Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 352

“cracking a joke? I think it’s the same as you when I cook?? Dark cuisine?? I can tell you, even if you think my spirit power is very ordinary! But in the cooking area, I guess there are few in this world that can beat me!”

“A trifling curry is not a special thing. Someone must make it. My grandfather and I have been traveling for years.”

“Seeing the World, if you don’t know how to eat, don’t our grandparents starve to death in vain? I will not only make curry, but also make it very delicious.”

“Take out all the mushrooms in your collection. Don’t miss one. Today I will show you the terrifying part of my cooking.”

Yun Chen was not happy at the time. , Actually suspect that what you make will eat people to death? ? cracking a joke? His own cooking skills can be said to be Number One Person in the mainland of Douluo.

Huo Yuhao’s grilled fish are all behaviors of his younger brother. No matter that era, there is no one who can compete with himself in cooking, even if he doesn’t use the system to help.

Equivalent to Yun Chen is a social animal living alone. Although living alone is very lonely and lonely, it has some advantages, that is, cooking.

There must be no problem.

After all, he has to support himself, so Yun Chen puts a lot of effort into cooking.

a trifling Douluo mainland, don’t you just want to eat curry? ?

I will give you a whole chowder vegetable curry for your taste.

Moreover, in the original book of Douluo mainland, there is no such food as curry. This food is a characteristic that Yun Chen brought from his World.

A delicacy developed by borrowing the superficial identity of Spirit Hall.

Therefore, Ma Hongjun can utter the word curry. It is not a play, but Yun Chen’s recipe has changed some tastes.

Yun Chen is a doctor on the surface, Spirit Master of the healing department, a famous doctor, Yun Fa Weng.

At the same time, he is also a scientist, researcher, revolutionary, and even a politician, thinker and military strategist.

It can be regarded as a very wide range. The more important point is that Yun Chen is a chef not just in name only, but also in reality. Yun Chen’s identity is more than just a cloud hairworn.

Coming to the mainland of Douluo, it has been almost 20 years since I started, how can I achieve nothing? ?

Not only won the Spirit Hall, but also created its own scientific progress to change the original stubborn pattern of the Douluo continent.

If you want to say that Tang San’s son of the plane, invented Hidden Weapons.

Then Yun Chen is the Lord of Universe, creating all kinds of unknowable things, so that anyone does not know how to refute these things with gaps.

The gap in Tang San’s Hidden Weapons is obvious. Hidden Weapons Hidden Weapons can only be used for sneak attack, not just and honorable, otherwise it will not be Hidden Weapons.

Hidden Weapons is not a straightforward and upright thing, but rather an obscure thing.

Get back to business…..

Ma Hongjun looked slightly startled and said: “Damn, why did you know that I am hiding mushrooms? Did you keep following me just now?? No way?”

“Yun Qianqiu, you still have such a hobby?? Follow me a big man, is it because I can become handsome, so you are obsessed with me??”

“Fuck off!! I didn’t follow you, but the strong smell of fungus on your body, except for mushrooms, is it possible that is your body fragrance?” Yun Chen ruthless retorted.

Following Ma Hongjun, what did it do? ?

Only one may follow Ma Hongjun, and only his future silly wife, Bai Chenxiang, right?

There is one person left and there is no one to follow.

Ma Hongjun laughed and said: “Okay! It seems that the mushroom has a strong fragrance, which is all smelled by your dog’s nose!”

“Not only Just sniff it out, I still know that you have a lot of poisonous mushrooms in your collection!! If I don’t remind you, I am afraid that you are sneaking up secretly, when the time comes, you will blame everyone.” Yun Chen The face doesn’t change looking at Ma Hongjun, although he is a simple and honest chubby look.

But, actually, Ma Hongjun is quite stupid in a sense.

Especially if you eat this piece, you will not only have one or two bad stomachs.

Ma Hongjun obviously started, and said: “Impossible, right? The mushrooms in my collection. I checked. Impossible will appear poisonous mushrooms!”

