Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 351

“Therefore, the three-eyed golden pyre must not be found, otherwise there will be endless troubles.”

“We will also face the last three-eyed golden pyre in history. We also plan to let it mate, give birth, and give birth to more three-eyed golden gibberish!”

“If those newly born three-eyed golden gibberish also have the same gas as this three-eyed golden gibberish With luck and the power of destiny, then we Spirit Beast will truly stand up!” Brigitte said her thoughts very positively.

This made Yun Chen couldn’t help but think carefully, well, this probability is not fake, but certain.

Flender and Liu Erlong, if they really find three-eyed golden gloom, and Yu Xiaogang’s Spirit has been repaired and turned into a normal Luo San Pao, Luo San Pao is still a waste Spirit.

The Qixia color wing grass that Yun Chen gave him was just a modification of its innate Spirit Power, and Innate’s innate talent, plus some comprehension.

Let an abandoned Spirit naturally have a normal cultivation speed.

So Yu Xiaogang is also a Spirit King now, but his spirit ring is not clear to him. He has never used it before, but he definitely has one.

Flender will definitely prepare it for him.

But the Spirit of Luo San Pao is still an abandoned Spirit. Yu Xiaogang wants to change Luo San Pao, so there is only one answer, and that is to find something that can be related to Luo San Pao bloodline.

The very powerful Spirit Beast replaces it.

The three-eyed golden 猊 obviously meets this point, even though the three-eyed golden 猊 Golden Dragon simulates a kind of Spirit, in the second life generation, Wang Qiuer’s setting.

But in fact, the three-eyed Jinya is the offspring of Golden Dragon.

It’s just not produced by two Golden Dragons.

He was born to Spirit Beast on one side and the other.

Yu Xiaogang’s Spirit can also be changed.

By swallowing method.

Like the evil Spirit Master…

Yu Xiaogang may not agree to swallow the three-eyed golden jewel and strengthen himself, but Flender and Liu Erlong must Will agree and even force Yu Xiaogang to swallow it.

Because only in this way, Yu Xiaogang will be stronger and will catch up with them.

As the Grandmaster of Shrek Academy, you can’t keep walking with Luo San Pao, the Spirit, otherwise, it will be noticed by others in the future.

So Shrek Academy has always had a teacher who abandoned Spirit? ?

This is a kind of black history.

Flender definitely doesn’t want to see it.

Therefore, Flender, Liu Erlong, whether it is for public or private reasons, will force Yu Xiaogang to swallow the three-eyed golden dog.

Brigitte’s worries are necessary.

What Brigitte is afraid of is that the three-eyed Jinya doesn’t know how to hide herself, or is unstable, if someone finds out, then it is a nightmare.

The sacred cat is not afraid.

There are not many who like the Yinling Saint cat.

The three-eyed golden dog is different.

Three-eyed Jinya is still a simple little child, and he must not make mistakes.

Yun Chen took a deep breath and said: “Never mind! I understand what you said, so let me find a chance for you and avoid them.”

“You Bring back the three-eyed Jinyao and lock it in a cage…”

“Cage???” Brigitte obviously startled, what kind of cage?

Furthermore, using a cage to close a Spirit Beast like Ji Xiang, especially the benefit of this Spirit Beast is higher than that of Di Tian, ​​is there some downgrade? ?

Yun Chen replied: “Yes, I have a special cage. If I put it in, there will be a barrier wall. No one can break this wall. It cannot be broken inside, nor can it be broken outside. Like no dead ends, only the blood of the owner of the cage can be used to unlock it.”

“This cage can limit the ability of the three-eyed golden grub. At the same time, it can also prevent others from seeing its ability. Put it in a cage.”

“From the outside, it looks like a dog, unremarkable, and will not have any special features.”

“When the time comes, you just find one Excuse me, it was an order from Yun Faweng. This is the goal of the research, so there will be no more problems.”

“Well, I can only try tentatively.” Brigitte I had no choice but to agree. Although there were some concerns, I remembered that it was Yun Chen’s preparation that it shouldn’t be a problem.

And Yun Chen immediately entered the world of his own thought, and said to the system, “system, make me such a cage!”

“Uh… .. Host, it takes a certain amount of things to get!! Your cage, the effect is very domineering, and it is not a normal cage.” System was speechless for a while.

Yun Chen asked: “Come less, don’t you say that you fully support it? Now, let me talk about conditions?”

“This is not a condition, it is a kind of Rules.”

“Your requirements are too high, I can give you a low-profile version! Give it to you for free. This is a private gift of system!” System said that he was powerless.

Yun Chen asked again: “Low profile? What quality?”

“The same as yours, except that this cage can be opened by anyone, And locked, but the cage cannot be opened in the cage.”

“Equivalent to cancel the 1st floor safely, but the other effects are still the same.” system reminded.

This makes Yun Chen frowned, that is to say, this cage does not need any blood to open, anyone can open it casually.

This does remove a layer of security.

But it doesn’t matter, I use my bone spirit to lock him up.

No one else can open it.

It’s all the same,

It’s just a matter of convenience.

Yun Chen said: “Okay! Give me the whole one.”

“Understood! The Spirit Beast cage has been distributed…the host can extract it.” system sends a message.

Getting the information, Yun Chen quickly cut off the dialogue with system.

Take out the cage directly and look down. It turns out that it is pink. This makes Yun Chen startled, good guy, why is this color so irritating? ?

But it doesn’t matter…

pink gives people a little girl’s visual effect. Brigitte can hold her without any problems, but others will talk a lot. Scream.

A graceful and graceful Goddess gives people a kind of gentle feeling, in fact, he is actually a girl in his heart.


Yun Chen took out the cage to Brigitte, and said to Brigitte: “Just use this… Although there are some problems with the color! But it’s okay.”

“The effect is the same.”

“You go now! Let’s get it done sooner. As for the Yinling Saint Cat, give me a beating fiercely, or grab it for me, these two little calves .”

“It seems that I can’t let it go, I have to find them a good job.”

“For example, Spirit Hall lacks two court ladies…well, These two guys are pretty good. Anyway, they are very busy every day…Let Bibi Dong clean up.”

“Okay!!” Hearing this, Brigitte immediately As promised, it instantly turned into one after another afterimage, and disappeared.

Leave Yun Chen alone.

ka ka ka! !

Just as soon as Brigitte left, Shrek Seven Devils, each came back one after another. Among them, Ma Hongjun looked at Yun Chen alone and asked: “Where is Luo teacher??”

“My grandfather has something to arrange for her, so she will go ahead!!”

“Don’t worry!!”

“Why, ask, what do you want to eat today? “Yun Chen slightly smiled, and immediately changed the subject.

As soon as he heard eating, Ma Hongjun instantly resurrected Yun Chen and said: “Eat?? Looking at these materials, it is obvious that you can only just casually take a look!”

“But, I want to eat curry…”

“Curry, right?”

“Leave it to me! I’ll do it for you “Hearing this, Yun Chen narrowed his eyes into a straight line and took the mushroom in Ma Hongjun’s hand.

And Yun Chen’s sudden promise made Ma Hongjun look shocked.

Ma Hongjun hesitated and said: “No…No way?? You don’t mean to say, you come to cook? This won’t kill people, right?”

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