Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 354

“Have you made a mistake?” Erlong, deputy Dean, is a genuine Spirit Saint. As a Spirit Saint, will mental force be worse than your Spirit King? “

“Is this impossible? Originally breakthrough Spirit Saint, opening Spirit avatar….. It needs a lot of Mental to support, but Erlong will be such a one, which is already extinct. Spirit Beast is restricted by Mental?”

“This suffices to show that this Spirit Beast has a cultivation base of at least 70,000 years, otherwise it will not be able to shake Spirit Saint, and Mental has even reached A level that surpasses Spirit Saint.”

“This Spirit Beast, we don’t immediately execute it, but still keep it? Waiting for Rongrong to absorb it? First of all, Rongrong will not fall into this Spirit Beast. Is it in the hallucinations?”

“Secondly, although Rongrong has gone through various penances, life and death training, it is not enough to explain that she can absorb one that can rely on Mental to control Spirit Saint’s Spirit Beast!”

“In case, on our side, we don’t deal with it immediately, Erlong, Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Fatty and Little Ao, what should they do if they have an accident?”

Yun Chen’s words made Fenderer object to it. This is too risky. This so-called Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, trifling a 10,000-year Spirit Beast, can easily let a Spirit Saint into the world of illusion.

Forced to pull in, how could it be mediocre? ? Although it is a Spirit Beast, how many Spirit Beasts are impossible to achieve this?

The 70,000-year-old Spirit Beast is not only a high-ranking talent, but also a Top Rank for the innate talent.

Only, now there is only Ning Rongrong of Spirit Ancestor level, mental force is not as good as Liu Erlong’s existence, why can absorb the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly? ?

In case of a backlash state by absorption, it is an unacceptable result.

In any case, it is not safe.

Why do you have to take a risk?

As for Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and you, I will not refuse to make such a request, but Ning Rongrong is so distinctive.

Father is Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Sect Master.

If there is a slight accident in your daughter, a trifling Shrek Academy, isn’t it easy to be destroyed? ?

No matter what the situation is, Flender will not accept Yun Chen’s proposal.

Until, Yun Chen explained: “Who said this Spirit Beast belongs to the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly?”

“Isn’t it?? There are nine colors on the wings. ….. Moreover, there is also a strong Mental interference. The Spirit Beast of the Mental system is scarce.”

“It is still ten thousand years. Isn’t it only the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly can do it?” Tang San looked at Yun Chen suspiciously, thinking that this was a nine-rainbow butterfly.

Yun Chen was faintly smiled and said: “Really? If it is really the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, then I would not dare to look at its wings!”

“I will let you take a look!!”

shua shua! !

“What do you want to do?”

“Eh eh!!!”

“Yun Qianqiu!!”

Flender, Tang San and Yu Xiaogang thought that Yun Chen was going to do something and stopped them for a while, but there was no longer a Spirit Master who was in a hallucination.

Otherwise, would Shrek Seven Devils be destroyed? ? This knot of bones should not be brave! !

And Tang San, although he stopped Yun Chen in his mouth and told Yun Chen not to do it, his eyes were full of expectations and seemed to be somewhat happy.

Yun Chen decisively stared at the so-called Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly.

Look at the past, sending out a burst of intense pink rays of light.

rays of light is like a burst of light, shooting every step of Yun Chen.

The Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly looked at Yun Chen with a weird look, as if to say, are you crazy, human? ? Look at my wings? ?

I am not just in name only, but also in reality, the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly! !

However, in the next scene, everyone was completely dumbfounded, and Tang San couldn’t believe it for a while.

“Is there a problem?? How am I doing well?” Yun Chen and Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly’s wings looked at each other, then turned around and looked at Tang San with disapproval. .

This turn around, everyone is observing Yun Chen’s every move, wanting to see if Yun Chen will show the same scene as Tang San said.

However, not at all.

Yun Chen has always maintained his best condition and has no response at all.

This made the three of them suddenly confused.

“Impossible!!!” Tang San couldn’t accept it even more. What happened to him, why was he beaten in the face by fiercely again? ?

Impossible, I remember clearly, this is obviously the nine rainbow light butterfly, the tattoo on the wings is like two terrifying eyes.

As you are gazing at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you, the same situation.

Yun Chen did not fall into the hallucinations.

Could Yun Chen’s mental force be very strong? ? More terrifying than Liu Erlong? ?

It shouldn’t be.

Yun Chen is a Spirit King. No matter how Spirit King grows, in Mental state, he is impossible and Spirit Saint mentions on equal terms, who has opened Spirit avatar.

The same is true even with plug-ins.

What the hell is going on.

Yun Chen did not immediately explain. Instead, he looked at Tang San slightly smiled and said: “What is impossible? This is not the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly!!!”

“This thing is only forty thousand years old. The real name is Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly!! It is a race with Nine-Colored Light Butterfly, but in fact it is just a hybrid product of Spirit Beast!”

“You didn’t take a closer look at first. This butterfly has four light green beards. No matter what the situation, the beard of Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly will only have two.”

“And Nine Color Fluorescence Butterfly, each beard, color represents its own cultivation base, a total of four, it proves that it is a 40,000-year-old Spirit Beast.”

“Take a closer look, its legs Does it fall with a trace of silver powder? This is an unchangeable feature of the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly.”

“The Nine-Colored Butterfly, there will be no silver powder. Even if it is a butterfly !”

pa!! !

“Then how do you explain the situation of Rongrong, Zhuqing, Fatty, Little Ao, and Erlong Aunt?” Tang San seems to have some disbelief, thinking that Yun Chen is nonsense.

I can remember the appearance of the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly clearly, and just now, the blood baby Douluo kept reminding him that it was impossible to make a mistake.

Yun Chen is just a child, impossible so clearly the two differences.

Yun Chen was shrugged and said: “Wait a minute, Rongrong is not included here. Rongrong is still sober! As for the rest of the people, it is not the situation that appeared in the eye.”

“Is it silver powder?” Just as Yun Chen was going to continue speaking, Yu Xiaogang was the first to decipher the answer.

Yun Chen snapped his fingers and said, “Yes, it is the silver powder that has been scattered on its body. Of course, it cannot be said that Tang San completely admits wrong!”

“At least they The abilities are very similar. They all make people hallucinate.”

“The only difference is that the illusion World of the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly can be controlled by its deity, while the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly Can’t make the decision.”

“Its silver powder hallucinogenic effect is not terrifying, as long as the things you desire in your heart are not terrifying, so naturally it is not terrifying.”

“Like, Erlong Vice The same as Dean, are you a little nervous when you look at her? Is it a smile on your face? If I didn’t guess wrong.”

“Erlong Deputy Dean, in the illusion, has already been with Grandmaster Married and gave birth to a child? Look at this satisfied smile, he must be a son.”

“…” Yun Chen’s words make Yu Xiaogang face full of black lines, good fellow, so In short, it is really possible.

Not only Liu Erlong is smiling, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, and Oscar all blush, just like getting what they want.

This picture…

There is no terrifying at all.

It’s like the land of dreams…

Tang San is dumbfounded, because Yu Xiaogang and Flender are indeed looking at the so-called Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly again. Nothing at all.

Very normal and harmonious…

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