“You are a fat man Is it a second product? Don’t you know that the better-looking mushrooms are, the more toxic it is?”

“Look for yourself!!!”

Speaking, Ma Hongjun took out a lot of mushrooms These mushrooms grow crooked, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they have no luster.

It’s ugly.

It is true that beautiful mushrooms are highly poisonous, such a negative statement.

However, Ma Hongjun is negligent. Ma Hongjun has five highly poisonous mushrooms in his hand, the most famous of which is the Hericium erinaceus in the mainland of Douluo.

This Hericium erinaceus is just like the Hericium erinaceus, but the color is different. The Hericium erinaceus is mostly white, while the one in Ma Hongjun’s hand is grayish brown.

This gray-brown top has a strong moisture and odor. Obviously, this mushroom grows in humid places, and it grows out of a lot of waste grass and waste.

It is a kind of mushroom that will produce hallucinations when eaten.

In the waste, even weeds can’t survive, but this mushroom can survive, but it still grows so big, is there no problem? ?

Yun Chen selected a lot of toxic mushrooms, all of which are a feature, that is, the taste contains a strong wet smell, just like growing in a stinky drain.

All these Yun Chens are excluded, they are impossible to eat.

“Damned Fatty, you really don’t have much use, except you can eat, but you don’t know anything about it.” Just as Ma Hongjun was surprised, Xiao Wu’s voice came out.

I saw Xiao Wu and Oscar, both holding a lot of mushrooms in their hands, and returned to the camp…..

Among them, Xiao Wu was the head, pointing to Ma Hongjun for a while despise.

This made Ma Hongjun dissatisfied at the time, and asked: “What is this called?? None of the mushrooms you are talking about seem to be poisonous, and the colors are so gorgeous!!”

“Also There is something special about orange!!”

“You don’t understand this. This is called Cyclobalanopsis, and it is also a kind of mushroom. This kind of mushroom is used for cooking, there is no problem! Although it is long It’s much more gorgeous.”

“But there is no toxicity at all, only one toxicity, that is, if you don’t wash it clean, eat some of its own dirty things, and these dirty things, at most, let you I think it tastes bad.” Xiao Wu looked at Ma Hongjun with confidence, just like a Pinocchio.

Yun Chen glanced at it. The cyanobacteria in Xiao Wu’s hands were really cyanobacteria.

Cyclobalanopsis is a modern type of delicious mushrooms, and did not expect Douluo in mainland China.

Looking at Xiao Wu’s expression, it’s not the first time she picks up this mushroom. Obviously, this is the characteristic of Spirit Beast, right?

Wild fruits and mushrooms can be identified at a glance if there are any problems.

Oscar’s hands are the common shiitake mushrooms…..

Yun Chen slightly smiled, saying: “Xiao Wu, this time is right, Fatty, you are not suitable for picking Mushrooms, you should dig the soil! Potatoes or sweet potatoes may be in the soil!”

“You must see those things at a glance, and they taste good.”

“hmph!! Isn’t it just a few mushrooms?? I am so proud of wool?” Ma Hongjun was coldly snorted and expressed dissatisfaction, looking at Xiao Wu proudly.

Appears like a fool.

Xiao Wu bickered and said: “Trifling a few mushrooms, but you can see the gap in knowledge between us. You… are like a child who is not growing up. You still Go dig for potatoes and sweet potatoes!!!”

“…” Ma Hongjun was speechless, so he could only turn around, moved towards some soil slope and took out a branch, Digging for it.

The rest, Yun Chen, Oscar, Xiao Wu.

Oscar asked: “Rongrong, Zhuqing, where are they?? Haven’t come back yet?”

“It should be about the same!” Yun Chen replied disapprovingly, these two, It’s impossible.

shua shua! !

“Ah!!!” However, just when everyone thought the two men were okay, a sharp cry came out from Ning Rongrong’s scream.

This time, attract everyone’s attention.

Everyone immediately, chased after the sound source moved towards Ning Rongrong.

Including, Flender, Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang, all set off together.

For fear of some accidents.

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