are impossible to the outside world! The only thing that can make the angry wave wolf do this.”

“Impossible is powerful, but a kind of transaction.”

“With the special effects of the three-eyed golden yin, the angry wolves will cooperate, otherwise the angry wolves are impossible. In front of us.”

“That is to say, from the moment we stepped into the green forest, our position has been exposed, exposed to the eyes of the three-eyed golden dog.”


“There will be all kinds of sinister things on the road, and they will all be related to the three-eyed golden 猊! And the three-eyed golden 猊 is not an evil kind, and it is estimated to be bewitched by the sacred cat.”

“So These will appear.”

“These are nothing…what’s the tension about these? Worrying about Shrek Seven Devils? You won’t be a teacher, you are really addicted Right?” Yun Chen looked at Brigitte in surprise.

Bridget replied: “They are also children…like three-eyed golden ya, full of unknown children for some things! I don’t want these children to have trouble.”

“This is just a point of tension, and one more thing. If you follow the road and find the three-eyed golden dog, it is a ten thousand-year beast. If they are inside, or Flender, Yu Xiaogang, Liu Erlong need Rui The beast…”

“Then it is a disaster of extinction. I will definitely not let go of the three-eyed golden dog.”

“Why are you so sure, this Once the three guys find the three-eyed golden dog, they will hunt it down?” Yun Chen looked at Brigitte suspiciously.

Bricket explained: “Because their three Spirit fusion skills are the golden Sacred Dragon. The pure bloodline of the three-eyed golden 猊 is the descendant of the Golden Dragon.”

” Although there are other bloodline hybrids, it still has something to do with the golden Sacred Dragon.”

“Speaking of our Spirit Beast, the three-eyed golden dog, if it develops normally, if the cultivation is the same as Di Tian, ​​then it It is possible to truly become a beast god.”

“Its power of destiny can cover itself and make everything in God Realm undetectable.”

“It’s just a cultivation base It’s not enough, so I have been restraining it and not letting it go out.”

“It is like a piece of meat. Any carnivore will not let it go. If we find the Golden Triangle, it will definitely be. No mercy.”

“Especially Yu Xiaogang among them, Spirit repairs normally, but a bloodline is missing. If this bloodline gets three-eyed golden 猊, then Yu Xiaogang’s Spirit is It will be changed to Golden Dragon.”

“The golden Sacred Dragon will not just in name only, but also in reality…So, even if Yu Xiaogang doesn’t want it, Liu Erlong and Flender, I will definitely not let it go.”

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