Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 353

shua shua!

Everyone came to the location of Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing. This is a jungle. When I looked up, everyone was completely dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

I saw, I don’t know when, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing are already ready to fight, staring straight at a very strange-looking butterfly on their heads.

This butterfly has very huge wings. Only half of the wings are about the size of the angry wolf wolf, and there are nine different colors on the wings.

Like the nine-color butterfly, the body of the butterfly is very small. At the same time, the color and the nine-color of the wings are completely different, only one big blue.

If this is not the continent of Douluo, Yun Chen would definitely think that this butterfly may be a blue morpho, a butterfly species that exists in reality.

It’s very beautiful, and the pollen on your body carries a certain amount of virus. Once inhaled into your lungs, it will make you cough and cough wildly.

The main rule will make you feel that you cannot breathe smoothly…

Of course, this is a butterfly in reality, and the continent of Douluo has always been classified as Spirit Beast. And there is a skull-like tattoo on the wings.

The small long whiskers radiate out like dragon whiskers.

A pair of naked eyes, but with more than 1,000 compound eyes, can be regarded as a kind of Spirit Beast that looks beautiful but is actually terrifying.

Spirit Beast of the Douluo continental butterfly type is a super rare thing.

Didn’t expect, there will be one in this green forest.

“Everyone, don’t look at its wings!!” Yun Chen didn’t even speak yet, Tang San hurriedly shouted loudly, motioning everyone not to look at its wings.

This made everyone ask in unison: “Why?”

Including, Yu Xiaogang, Fleender, are the first time I have seen this weird Spirit Beast, And you can’t look at its wings. This is a big discovery.

Tang San replied: “This is called Jiucai, Rainbow Butterfly!! It is a variant of Spirit Beast. Although it is a butterfly, it does not have the characteristics of a butterfly at all!”

“It is a miscellaneous Spirit Beast. It not only eats plants, but even meat is also edible! And, Jiucai, Rainbow Butterfly has been extinct for thousands of years!!”

“Because of some changes in the climate, it is not suitable to survive…..I also saw it for the first time!!”

“It has been extinct for thousands of years? So how do you know its name?” Ma Hongjun looked at Tang San confusedly, but still didn’t understand.

Tang San was speechless for a while and didn’t know how to answer Ma Hongjun. He knew that these nine rainbow light butterflies were introduced to him by Demi-God’s blood baby Douluo.

Blood baby Douluo, once also a scholar, although he was born in a few thousand years, but at that time, there were still some people who were Spirit of Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly.

Naturally understand the problem of the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly.

Tang San’s eyes quizzically circled and said: “A book I have read during my experience is recorded in it! You can’t look at its wings!”

” Just like its name, Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, Nine Colors, just like a rainbow, different colors, but the wings emit bursts of rays of light.”

“This rays of light, in fact It’s its compound eyes. It’s different from other butterflies. It has only one pair of eyes. The remaining tens of millions of compound eyes are all hidden on the wings!”

“If we keep looking at its wings, it It will make you fall into the illusion of the top secret, which is a special Mental Spirit Beast.”

“The physical attack is very poor, and it depends on Mental to attack your target.”

“Is this… so exaggerated?” Ma Hongjun instantly dropped a drop of sweat on his forehead.

In Oscar’s eyes, the black and white eyeballs turned into pink in an instant, and he whispered: “Why didn’t you say it earlier!!”


Oscar took a look at any time, and sure enough, was attracted by the wings of the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, and forced Oscar into the world of illusion.

Leave Oscar in a sluggish state.

However, Oscar is not the only one who is dull, Zhu Zhuqing is in the same situation as Oscar, and his eyes do not have a normal black and white match.

It’s a pale pink, plus some golden.

But with a smile, like dreaming of a perfect picture.

The scene was suddenly chaotic.

Oscar, Zhu Zhuqing, and Liu Erlong are all in the hallucinations, and the rest are Ma Hongjun, Tang San, Yun Chen, Flender and Yu Xiaogang.

These people kept their heads down, and did not dare to look at the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly.

Deliberately avoid being drawn into the illusion World.

Only Yun Chen is very calm, pulling into the illusion world. What is the difference between this and one of his skills, monthly reading?

It’s just that the world of monthly reading is made by myself, and it is all painful.

The World of Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly is full of beautiful things.

That’s why people are obsessed with this World. Even if there is a chance to come out, they will not come out. It is completely lost to their desire for ideals.

“zhi zhi zhi!!!” The Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly suddenly made a few weird calls. The wings on its body had nine colors, purple, blue, red, yellow, green, pink, and black. White, blue.

The nine colors suddenly increase in frequency, zoom in infinitely, increase the range, and envelop everyone in such a range.

This makes Flender obviously startled. As an experienced person, he knows what the situation is.

Flender reminded: “It seems that this Spirit Beast is at least 70,000 years old, right? This is a Domain type Spirit Ability!!”

“Not only It’s more than 70,000 years, maybe even 100,000 years Spirit Beast. Otherwise, how could Erlong, as a Spirit Saint, be affected by the ten thousand years Spirit Beast?”

“This Domain is really weird.. ….” Yu Xiaogang said, Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly is more terrifying than 70,000 years. The Domain type Spirit Ability is at least available for the precious Spirit Beast.

Most of the 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast can be opened, only some extinct, the peerless Spirit Beast will bring its own.

General Spirit Beast is impossible to open the Domain type Spirit Ability.

ka ka!!

At the moment the Domain opened, everyone in this space convulsed, as if they were tied up by something, impossible to move.

sou sou! !

“This is its Domain, called Jiucai Domain. It is a domain that is fully attribute-reversed! The higher your level, the lower the dropped data.”

“However, some low-level players can exert several times more power.”

“However, in this domain, everyone can’t rely on the fleshy body to support themselves, only rely on Mental , If Mental is weak, it is very likely to fall immediately!!”

“Unconsciousness.” Tang San explained.


“You…why didn’t you say it earlier?” With this explanation, Ma Hongjun’s mouth twitched, and suddenly foamed at the mouth…


Ma Hongjun fell down again, Mental, Ma Hongjun has not been very good.

Wumen Dunjia cannot exercise Mental, only fleshy body.

Naturally, they will not be super protected.

Flender yelled anxiously: “Ma Hongjun!!!”

“Dean, don’t worry… it won’t be a problem, Fatty, but just like Zhuqing, it’s stuck In the illusion, as long as we drive away the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, then it will be back to normal!!”

“It’s just that…this Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, I am also the first duel, and you too! ! We don’t know exactly what grade it is!”

“Although its spirit ring must be a tonic for Mental, I think we still don’t keep our hands, just think of a way, use Do your best!!”

Tang San said helplessly.


Yu Xiaogang and Flender took a look at each other, and unanimously said to the outside: “Just do what you say!!”

“Wait a minute…this spirit ring, for Rongrong is a kind of top grade spirit ring!!! And its grade is only forty thousand years!!!”

“It’s just a powerful mental force!!!” Just as Flender and Yu Xiaogang , Xiao Wu, Tang San prepared to launch a general attack in one breath, but Yun Chen stopped talking.

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