Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 355

“This…then how can we have no problem?” Most of Fleender already believed Yun Chen’s words, but raised a very direct doubt.

This time, Tang San also bit this point and asked, “Yes! If this is really not a nine-rainbow butterfly, then why are we all right?”

“In fact, it is a nine-rainbow light butterfly, because we did not look at the eyeballs on its wings, so we are all right.”

“tsk tsk. …. It’s a duck that’s dead, and my mouth is still very hard!!”

“Who said you are all right?”

“You and I, both inhaled a lot of silver powder , But we have no illusions. There is actually only one answer! The answer is very simple.”

“Because we are not happy.”

“I said, this silver powder is Pull the goal into a happy illusion world, provided that you have the happy things you desire! Erlong Deputy Dean has…”

“Zhuqing also has it, Little Ao has it, let alone Fatty.”

“They want beautiful things, only we are different.” Facing Tang San, Yun Chen wanted to give Tang San a big mouth for a while.

This Tang San suddenly became a master of leverage? ?

Why the silver powder of the nine-color fluorescent butterfly is useless to you, because you are immune to it, and it has no effect on each of you.

Obviously, what you want in your heart is not perfect? ?

For example, Tang San, if what you wanted was to be with Xiao Wu all the time, find your father, and know all the secrets of your life experience.

Then you will definitely be affected.

But you Tang San, before this, it is not good, always thinking about surpassing anyone in Shrek Seven Devils, hoping to become the core again.

This is not beautiful, this is greed…

Nine-color fluorescent butterfly is a Spirit Beast without offensive. Although mental force is very powerful, it has a gentle personality. , Not good at fighting.

Naturally, it is impossible to create an illusion World where you have surpassed everyone and have fiercely stepped me under your feet.

Yes, Yun Chen knows very well that Tang San might wish to beat himself up, not only including Yun Qianqiu’s identity, but also his own identity as Yun-faweng.

Tang San has not been looking for himself these days, and he is also afraid of something. He wants to ask more clearly, but he is afraid that he is just like him.

All come from Tang Sect.

Because Yun Faweng announced Tang Sect Absolute Art that he only owns, and also added that he sent it to everyone in Shrek Seven Devils, this wave of operations.

It can be regarded as allowing Tang San to completely change his view of Yun Chen.

Tense and scared.

Be nervous, why does Yun Chen know all this? ? Can you see through your inner thoughts? ?

What kind of terrifying result is that? ?

But this result is very real. Otherwise, if you plan on each step, why Yun Chen can predict it in advance? Including the future around you.

As for being afraid, Tang San is afraid. Others know that he is not from the Douluo mainland, but from another continent. Yun Chen will be Tang Sect Absolute Art.

Does it also come from Tang Sect? ?

It’s equivalent to the plug-in I own. Suddenly it’s not a plug-in, it’s just a passing certificate…

I don’t have unique capital. Tang Sect Absolute Art also contains various This kind of Hidden Weapons manufacturing method is not called your own Hidden Weapons at all.

I did not invent it myself.

This is what Tang San fears.

Yu Xiaogang, why not be attracted by silver powder? It’s not because of some small things between himself and Liu Erlong, and some reasons for Bibi Dong.

Let him no longer have a trace of wishes and expectations.

Because they are all fake.

Flender is even more of a poor worm. He has been with Yu Xiaogang all the time. There is nothing, and all the family properties are lost. The Goddess he has a crush on, Liu Erlong also gives it to Yu Xiaogang.

Although Flender won’t regret it, it’s still sad.

These alone, silver powder can’t make them happy. In the words of a little child, those dream-eating beasts all like to eat the dreams of little children.

Because a child is full of dreams and beauty.

Fenderer does not have this qualification.

Where is Xiao Wu? ?

Isn’t that Tang San? Xiao Wu has always suspected that Tang San regards herself as a younger sister, and is even more afraid of her true identity as Spirit Beast after being discovered.

Will Tang San hate himself?

Disgusting that I am not a human being, at first deceives everyone.

In addition to some childhood events, my mother’s death, it is impossible to have another beautiful dream.


Everyone fell into a period of contemplation, and no one refuted Yun Chen’s words again.


None of them has good things left.

The rest is life.

They even look down on the Dream Eater…

“cough cough!!! But I still want to remind you that this nine-color fluorescent butterfly is really suitable for Rongrong, it The offensive is not strong, and it has a deceptive effect.”

“But Spirit Ability is very difficult to deal with, Domain Spirit Ability.”

“It is such a nine-color Domain, The effect is the same as the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, and the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly is killed, there will be two Spirit Ability.”

“The hybrid offspring of the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly, there is only one Kind of Spirit Ability, that’s Domain!”

“As for Spirit Bone, I don’t know if there is one.”

“I hope so! So let’s not kill. This Spirit Beast, the attack power is almost 0!! Rongrong can do it alone.”

Yun Chen reminded.

hearing this, Tang San was disdainful and said: “Rongrong?? Rely on her for a support system???”

“What?? As a support system, I can’t Do you have the ability to solo kill other support system Spirit Beast? Brother Brother, are you too arrogant?” Just when Tang San felt that he was impossible to execute this Spirit Beast with Ning Rongrong, Ning Rongrong voiced dissatisfaction. pop up.

Sure enough, Ning Rongrong has nothing to do.

Turn around naturally…

Looking at Tang San with a puzzled look, I thought to myself, why do you look down on me so much? Only allow you to kill by yourself? Don’t allow others?

This is too domineering, right?

“…” Tang San was speechless and didn’t know how to answer Ning Rongrong, but he still didn’t change his view of Ning Rongrong.

The Flender on the side asked fiercely: “Rongrong?? Since you are okay, what did you just scream for???”

“We thought… ….”

“Dean, I’m sorry! I screamed because this butterfly is so beautiful. It was the first time I saw this kind of Spirit Beast and screamed excitedly.”

“Actually I am not worried at all, but I didn’t expect that you will be affected by it, so I plan to see your attitude at first.”

“After all This Spirit Beast is not only needed by me, but Little Ao and Fatty fit it well.” Ning Rongrong hurriedly apologized, spitting out her little fragrant tongue in embarrassment.

Yu Xiaogang breathed a sigh of relief.

Nature will not blame Ning Rongrong, after all, Ning Rongrong frightened and flustered is normal.

Yu Xiaogang asked: “Then how do you hunt down this Spirit Beast? Although I want to recognize you, the support system does not have individual combat!!”

“At this point, Little San’s words are a bit awkward, but they also represent the facts.”

“Cut…you all look down on me! Let you take a look, I Not only the support system, but I also have the same system as Little San.”

“Jiubao is transferred out of Liuli, Jiubao is famous, and Jiubao Spiritual God… Nine-color aura array!!!”

Ning Rongrong was disapproving, his eyes closed slowly, and his long eyelashes were like the birth of a creature.

For about a few seconds, Ning Rongrong eyes opened. At that moment, Ning Rongrong’s eyes were filled with stars and the sea…like their pupils with colored eyes.

A burst of strong rays of light exudes from his body.

Rays of light actually have nine different colors, just like this Spirit Beast.

And these rays of light, all condensed together, turned into a treasure tower, a comet-like rays of light appeared at the Peak of the treasure tower, rushing to the sky.


Rushing to the sky, like an explosion like a fire like smoke, dropping countless fragments,

This fragment is like a meteor.

But it is much more beautiful than shooting stars because their colors are different.

When it falls, all locks to one position, that is, the body of the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly, which instantly turns into a whip like thorns, locking the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly.

“gu gu?” Let the nine-color fluorescent butterfly become impossible to move for a while, making a weird cry.

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