Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 356

“die for me!!!” Ning Rongrong loudly shouted, I saw that the rays of light on the nine-color fluorescent butterfly suddenly skyrocketed again, like a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Inflation made the body of the Nine-color Fluorescent Butterfly completely shattered. With only one thought difference, a 40,000-year-old Spirit Beast was killed by an unremarkable support system Spirit Master.

Leave only a spirit ring, and a weird Spirit Bone.

This scene completely shocked Tang San, Yu Xiaogang, and Flender. What’s the matter? ? How does Ning Rongrong do it? They don’t know anything.

I didn’t even have any thoughts at all, it came suddenly like an accident.

Only Yun Chen knows very well how Ning Rongrong did it. The Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly relies on absorbing things like dreams to grow up. Although it is a Spirit Beast of 40,000 years, In fact, the combat capability is not as good as the Spirit Beast of a thousand years, and the angry wolves of a thousand years can sling the nine-color fluorescent butterfly.

To put it simply, this is a very rubbish Spirit Beast. Although it is half extinct, it lacks any combat ability. As a result, the entire race was slaughtered hundreds of years ago.

Therefore, in order to avoid the true demise of its own family, the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly learns a special Spirit Ability, which is to run away and hide itself by hallucinations, thereby disappearing.

Nine-color fluorescent butterfly actually has more than one Spirit Ability. Although you kill it, the spirit ring you get will only provide a Spirit Ability, an unchangeable Spirit Ability.

But it has a total of four Spirit Ability, just like the symbol of 40,000 years, one Spirit Ability appears in 10,000 years, namely, fluorescence dispersion, illusion, hidden and Mental control.

Of these four Spirit Ability, the only one that has output is only one Mental control, and Mental control requires the target to enter its own fantasy world, because the fantasy world of the nine-color fluorescent butterfly is very beautiful.

Most people will let go of their vigilance, allowing the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly to find a loophole and use Mental Control. This Mental Control can control the target’s every move.

Let the target temporarily become his own puppet, and move himself with the idea of ​​the nine-color fluorescent butterfly.

You can become a thug or a cannon fodder, depending on the thoughts of the nine-color fluorescent butterfly.

Hidden, it is also an ordinary Spirit Ability, which can cancel the rays of light immediately on the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly, making it smaller and becoming an ordinary butterfly.

Others cannot detect that it is a Spirit Beast. This Spirit Ability can be called hidden or camouflage.

Therefore, the butterflies on the continent of Douluo are very rare, but once most of the butterflies appear, it is very likely that the probability is as high as 60% that they came out of the camouflage.

The Spirit Ability of the fantasy world is to use my silver powder to let the target top secret enter the fantasy world, in Gensokyo, smiling.

And dispersion, dispersion is a Divine Skill to escape. This dispersion is not only used by the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly, but also used by the Nine-Colored Light Butterfly.

It is a kind of completely destroying, dispersing, and turning into countless butterflies. These butterflies are actually the nine-color fluorescent butterflies themselves.

It is just like the fusion of all the butterflies in the World. This Spirit Ability can disintegrate and disperse thousands of butterflies, as long as one of them is not killed.

Then the nine-color fluorescent butterfly can find an opportunity, just need to inhale some beautiful dreams and resurrect, once again restore their own Peak power.

This skill is very rare. Only the spirit ring of the Nine Rainbow Light Butterfly can burst such a Spirit Ability.

No other Spirit Beast can do it.

This Spirit Ability is the blood baby Douluo and this kind of evil Spirit Master most wants…thousands of butterflies, as long as one can escape, it only takes one day Back to normal.

This is not an exaggeration to say that it is a Divine Skill.

As for why Ning Rongrong can kill the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly solo, it is actually very simple. The Nine-Colored Aura Array was something Yun Chen gave her before he came.

She realized it by herself after taking that thing.

The thing that I took, let Ning Rongrong enter the Spirit King realm, the mental force is more than three times higher than Zhu Zhuqing and twice as much as Tang San.

That is the petals of the Moonshuang Yanxinhua…..

This is something Yun Chen prepared for Ning Rongrong. Use this petal to add rare white honey After taking it, you can turn on the maximum capacity of your brain.

That is, the Peak qualification of mental force, so that the mental force capacity of Ning Rongrong is at most 1,000. This time, it can be as high as 10,000.

At that time, Yun Chen also used Qiluo Tulips to allow Ning Rongrong to change from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda to Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and get an extra Spirit Ability.

Similar to Dai Mubai’s concept of intangible power.

It’s just that Ning Rongrong has never had the opportunity to use it. This time I encountered a Mental Spirit Beast. Of course, Ning Rongrong has to show it to see what the limit of Spirit Ability is.

Use the Nine-Colored Aura Array to lock the position of the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly, so that the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly cannot escape. Use any Spirit Ability to resist.

There are some similar to Zhu Zhuqing’s Killing Formation, which can control the target and prevent the target from breaking away, but there are differences.

For example, Zhu Zhuqing’s Killing Formation has certain physical armor piercing, ignoring a series of operations such as defense.

And the next blow will definitely be a heavy blow.

Ning Rongrong’s nine-color aura array is different, but it is also the same, except that it can break through the Mental defense and detonate the mental force of the target.

In other words, this Spirit Ability, if the target is a guy with very weak mental force, then that guy will only be affected and directly unconscious.

If the target’s mental force is very strong, it will detonate and cause a devastating blow.

Therefore, the death of the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly did not depend on Ning Rongrong’s killing, but on its own abdomen that was originally full of powerful mental force.

In layman’s terms, it’s to kill yourself…..

This is where the Nine-Colored Aura Array is strong, when it is strong, it is strong, when it is weak, it is weak, but also not very weak, if your mental force is very low-level.

Then when you are caught by the nine rays of light tentacles in the Nine-Color Aura Array.

Your first reaction is that your body is hollowed out and your consciousness is unconscious, just like the pain that a person rushes a lot of hands and there is no drop in the kidney.

“Wait, teacher, Dean!!! Look, Rongrong’s Spirit seems to be different from before!!!” Just when everyone didn’t know what to say, Tang San noticed the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda.

Ning Rongrong used to be Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, but now it is Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and Tang San knows that Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda wants to be promoted to Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda.

There is only one way.

That is to take Qi Luo Tulip.

I returned Ning Rongrong Qiluo Tulip yesterday, but Ning Rongrong refused to accept it, saying that he already had it. Now it seems that it really does.

Moreover, the rays of light just now seem to prove that Qiluo Tulips are not short but very long.

This made Tang San realize that Ning Rongrong didn’t want his own Qiluo Tulips to show that the year he gave Qiluo Tulips was not satisfied at all.


This made Tang San once again suffered a lot of blows. He went out to experience himself, half of which was special training himself, and the other half was looking for something suitable Herbs for everyone.

Now it seems that when I go out to practice this time, my only gain is to become a Spirit King, and the remaining gains are almost nothing.

I thought I could support everyone.

It looks like it is just a smile.

However, Tang San also has some dissatisfaction, so why can Yun Chen be the first step every time? ? He knows not only his Tang Sect Absolute Art.

It seems that Shrek knows everyone’s needs earlier than himself.

The ability to find immortal grade is also a Top Rank.

This is like a dream, which makes people feel unreliable.

Should you not be the protagonist?

At this moment, Tang San suspects that he is not the protagonist…just a passerby.

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